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Funny or Die Exclusives

Funny or Die


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Funny or Die Exclusives Fan Reviews (6)

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  • Hit or Miss

    Mostly funny. Enjoy!
  • Eh............

    Yeah, I find that their exclusives stuff are really mediocre way too often. Some of the shorts are downright unbearable, some are pretty great, and some you kinda just get through and chuckle once. If it weren't for Between Two Ferns, I'd probably be less generous.
  • Funny

    The new definition of funny! Finally there is a place where comedians are doing comedy.
  • new comedy talent pool

    you don't even need SNL anymore (i'm not saying that FOD is as funny as SNL, but SNL isn't very funny) because the comedy talent pool is all right here. "hey, let's take all the young comedians in LA and throw them a little bit of money to make stuff." "okay." we're gonna be seeing a lot more faces come through here and then become famous people. personally, i'm rooting for scott gairdner. dude's funny as hell.
  • kind of a mixed bag

    i know when you're producing so much content you're bound to have a clunker in there somewhere, but i feel like FoD will rush to make something topical and lose any kind of edge? i don't know, maybe i'm being too picky. Drunk history is some of the best stuff ever, though
  • hilarious

    awesome guest appearances from big names and always solid writing and hilarious concepts. must watch!