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    • DIY Cider Press : GardenFork.TV
      Homemade cider press! Learn how to build a DIY cider press to make cider and hard cider, or just watch to see people make cool stuff from re-purposed materials. Check out our how to make hard cider videos on our site:
    • Canning How-to : Repost! : GardenFork.TV
      Learn food canning in our how to can food video. Canning Pickles, Fruits, Vegetables, Tomatoes with our easy waterbath canning method. Sign up for our email newsletter on our site:
    • Rainwater Collection DIY : GardenFork.TV
      Rainwater Harvesting, aka rainwater collection; neat DIY way to save water using recycled materials, water your vegetable garden, with gravity fed water system. sign up for our weekly email and get more cool stuff on our site,
    • Canning, How To Can Food, Pickles, Tomatoes, Fruits, Vegetables : GardenFork.TV
      Learn food canning in our how to can food video. Canning Pickles, Fruits, Vegetables, Tomatoes with our easy waterbath canning method. Sign up for our email newsletter on our site:
    • We are back! what would you like?
      Back from our renovation! tell us what you'd like us to do, email us !
    • Frosted Glass How To : GardenFork.TV
      Learn how to frost glass for privacy in this GardenFork DIY show. we show you how to make clear glass frosted with simple tools and frost material from the home improvement store. More cool stuff on our site!
    • Squash Vine Borer Control #3 : GardenFork.TV
      Control squash vine borers on your squash and zucchini plants. This squash borer treatment uses Bt in a unique way to get to the borer. Watch our other squash vine borer videos here: Sign up for our email newsletter: Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Pinterest: More great DIY, Cooking, Gardening, Home Improvement, Urban Homesteading videos and info on our site: Produced by GardenFork Media LLC ©2013 all rights reserved All embeds must live link to GardenFork.TV. No Editorial Excerpts without permission, Violators agree to pay $3,000 per second + $10 per view + all collections & lawyers fees Music: Happy Hour, Composed by Dale Herr (ASCAP) , Toast Factory Publishing (ASCAP) Recording Licensed from the UniqueTracks Production Music Library Inc.moreless
    • Easy String Bean Recipe : GardenFork.TV
      Simple string bean recipe. String Beans, aka Green Beans cooked up quick in this GardenFork.TV recipe. sign up for our email newsletter and watch more DIY, Cooking, Gardening videos on our site ©2013 all rights reserved GardenFork Media LLC No editorial excerpts without prior permission. Violators agree to pay all damages and legal fees.moreless
    • Felling a Cherry Tree with the Chain Saw : GardenFork.TV
      we dropped hardwood cherry up at the camp, and of course we made a video about it. Be very careful when using a chain saw and observe all safety precautions. Sign up for our email newsletter and watch more Cooking & DIY videos on our site,
    • Honeybee Watering Station : Beginning Beekeeping : GardenFork.TV
      Provide a safe place for honeybees to drink water in your yard and get to see honeybees up close. Honeybees need water, but can't swim - follow our how-to to create a bee bath, much like a bird bath, but on a smaller scale. More great beekeeping on our site: ©2013 all rights reserved, GardenFork Media LLCmoreless
    • Lawn Mower Wheel Repair : GardenFork.TV
      fix your lawn mower with our DIY video. learn how to replace the tire on your lawnmower and save a trip to the repair shop. More cool stuff on our site: while you are there, sign up for our email newsletter!
    • Garden Tour! : GardenFork.TV
      a vegetable garden tour around the house seeing what is going on in the yard. sign up for our email newsletter on our site:
    • Easy Rhubarb Cake Dessert Recipe : GardenFork.TV
      Make this simple rhubarb cake recipe in a few minutes. Its based on what is called a dump cake recipe. The ingredients are simple and one can use most any fruit with this batter. The rhubarb cake recipe is on our site,
    • Best Tomato Cage How To Version 2 : GardenFork.TV
      Make these tomato cages and stop buying those cheap tomato cages that fall apart every year. These tomato cages last forever, and here is a new design we put together for your vegetable garden. Learn how to grow tomatoes and get more gardening, cooking, DIY and home improvement on out site, ©2013 all rights reserved Editorial Excerpts prohibited without previous permisssion, violators agree to $3,000 per second + $10 per view + legal fees.moreless
    • Put Shelves on a Brick Wall : GardenFork.TV
      learn how to drill a hole in brick or cement wall and hang shelves, or a TV mount, or a picture with our DIY show on putting up shelves on a brick wall. More great stuff on our site,
    • Foraging for Wild Garlic : GardenFork.TV
      Eat this wild allium that grows in your yard or nearby fields and parks. Its a great substitute for scallions or chives. Part of our Foraging for Edible Wild Plants series. More cool stuff on our site,
    • In Memory of a Labrador, Mij : GardenFork.TV
      Our neighbor's Lab, Mij, who appears in many GF shows, and is our Lab Henry's brother, passed away recently. I made this video of Mij for his family, and we then decided to share it with you as well.
    • Daylilies, Foraging for Wild Edible Plants : GardenFork.TV
      Daylilies are edible, you can forage for edible plants in your backayrd. Daylilies can be considered an invasive edible plant, so foraging for them is a responsible foraging, IMO. Wildcrafting in your yard is easy with edible daylilies. Be sure to double check all edible plant identifications with a foraging guidebook. More info on foraging, guidebooks, and eating wild foods on our site:moreless
    • Starting Seeds In a Hoop House Greenhouse : GardenFork.TV
      Start vegetable seeds in our hoop house cold frame and extend your gardening season. We get a head start on the garden season by warming our raised vegetable garden beds with our hoop house greenhouse, and sow seeds in this inexpensive, aka cheap greenhouse. You can garden in winter with a hoop house greenhouse and some row cover, much like Eliot Coleman and his Four Season Garden method. More great stuff on our site:moreless
    • Cold Frame Hoop House Garden Setup : GardenFork.TV
      Setup a cheap cold frame hoop house, aka simple easy greenhouse to start seeds early and grow vegetables in winter. We show how we set up our cold frame hoop house in preparation for seed starting. More great videos on our site,
    • Winter Beehive Feeding - Beginning Beekeeping - GardenFork.TV
      Beehive Check and Winter Feeding of the Honeybees, part of our Beekeeping 101 video series. Bees are clustered in winter, and we open the hive to check on the bees. Watch the rest of our how to keep bees videos on our site,
    • Simple Maple Syrup Evaporator : Make Maple Syrup : GardenFork.TV
      How to make maple syrup with this simple evaporator rig. Boiling sap with this easy maple sap evaporator made with a propane burner and a metal bowl from the dollar store makes great maple syrup. This maple syrup boil rig will make small batches of maple syrup, perfect for backyard maple tree tapping. Watch all our maple syrup how to videos here: Join our email list here:moreless
    • How to tap maple trees for maple syrup : GardenFork.TV
      Learn how to tap sugar maple trees for maple sap for maple syrup. Then watch our other maple syrup videos to learn how to boil maple sap to make maple syrup. Homemade maple syrup is easy, learn how to from GardenFork Sign up for our email newsletter:
    • washing machine install iTunes
      How to put in a washing machine. We show how to install a front loading washing machine, but the same how-to works for a top loader washing machine. Installing a clothes washer is not hard, learn how to put in a washer in this how-to video with Eric. We show how to install a front loading washing machine, but the same how-to works for a top loader washing machine.moreless
    • Easy Grow Light Stand -new - GardenFork.TV
      Cheap Grow Light Stand for our Cheap Grow Light! Using scrap wood, I built this easy grow light stand to grow plants and start seeds that works great with our DIY grow light that uses cheap shop lights. With this you can start plants from seed to transplant into the garden. More great DIY, Cooking, Gardening, Home Improvement, Urban Homesteading videos and info on our site:moreless
    • Easy Grow Light Stand
      Easy Grow Light Stand
      Episode 02.11.13
      Cheap Grow Light Stand for our Cheap Grow Light! Using scrap wood, I built this easy grow light stand to grow plants and start seeds that works great with our DIY grow light that uses cheap shop lights. With this you can start plants from seed to transplant into the garden. More great DIY, Cooking, Gardening, Home Improvement, Urban Homesteading videos and info on our site:moreless
    • Best Rice Pudding Recipe : GardenFork.TV
      How To Make Rice Pudding Recipe Video. I love rice pudding, here I show you how to make rice pudding in the oven. There is also a stove top rice pudding recipe, which we will show you soon. Rice pudding is a comfort food, it reminds me of diners and maple syrup. Plus rice pudding is super easy to make, even I can make it .moreless
    • Cook Mushrooms How To : GardenFork.TV
      Cook Mushrooms, fast and easy with our how to cook mushrooms video. Learn how to cook wild mushrooms like those when we went mushroom foraging for in our recent Mushroom Identification Video - link below - or just cook the regular white button, Porcini, and Portabello mushrooms available from the food store Mushroom Identification Books I recommend: Audubon Mushroom Guide: Mushrooms DeMystified: Our Mushroom Foraging Video: More great DIY, Cooking, Gardening, Home Improvement, Urban Homesteading videos and info on our site:moreless
    • Pizza Oven in your Fireplace : GardenFork.TV
      Pizza Oven in your Fireplace! Learn how to make pizza in your fireplace, its like having a brick pizza oven in your house. Watch our pizza dough recipe video and then fire up your fireplace to make pizza like a backyard pizza oven, except its in your living room. Watch all our pizza making and outdoor pizza oven videos on our website, More great DIY, Cooking, Gardening, Home Improvement, Urban Homesteading videos and info on our site:moreless
    • Pizza Dough Recipe : GardenFork.TV
      Easy Pizza Dough Recipe. Learn how to make pizza dough with this easy pizza dough recipe that uses your food processor. You can use this pizza dough to make pizzas to bake in the portable brick pizza oven video we did, or cook it in the oven or the fireplace. More great DIY, Cooking, Gardening, Home Improvement, Urban Homesteading videos and info on our site:moreless
    • Rewire Antique Clock : GardenFork.TV Cooking & DIY
      Repair & Rewire an antique clock. Learn how to fix a broken power cord on this antique my sister bought. The power wires were frayed and I show in this how-to video how to fix the wires, replacing the old wires with new wire and a new plug. Plus the Labradors, as always! More great DIY, Cooking, Gardening, Home Improvement, Urban Homesteading videos and info on our site:moreless
    • Dishwasher Install How-to GardenFork.TV
    • Heirloom Squash Soup Recipe : GardenFork.TV
      Learn how to cook squash and make this healthy soup recipe on GardenFork.TV . We roast an heirloom Hubbard Squash and make Heirloom Squash Soup. A simple vegetarian recipe which can be a vegan recipe if you substitute soy milk for regular milk in the recipe. Full Squash Soup Recipe on our website,moreless
    • Mushroom Hunting, Identification, Foraging : GardenFork.TV
      learn how to hunt, forage, and identify mushrooms in this how to video on oyster mushroom hunting. Oyster mushroom are common in the northeast US and after learning how to identify them, you can then start hunting mushrooms. more info on our site,
    • Labrador Photobook Fundraiser Project
      0.0 we are raising funds on kickstarter to create 3 labrador photo ebooks, and we'd appreciate it if you'd take a moment to watch this video and consider taking part in our fundraiser. search for Gardenfork or: thx, eric.
    • Fall Garden Tour GardenFork.TV
      please write a review on iTunes for us! we'd appreciate that. Here's a tour of what's going on in the yard and projects in progress. more great stuff at our site,
    • Cold Frame: Growing Vegetables in Winter
      Learn how to use a cold frame to grow plants in winter, and how we build a cold frame. You can check out our other cold frame and hoop house plans and videos on our site:
    • Deep Fried Turky How To GardenFork.TV
      Learn how to deep fry turkey in this thanksgiving and christmas recipe show. more great stuff on out site:
    • Foraging Staghorn Sumac
      Foraging Staghorn Sumac
      Episode 10.26.12
      Foraging for edible wild plants, we talk about the Staghorn Sumac and show how to harvest sumac and how to make a drink, Sumac-ade, from the sumac berries.
    • Tell Us Your Thoughts - GardenFork.TV
      have a show idea, want to let us know what you think? tell us now, email
    • Smorgasburg Food Festival Brooklyn New York GardenFork.TV
      Smorgasburg in Brooklyn is a 'curated food flea market' in Williamsburg Brooklyn and Brooklyn Bridge Park Brooklyn. Local food vendors sell all sorts of prepared foods, many of them locally sourced. If you are a foodie, or a food blogger, you need to check out Smorgasburg. Part of our series of Cool Things To Do in New York, kinda like the Not For Tourists guide, here are some things I like to do in New York that are not tourist traps. Smorgasburg is held on Saturdays and Sundays, check their site to confirm dates and locations,moreless
    • Garden Hose Repair GardenFork.TV
      Repair your garden hose in this GardenFork.TV DIY video More great DIY, Cooking, Homesteading videos on our site,
    • Foraging Plant Identification: Purslane GardenFork.TV
      "please write a review on our iTunes page! we\'d appreciate that. Learn how to identify purlsane, part of our urban foraging video series. more cool stuff on our site, GardenFork.TV
    • Roast Cherry Tomato Pasta GardenFork.TV
      "iTunes peeps: please leave review! what to do with all those cherry tomatoes? make this easy pasta recipe, you could also serve this over rice or quinoa. let us know what you think on our site GardenFork.TV
    • How to cut plywood
      How to cut plywood
      Episode 08.21.12
      "Learn how to cut plywood on GardenFork.TV more great cooking, DIY, gardening vids on our site,
    • Roast Pork Recipe, Porchetta!
      Easy Pork Recipe using Pork Shoulder! Use this to make roast pork sandwiches or dinner. Porchetta, aka roast pork is a stuffed pork shoulder that is roasted and tastes amazing. The pork shoulder or pork butt is deboned, stuffed, and baked. The skin is left on to brown nicely. This was inspired by Anne Burrell and her Cookbook: Cook Like A Rockstar and the restaurant Porchetta.moreless
    • Balsamic Vinegar Dressing GardenFork.TV
      A simple salad dressing you can make in 10 seconds. stop buying that gloppy stuff from the store and make your own salad dressing. more cool videos on our site,
    • GardenFork Promo Trailer
      GardenFork Promo Trailer
      Episode 07.21.12
      a 30 second promo we made up the other day for a project, wanted to share it with you all.
    • Well Water Pump Repair GardenFork.TV
      Eric shows you how to repair an electric motor hooked up to his drip irrigation system. more great videos on our site,
    • Move a beehive a short distance how-to GardenFork.TV
      moving a beehive a short distance used to involve moving a beehive far away, then moving it back to where you wanted it. now to move a beehive a short distance is easy with this beehive moving technique we learned from this video is part of our beginning beekeeper video series on how to raise honeybees, Beekeeping 101. more great DIY, beekeeping, cooking, gardening how to videos on our site:moreless
    • Solder Copper Pipe How To GardenFork.TV
      Soldering Pipe! Learn how to solder pipe together using a propane torch in this DIY plumbing video. In this video we show soldering to connect pieces of copper pipe to hook up a sink. Be sure to wear goggles, gloves, and observe all safety precautions. more great how-to videos on our site,moreless
    • Surfcasting Saltwater Fishing How To : GardenFork.TV
      Saltwater fishing from the beach, surfcasting. learn how to fish for bluefish, striped bass, kingfish from the beach More great videos and how to on our site,
    • Chain Saw Wont Start? Chainsaw Repair How To : GardenFork.TV
      Chain Saw not starting? Learn how to fix a chainsaw, with our chainsaw repair video! A few simple steps and you'll be cutting down trees again, just like your ancestors. More great Cooking, DIY, Gardening, Beekeeping on our site
    • Squash Vine Borer, Protect Squash Plants : GardenFork.TV
      Squash Vine Borer eating your squash plants? Squash plants dying? Here's how to prevent squash vine borers from eating your squash plants. More great videos and how to on our site,
    • Install a Bath Sink and Vanity : GardenFork.TV
      Learn how to put in a bathroom sink and vanity, bath sink plumbing, and remove the old sink in this DIY how-to GardenFork.TV video More great cooking, DIY, gardening, beekeeping videos on our site,
    • Make Maple Syrup : Boiling the Sap : GardenFork.TV
      How to make maple syrup, learn how to boil maple sap to make maple syrup. After tapping our sugar maple trees, we show how to boil the maple sap down to maple syrup. Watch our How To Make Maple Syrup series on our site, , we visit several sugar shacks to learn about collecting and boiling maple sap, and made a series of videos about it.moreless
    • Bee Swarm Capture
      Bee Swarm Capture
      Episode 05.09.12
      Honeybee Swarm Rescue in Brooklyn. Eric hives a swarm of honeybees and shows you how to recover a bee swarm from a tree. Check out our other beekeeping, DIY, cooking videos on our site:
    • Nettles Garlic Mustard Pesto Recipe Foraging GardenFork.TV
      Foraging for edible plants, here's a Stinging Nettles and Garlic Mustard Recipe where we show edible plant identification, foraging, and a wild plant recipe. Inspired by a NPR segment about urban foraging, we show you how to identify edible plants like Garlic Mustard and Nettles, and how to cook wild edible plants. More foraging and edible plant recipes on our site,moreless
    • Build a Birdhouse for Ledge Nesters GardenFork.TV
      An Easy Birdhouse you can build with simple tools, this birdhouse plan is for ledge nesters like robins, flickers, etc. Birds need safe nesting sites, and this birdhouse can be part of your backyard bird sanctuary. See all our birdhouse plans and videos on our site,
    • Dandelion, Cook, Make, Forage how to GardenFork.TV
      How to prepare dandelion? How to make dandelion? A Dandelion Recipe? we show how to harvest dandelion, make a dandelion recipe, show how to forage for dandelion for all the urban homesteading viewers. Wild greens like dandelion are edible and healthy, why not use them? More great cooking, gardening, how-to, homesteading on our site,moreless
    • 5 minute chocolate cake recipe : GardenFork.TV
      Chocolate Cake in a mug in the microwave. here's the recipe for easy chocolate cake you make in the microwave in a mug. Super easy chocolate cake recipe that you can make quickly for dessert or late night snack. Full recipe on our site, please subscribe to get our weekly episodes of DIY, Cooking, Beekeeping, Gardening, Urban Homesteading, plain old homesteading too.moreless
    • Poach Eggs How To GardenFork.TV Quick Tip
      How to poach eggs, a Quick Tip showing a simple poached egg recipe . More great how-to videos on cooking, beekeeping, DIY, gardening, auto repair on our site:
    • Tap Maple Trees to Make Maple Syrup How To GardenFork.TV
      Tapping Sugar Maple trees for maple syrup. We show you how to drill holes in sugar maples, tap the maple trees, and prepare to make maple syrup. More great DIY, Cooking, How-to, Beekeeping, Homesteading on our site,
    • Replace Wheel Bearing How To GardenFork.TV
      Repair your front wheel bearings with this car & truck repair how-to video. Eric fixes the wheel bearings on his Ford F150
    • Winter Feeding Beginner Beekeeping GardenFork.TV
      Feeding Bees Sugar in Winter. Learn how to feed your honeybees sugar to get them through the winter here, & watch out sugarcake recipe video also. More great cooking, DIY, gardening videos and articles on our site,
    • Sugar Cake Recipe Winter Feeding Beginning Beekeeping GardenFork.TV
      Honeybee Sugar Cake recipe for winter feeding. Watch our Winter Feeding Beekeeping video that shows how to feed your bees in winter using these sugarcakes. More great videos and how-to articles on
    • How to make pasta Gardenfork.TV
      How to make Homemade Pasta is our topic today. Fresh Pasta aka home made pasta is easy to make, and Eric shows you an easy recipe for pasta you can make at home. More recipes and how-to videos on our site,
    • Dogs like Puppies Playing : GardenFork.TV
      Labrardor Retrievers Moose and Charlie play like puppies all the time. Fun to watch puppies playing and barking, especially these two. Charlie is a Yellow Lab and Moose is a Black Lab, they are siblings from different litters, Penny, a chocolate labrador retriever is their mom and Dozer, a black labrador retriever is their dad. Dozer is Henry and Mij's brother. more dog and labrador videos and photos on our site,moreless
    • How To Cook Steak
      How To Cook Steak
      Episode 01.24.12
      Easiest Steak Recipe Ever. Cook frozen steak without defrosting it. Inspired by Melissa Clark of the NY Times and Nathan Myhrvold of Modernist Cuisine, we show you how to take a frozen steak and make it great. Full recipe and how-to on our site,
    • Brick Pizza Oven portable wood fired GardenFork.TV
      Portable Brick Pizza Oven! make an oven, make pizza, then take apart the oven. plans and photos at our site,
    • Labradors New Year Party
      Labradors New Year Party
      Episode 01.04.12
      Happy New Year, here are the Labs running around. enjoy. More photos and videos of the labs on our site,
    • Sugar Cookie Christmas Cookie Recipe GardenFork.TV
      Sugar cookies are an easy christmas cookie recipe, even Eric can make these holiday cookies, hopefully. Watch as Eric shows you how to make sugar cookies for Christmas and the holidays. Recipe and more cooking videos on our site,
    • Insulated Inner Cover Winter Prep Beekeeping 101
      Honeybees and their hive need to be prepared for the coming winter. I've built this insulated inner cover that reduces condensation inside the hive, and included space for fondant, sugar, sugar cakes, and emergency feeding. Watch all our Beginning Beekeeping Lessons on our site,
    • How to make Eggnog GardenFork.TV
      Here's a homemade eggnog recipe for the holiday season. We love eggnog, and here is how to make eggnog. More DIY, how-to, cooking videos on our site.
    • How to make sauerkraut GardenFork.TV
      Here's a sauerkraut recipe Eric makes. a perfect urban homestead project.
    • How to cook roast turkey or chicken GardenFork.TV
      Learn how to cook a turkey with this easy roast turkey recipe. get the recipe and more at
    • Generator & Transfer Switch Install GardenFork.TV
      Hooking up a generator and a transfer switch safely to your home the topic of this video. more inforation on generators and emergency preparedness on our site,
    • Honey Harvest w/ Bee Escape Beekeeping 101
      Watch us harvest honey using a bee escape to remove the honeybees from the honey super. More beekeeping videos on our site,
    • Grow & Plant Garlic How To
      Grow & Plant Garlic How To
      Episode 10.22.11
      Planting & Growing Garlic is easy, here Eric and the Labradors show you how to plant and grow garlic, super easy. Come to our viewer forum on our site to ask questions about growing garlic or answer other GF viewers questions. Sign up for our email newsletter too on
    • How to make a cold frame GardenFork.TV
      You can grow vegetables earlier and later in the year with a cold frame. Here Eric shows you how to build a cold frame to extend your growing season. More great videos on our site,
    • Egg Recipe Toad in the Hole GardenFork.TV
      Here's a simple egg recipe from the UK, Toad in a Hole combines eggs, sausages, flour, herbs to make a great breakfast dish. Watch Eric cook this egg recipe that is great for campfire cooking, outdoor cooking, fireplace cooking, or just in your oven cooking. sign up for our email newsletter: email us: thanks!moreless
    • Washing Machine Repair GardenFork TV
      Learn how to repair a washing machine water pump. My washer broke, and I made a video of how to replace the water pump on your washing machine. If the washer is not draining, the water pump is probably broken. Water pumps on washing machines are not hard to fix, watch here and i'll show you how to fix you washing machine. More great videos and photos on our DIY & Cooking Video site,moreless
    • Beehive Ventilation Beekeeping 101 GardenFork.TV
      Beekeeping 101 video how to continues with a show on how to keep a beehive cool in summer. Honeybees like warmth, but with the summer heat, you need to vent your beehives to keep the honeybees from overheating. More beekeeping videos on our site,
    • Squash Vine Borer, How to fight them GardenFork.TV
      The Squash Vine Borer chews the insides of squash, pumpkin,zucchini plants. If you have squash borers infecting your plants, here's how to treat your squash plants. More great cooking, gardening, how-to, DIY videos and information on our site,
    • Plywood Boat, how to build a one sheet plywood boat GardenFork.TV
      I decided to try to build my own plywood boat after watching Deek of and make a one sheet plywood boat. a great father daugther or son DIY project. There are detailed photos of the boat plans on our site, GardenFork.TV . I'm going to build more plywood boats from one, two, or three sheets of plywood. stay tuned.moreless
    • Outdoor Cooking in a Dutch Oven Banana Bread GardenFork.TV
      How to bake cake and bread in a cast iron dutch oven outdoors over a campfire or using charcoal. we used our dutch oven to make banana bread outdoors. Outdoor Cooking is a great way to keep the kitchen cool this summer, a great reason to go camping, or just cook outside more. Inpspired by Gary of More cool videos on our site,moreless
    • Swarm Traps and Honeybee Swarms, Beekeeping 101, GardenFork.TV
      My neighbor called to say one of our swarm traps had bees in it, so I left work and raced home to check the swarm. Here is what happened. Another in our beginning beekeeping 101 video series. more cool stuff on our site,
    • Drip Irrigation, How to for patio or roof containers GardenFork.TV
      I have a few containers on the roof of our NY apartment, and it gets real hot and dry up there. So I put together this soaker hose drip irrigation system. Pretty simple and green. More info on our site,
    • No Knead Artisan Bread Recipe Revised : GardenFork.TV
      Here's a revised version of the No Knead Bread Recipe by Jim Lahey, made famous by Mark Bittman. I've been working with the basics of the No Knead Bread and the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day method and here we show you some improvements I found work well.
    • How to make a trellis : GardenFork.TV
      Making a trellis for your vegetable garden or climbing plants is easy to do. In this how to video, Eric shows you his plan for a DIY garden trellis that he uses in his vegetable garden, using found materials, & scrap lumber. Plans for this garden trellis plus More great videos on our site, GardenFork.TVmoreless
    • Homemade Dog Toy, how to make it : GardenFork.TV
      We make this homemade dog toy every few weeks, as the Labrador Retrievers lose it or tear it apart. Charlie Pup loves this tug of war dog toy, she plays all the time with Moose, the Black Labrador. Get the how to plans for this dog toy on our site, GardenFork.TV and watch more cool Cooking, DIY, & Gardening videosmoreless
    • How To Cut Tree Logs With A Chainsaw
      After using a chainsaw to cut down a tree, we show you how to cut tree logs into firewood using your chainsaw. Eric also shows some of the proper chainsaw safety equipment you must use when cutting down trees or cutting up wood. Tree felling and cutting firewood are great outdoor projects, here we show you how Eric does it. Use extreme caution and follow all safety procedures when using a chainsaw. Use the information in this video at your own risk.moreless
    • How to Change the Oil & Tune Up Your Lawnmower : GardenFork.TV
      How do you change the oil and tune up your mower? watch GardenFork.TV and learn how to do a lawnmower tuneup! Keep your lawnmower mowing for years by doing simple maintenance, like changing the air filter, change the spark plug. Watch this DIY video that shows you how. Plus the Labradors.moreless
    • How to replace a car or truck fender : GardenFork.TV
      Need to repair a car or truck fender? Watch as we show you how to replace the fender on our vehicle. Doing a fender repair on your car is as easy as watching Eric in this auto how to DIY video. Instead of taking the car to a repair shop for body repair, try it yourself, you'll save money on car repairs and maybe learn a few things also. More cool DIY videos on our site, ; Like us on Facebook:moreless
    • How to make Pesto, Parsley Pesto that is : GardenFork.TV
      Simple Recipe for Pesto where we switch out the basil leaves and use parsley instead. Parsley is super healthy, and this recipe is based on our Pesto Genovese Recipe. You can use all sorts of wild forage greens in this recipe, dandelion, lambsquarter, etc. Be an urban homesteader and urban foraging with this easy recipe. more great videos and recipe on our site,moreless
    • How to grow and cook rhubarb
      From The GardenFork Archive, One Of Our Early Shows, How To Grow And Bake Rhubarb. In This Show, We Talk About How To Grow Rhubarb And How To Make A Rhubarb Crisp Recipe. And You Get To See Henry When She Was A Young Puppy. ITunes Only Lists The 100 Most Recent GF Shows, All The Older Ones Are On Our Site,moreless
    • How to make donuts with Pillsbury biscuit dough : GardenFork.TV
      http://GardenFork.TV Super Simple Donut Recipe here. If you've ever wondered how to make donuts the easy way. This is it. We will make donuts the traditional way soon, but I had to ; try out this cheater donut recipe which uses biscuit dough you buy at the grocery store. Next up will be yeasted donuts, but we have to do the donut hack here first. More fun videos on our site: GardenFork.TVmoreless
    • Dead Bees? Hive Inspection Beginning Beekeeping : GardenFork.TV
      Doing on a late winter honeybee hive inspection, I find no outside activity on a warm day, so I turned on the video camera. A dead hive, aka a dead-out, is most likely to happen in late winter, so join me as we see what's up with this beehive. This video is part of our Beginning Beekeeping video series where we document our first years of beekeeping. we are not beekeeping experts. More great how to keep bees videos, as well as videos on cooking, DIY, Gardening and more at our site,moreless
    • Start Your Garden Early & Tree Pruning
      An early spring vegetable garden tour today where Eric talks about how to start early planting using a cold frame while there is still snow on the ground, and we talk about how to prune an apple tree. More great videos on our site,
    • How to start seeds & make seed starting pots : GardenFork.TV
      How do you start seeds? with these great cardboard tube seed starting pots and some how to seed starting knowledge from Eric. Its easy to start plants from seed; we discuss seed starting, grow lights, seed starting trays, and homemade seed starting soil mixes. More videos and cool stuff on our site,moreless
    • How to Make Maple Syrup : GardenFork.TV
      http://GardenFork.TV Boiling down sugar maple sap to make maple syrup is an old tradition in New England. Eric visits a friend's sugar shack and shows us how to make maple syrup. You can make maple syrup yourself if you have sugar maples in your area, this maple syrup video will give you the basics of how its done. More cool cooking, DIY, Gardening videos on our sitemoreless
    • How to make cheese : GardenFork.TV
      I've always wanted to make cheese, so I researched a bunch of soft cheese recipes, fresh ricotta recipes, and queso blanco cheese recipes. And we made a how to video on how to make soft cheese. Soft cheese like the kind we made is not officially fresh ricotta, but it comes kinda close. This cheese recipe and more on our site,moreless
    • Simple Sweet and Sour Cabbage Recipe : GardenFork.TV
      http://GardenFork.TV Red Cabbage is a super health food and it tastes great in this easy recipe for braised cabbage with raisins and cider. Healthy and simple and Eric can make it, we hope. Check out this healthy recipe and more on our site,
    • How to deal with Ice Dams : GardenFork.TV
      www.GardenFork.TV Ice Dam causing water to leak into your house? Watch as we learn how to fix an ice dam, or at least try, and talk about how to repair and remedy ice dams and your roof.
    • How to raise bees : Winter Check : GardenFork.TV
      When raising Honeybees you need to check on the bees and the beehive during the winter. Part of our beginning beekeeping how to videos, here we check on a hive after a winter snowstorm. Check out all our how to raise honeybees videos on our site, www.GardenFork.TV
    • Snow Avalanche : GardenFork.TV
      www.GardenFork.TV a snow avalanche happens while filming our cooking - DIY show GardenFork.TV . One must be careful when working on steep slopes and a lot of snow.
    • Pasta with Poppy Seeds at Brancaccio's Food Shop : GardenFork.TV
      www.GardenFork.TV a simple pasta recipe that tastes amazing from Joseph Brancaccio, owner-chef of Brancaccio's Food Shop in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, NY . Joe shows Eric and Tony his recipe for Paccherri Pasta with Poppy Seeds, Lemon, & Basil , cooking in his Windsor Terrace Italian take out shop. Get the this Sicilian Italian recipe on our site, www.GardenFork.TVmoreless
    • Make Rugulach, the Eric Recipe : GardenFork.TV
      Just in time for your post holiday parties, we learn how to make rugelach on GardenFork.TV . Rugelach is a holiday treat that is easy to make, even Eric can make it. More fun stuff on the site: www.GardenFork.TV
    • Watch the Labradors, Support GardenFork.TV
      http:///support-gardenfork Help us buy new camera equipment! And watch the Labrador Retrievers play. We'd like to raise $3,000 to by new camera gear, and need your help to reach our goal. Consider donating if you are able, Thanks, eric.
    • Apple Galette Recipe, Holilday Dessert : GardenFork.TV
      A simple holiday dessert recipe, Apple Galette, is easy to make, even Eric can do it. Maybe. ; Get this and other recipes , and watch all the GardenFork videos at . But this is a good way to use late fall apples, and it isn't as exacting as an apple pie. Not sure what Apple Galette means, but in GardenFork speak it means simple dessert recipe.moreless
    • To Install a Motion Sensor Light : GardenFork.TV
      Installing an outdoor motion sensor security light is not hard, watch as Eric installs an outdoor light, and of course, the Labrador Retrievers help. More cooking, DIY, gardening videos on our site, www.GardenFork.TV sign up for our email newsletter at
    • Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups Recipe : GardenFork.TV
      Join our email list: This chocolate peanut butter cups recipe is from Karen Solomon's book, Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It . Watch as we make this great chocolate treat recipe, mixing together the two things that make the earth work, chocolate and peanut butter. More videos on our site: www.GardenFork.TV ; GardenFork is a video show about Cooking, DIY, Gardening, and other fun stuff. We also host a weekly GardenFork Radio, available at our site and on iTunesmoreless
    • How to replace a car - truck alternator : GardenFork.TV
      Watch all our videos at www.GardenFork.TV Bad Alternator? watch Eric replace the alternator on his Ford F150 . Eric is not an expert, and this may not be the textbook way to do this, but its fun to watch. If your battery is dead, you may have a bad alternator. Watch here how to replace your car alternator.moreless
    • Casserole Crazy Contest #6 : GardenFork.TV
      44 casseroles, 44 casserole recipes, 44 competing teams for the Casserole Crazy grand prize, a casserole dish. Emily Farris hosts her sixth casserole contest and GardenFork.TV entered a casserole with a secret ingredient: Duck Bacon. Will we win, watch and see. More cool stuff at www.GardenFork.TV
    • Emily Farris' Casserole Crazy Contest!
      This is THE Casserole Crazy contest hosted by cookbook author Emily Farris. 44 casseroles, all unique casserole recipes. Will Eric's casserole win? Watch our Casserole Contest video to see all the casseroles and casserole makers. Find Eric's Casserole recipe on GardenFork.TV . And buy Emily's Casserole Crazy book, its great, its comfort food.moreless
    • Power Tool Repair, trigger switch : GardenFork.TV
      An encore presentation of GardenFork.TV How to repair the power cord on your power tool. More great DIY, cooking, gardening videos on our site, www.GardenFork.TV When your power tool breaks, don't throw it out, take it apart and fix it. Watch Eric take apart a reciprocating saw and replace the trigger switch.moreless
    • How to Season Heavily Rusted Cast Iron
      Seasoning a very rusted cast iron pan. I found a very rusted cast iron griddle in the trash, and here is how to video on how we removed the the rust, cleaned it up, and seasoned the cast iron. More info on cast iron seasoning on our site: www.GardenFork.TV
    • Slow Cooker Pork Shoulder with Beans
      With a recipe idea from Chef Robert Newton of Seersucker in Brooklyn, NY , we make a braised pork shoulder in our slow cooker for friends from France. Watch what happens, and enjoy the Labrador Retrivers. More great vids on our site, www.GardenFork.TV
    • Weed Free Vegetable Garden : GardenFork.TV
      Want a weed free garden? Learn how to prevent weeds in your vegetable garden as we tour our neighbor's vegetable garden where they use a weed fabric ; and get great results. Check out more great videos at www.GardenFork.TV -
    • How to build a cold frame hoop house : GardenFork.TV
      need a plan for a hoop house or cold frame to extend your gardening season? watch this GardenFork.TV show from the archives. You can see Henry when she was a young Labrador. Season extenders such as cold frames or hoop houses are easy to make, just follow our plan here. Or make a better one and tell us about it. ; More cool how to , cooking, gardening videos on our site. www.GardenFork.tvmoreless
    • Bearproof Your Beehive : Beginning Beekeeping : GardenFork.TV
      Bear Proofing your beehives is the topic of this Beginning Beekeeping Video. Drawing on an Bear Proof article from Bee Culture magazine, we look at a few ways to help keep bears from your honeybees. Watch this and all our Beginning Beekeeping videos on our site, www.GardenFork.TV . Plus fun videos on cooking, gardening, DIY, and other fun stuff.moreless
    • Black Bean Corn Salad Picnic Potluck Recipe : GardenFork.TV
      Here's a simple and easy recipe for a summer salad that uses ingredients from your freezer and your cupboard. Black Bean Corn Salad is easy to make, its a great vegetarian recipe and people love to eat it. Simple. Visit www.GardenFork.TV for this recipe and more videos
    • Jiffy Corn Mix Creamed Corn Bread Recipe
      I've heard a few versions of ; this corn bread recipe with Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix and Creamed Corn, and here is my recipe for a simple quick corn bread, using those staples of childhood, Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix and Creamed Corn. The complete Creamed Corn Corn Bread recipe is on our site, www.GardenFork.TV . Sign up for our email newsletter, email: news@gardenfork.tvmoreless
    • How to make applesauce recipe : GardenFork.TV
      an encore presentation of our How to Make Applesauce Recipe show that is perfect for the upcoming weeks, when apples and applesauce come in abundance. You can pick apples and bring them home and make this easy to do applesauce and learn about canning applesauce as well. More recipes and videos on our site, www.gardenfork.tvmoreless
    • Roasted Corn Recipe A Taste Test
      Roasted Corn is part of the summer recipe, and I wanted to test the different recipes for roasted corn. Some say soak the corn in water, others do not. Find out which Roasted Corn Recipe is the best here on GardenFork.TV . watch all our episodes on our site
    • Summer Garden Tour of the GardenFork yard
      Its time to give you a tour of Eric's garden and his method of chaos gardening. Eric's garden is no better than anyone else's, but you might learn a thing or two, or we might learn from you all by leaving comments on our site: www.GardenFork.TV GardenFork.TV : cooking, gardening, DIY, and other fun stuff.moreless
    • UrbanFork, GardenFork goes to the city : GardenFork.TV
      Urban Outdoor Cooking - done the GardenFork way - to make grilled peaches. This Grilled Peaches recipe has nothing to do with urban outdoor cooking, but I've always wanted to try them, and we needed a grill to do it, and we were in NYC, so we turned on the camera. Watch this and all our other episodes on our site, GardenFork.TVmoreless
    • Poached Egg Salad Lyonnaise : GardenFork.TV
      This Bacon and Poached Egg Salad recipe, with universal ingredient, bacon makes for an easy simple salad recipe. Watch Eric's GardenFork.TV cooking video, and more cool stuff on our site, GardenFork.TV Also check out GardenFork Radio, our internet radio show, avail on the site and on iTunes.
    • Sardines, the portable food!
      i've come to sardines late in life, but they are great. Healthy, and ocean friendly, sardines are the green fish. ( not green in color ) watch eric and the labradors extoll the virtures of sardines on GardenFork.TV Watch all our cooking, gardening, DIY & beekeeping video shows at GardenFork.TV
    • Urban and Wild Foraging for Lambsquarters: GardenFork.TV
      Today we forage for wild edible food in our own yard, forgaing for Lambsquarters, also called Pitseed Goosefit or Pigweed by some. Lambsquarters is all over our cities and yards, so whether you are doing urban foraging or wild foraging, you can learn in this GardenFork.TV show about Lambsquarters. Plus watch the Labradors. more videos on our site, www.gardenfork.tvmoreless
    • How to Build a Window Flower Box : GardenFork.TV
      Watch cooking and gardening videos and more at . Want to make a window box for flowers, a window flower box that wont fall apart? Watch GardenFork.TV for the how-to and plans for a simple window flower box that you can make with simple tools. Plans and other fun stuff on our site, ;moreless
    • Caramelized Onion Slow Cooker Recipe : GardenFork.TV
      The Caramelized ; Onion Slow Cooker Hack. I learned about this from and its a great way to make caramelized onions without having to stand at the stove making sure not to burn onions, or if you need to make a large batch of caramelized onions. A great recipe. This recipe and more videos on our site, www.gardenfork.tvmoreless
    • How to Requeen a beehive : Beginning Beekeeping : GardenFork.TV
      Watch all our beekeeping videos at GardenFork.TV Requeening the hive is not rocket science, but you do need to know how to requeen a hive when you do this. This Beginning Beekeeping video will show you how to replace the queen in your beehive. You replace the queen in a beehive when you want to improve the hive's characteristics or when the original queen of the beehive has died for some reason. Watch here as Eric requeens a hive and shows you how. Visit our site for more fun videos on cooking, gardening & other fun stuff. GardenFork.TVmoreless
    • Beer Cooler Sous Vide
      Beer Cooler Sous Vide
      Episode 20100603
      Watch all our shows on ! Beer Cooler Sous Vide is a great hack I learned about from . You can cook meat Sous Vide with just a beer cooler and a thermometer. No need for expensive immersion circulators, just watch our Beer Cooler Sous Video video and enjoy meat that tastes amazine. Sous Vide is a cooking method that brings the meat up to a set temperature and holds it there, you don't overcook the meat, and you pick the doneness. neat. More info on www.gardenfork.tvmoreless
    • How to hang - install a clothesline GardenFork.TV
      Watch thi and all our shows at How to put up a clothesline? Watch GardenFork.TV and Eric install a clothesline at his house. Using a clothesline instead of a dryer is a super green AND reduces your electric and gas bills. Plus you clothes being dried on a clothesline smell great. Installing a clothesline is very easy, even Eric can do it, and its a great way to green your laundry and green your home.moreless
    • How to repair a power cord Power Tool Repair : GardenFork.TV
      Watch all our shows at GardenFork.TV Today we repair a power cord from a power tool whose power cord broke. Actually, I broke it by cutting thru it with my circular saw. You can repair your own power tools and save time and money. Just watch Eric on GardenFork.TV as we fix the power cord on this circular saw. More fun videos and stuff on our site. www.gardenfork.tvmoreless
    • The First 50 GF shows! : GardenFork.TV
      Watch all our shows at GardenFork.TV . We now have over 170 episodes, so I thought I'd show new viewers some of the highlights of the first 50 GardenFork.TV shows. Total fun, i think. Come to our site, and tell us what you think.
    • How to move a beehive : GardenFork.TV : Beginning Beekeeping
      A new beekeeping video from GardenFork.TV . Today we move one of our beehives to a new location. Moving a beehive is not hard, but you have to be careful and pay attention to a few key things. We are not the beekeeping experts, but are documenting our own beginning beekeeping experiences and post them on our site, GardenFork.TVWatch all of our beginning beekeeping videos and other fun videos on our site: GardenFork.TVmoreless
    • Salted Caramel Strawberries from Steamy Kitchen : GardenFork.TV
      I asked Jaden Hair, author of the cookbook Steamy Kitchen and the, on Twitter the other day which of her recipes I should make on GardenFork.TV and her answer was immediate: Salted Caramel Covered Strawberries.I asked that the recipe be simple, ( this is Eric cooking after all ) and this is super simple and super good. wow. yum. Check out Eric and the Labradors, and the "comment lady" as we make this simple easy dessert recipe.This recipe is based on one from The Southern Living Farmers Market Cookbook.moreless
    • Quick Peach Cake Recipe : GardenFork.TV
      I wanted to make dessert and asked on Twitter what I could do with a can of peaches I had. @writersinthesky answered with a super simple peach cake recipe that even I could make. maybe. This peach dessert recipe is pure simplicity, that means the recipe is easy to bake. Watch this show and all our other episodes on www.gardenfork.tvmoreless
    • How to hive a bee package GardenFork.TV Beginning Beekeeping
      Hiving a package of honeybees into your beehive is easy to do, and we show you here in our Beginning Beekeeping video series how to get your honeybees into your beehive. Gardenfork : Beginning Beekeeping is sponsored by This is one of a series of Beginning Beekeeping videos that you can watch on GardenFork.TVmoreless
    • Cold Frame Hoop House, Growing salad greens : GardenFork.TV
      Get a head start on your gardening season with a Hoop House Cold Frame. Watch how we get a head start on our salad greens and mesclun in a cold frame. This is the hoop house we made in our How to make a cold frame video, which you can watch on GardenFork.TV More fun interesting gardening videos at GardenFork.TVmoreless
    • How to Cut Up, Breakdown,or joint a Chicken : GardenFork.TV
      Cutting up a chicken is a great way to save money when buying chicken. For the price of two chicken breasts, you can buy a whole chicken and it takes only minutes to cut up a chicken or breakdown a chicken. Watch GardenFork.TV to see if Eric can do this. Visit our site for the entire archive of GF shows, get recipes, learn more about cooking, gardening, & other fun stuff.moreless
    • Late Winter Feeding : Beginning Beekeeping : GardenFork.TV
      Watch all our beekeeping videos on our site, GardenFork.TV . Late Winter Feeding is usually needed to get your beehive through the late winter and early spring. It may be that your honeybees have eaten all the food they stored for the winter, and the only way to know is to quickly open the hive on a warm winter day. Watch our latest Beginning Beekeeping video as we feed our bees fondant and quickly check on their hive. More honeybee and beekeeping info on our site: note: we are beginning beekeepers, and have made these shows to show people what we have learned. If you have something to add, please visit our site and leave comments for each beekeeping videomoreless
    • Fireplace Grilled Salmon
      Fireplace Grilled Salmon
      Episode 20100303
      Fireplace cooking makes sense. You're already using your fireplace, why not cook your dinner on it? This recipe for Fireplace Grilled Salmon is perfect. You get that wood smoked aroma with a nicely grilled salmon steak. Nice. Visit our site for the recipe and more fun videos and recipes:
    • Beans on Toast Recipe : GardenFork.TV
      I had Beans on Toast for the first time last month, and seeing it was a pretty easy recipe, I knew I could make it for GardenFork.TV . You can watch all our previous shows on our site, , and get the recipe for Beans and Toast, as well as all our other Cooking, Gardening and Other Fun Stuff stuff on our site. You can share your beans and toast recipes and memories on, plus check out GardenFork Radio, avail on our site and iTunes.moreless
    • Biscuits and Gravy Recipe :
      I love biscuits and gravy, and I now have a recipe that works, kinda. I've never made Biscuits and Gravy before, i've always had it in diners, Now I can make it at home. So can you! Watch and learn Eric's recipe. Watch the entire catalog of GF shows on our site, www.gardenfork.tvAND check out GardenFork Radio for more fun stuff. avail on our site and on iTunes.moreless
    • Practical Affordable Green Building & Renovation :
      Green Building in Brooklyn is now affordable. Watch as we talk with Gennaro Brooks Church of EcoBrooklyn, a green building contractor in Brooklyn, NY. Gennaro uses a practical approach to green brownstone renonvation, taking advantage of Dumpsters, Street Finds, and Craigslist. More green building and green living videos and info on our website: www.gardenfork.tvmoreless
    • How to make a Pizza Peel or Bread Peel
      You can make a pizza peel or a bread peel instead of having to buy one. Watch, have fun, save money. I made this peel for our episodes on making pizza and baking Artisan Bread in 5 recipes. It works great and cost about $5 to make. This and more cool stuff on our site, Gardenfork.tvmoreless
    • Eric's Quiche Recipe and How to make quiche on
      watch all our shows: . Making quiche is easy, its a great mid-week simple dinner you can do in less than 30 minutes. Watch Eric show how to make his quiche recipe, then visit our site for cooking, gardening, and other fun stuff. Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • How to make quiche, the Recipe
      Making quiche with this recipe is a healthy way to make a good middle of the week meal, its quick and easy, and can be done in 30 minutes if you are good in the kitchen, or at least better than Eric. The Quiche Recipe is on our site: . More videos and fun stuff on our website.moreless
    • How to unclog a drain, or sink :
      Clogged sink? watch to learn how to unclog your drain or sink. Don't use drain cleaners, which can damage your pipes and the environment, watch Gardenfork to learn the green way to fix a clogged sink. Watch all our shows and more fun stuff on our site,
    • Winter Vegetable Gardening on
      watch all our shows on . Today is Christmas day and we're working on our vegetable beds, which are covered in snow. You can grow vegetables in winter with Eliot Coleman's Four Season Garden techniques, which we talk about today. And of course, the Labradors play in the snow.
    • How to make mayonnaise, Eric's mayonnaise recipe
      Making Mayonnaise is not hard, watch as Eric shows you his recipe for mayonnaise, and you wont buy it in the store anymore. yum good. Check out all our shows and more cool stuff at
    • Twinkies: Corn Flake Beer Batter Deep Fried Twinkies Recipes
      Watch us at ! wow. Take Twinkies, add a recipe for Corn Flake Beer Batter, Deep Fry, and get ready for amazing decadent snack. You have to watch to see how this is done. Check out this recipe and more cool stuff on our site,
    • How to make pizza, the Gardenfork way
      Wondering how to make pizza, need a pizza dough recipe ? Watch Eric Rochow make pizza using the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a day method. The recipe is simple and easy, the way we like it. Check more videos, recipes,gardening, and DIY stuff at
    • Beginning Beekeeping : Preparing for winter
      In this Beginning Beekeeping show, we get the hive ready for winter. Raising bees is a great hobby, and here we show how we prepare the beehive for the coming winter. Check out our site for more info,
    • America's Test Kitchen, The Tasting Lab, a parody
      Our friends at Ford Motor and the Fiestamovement ( who have provided us with a Ford Fiesta and funds to produce videos ) suggested we do a 2 minute take on our favorite TV show, and I'm a big fan of Chris Kimball, America's Test Kitchen, and Cook's Illustrated, so we had to do a parody of their Tasting Lab segment. Thanks to Ford Motor and the Fiestamovement underwriting the purchase of all the cheeses we tasted. Yum. Thanks to Charlie and Tony for the story idea.moreless
    • Artisan Bread in Five minutes a day
      Wondering how to make bread? Today we bake bread using the Artisan Bread recipe from their first book. Baking Bread is great fun and healthy, watch as we make bread with Eric and the Labradors on Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • Beginning Beekeeping : Fall Feeding - Varroa Mite Treatment
      This is our first year raising honeybees in our new beehives, and i wanted to make beekeeping videos to show you all that you too can raise bees. We are not the experts here, but one learns by doing. So we do things, make videos. Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • GF_ford_escape
      Episode 20091020
    • Eric reviews the Ford Escape Hybrid
      While my Ford Fiesta was on the CBS News, Ford loaned me a new Ford Escape Hybrid. So, we piled the Labradors into the Escape and went up to the house. Here's my video review of the Escape Hyrbrid, and of course, shots of the Labradors
    • Balsamic Vinegar Reduction, Hacking cheap balsamic to make good balsamic vinegar
      Today we try to make cheap balsamic vinegar taste like the expensive kind of balsamic vinegar by doing what's called a reduction, with a suggestion from Chris Kimball of America's Test Kitchen. Check out The Balsamic Vinegar Hack and then check out our site
    • Hiking the Appalachian Trail with the Labradors
      Yes, another Labrador show! Ford Motor asked us to take our Ford Fiesta and go hike the Appalachian Trail in Falls Village, CT. Watch as we hike part of the famed trail and enjoy the day. More fun stuff on our website,
    • Teaching Labrador Puppy Charlie to swim
      Labradors and water mix well, and are a great recipe for fun. Charlie Pup has yet to swim, so we'll see if the Labrador Puppy wants to swim today.
    • Beginning Beekeeping How to harvest honey
      Watch as we harvest honey from one of our beehives in our first year of beekeeping. Keeping Honeybees is not hard to do, come along as we learn about our bees and how to work a beehive, and all the fun stuff in between. Check out our site for more info: www.gardenfork.tvmoreless
    • How to maker Burgers, the Eric way
      Want the Eric Hamburger Recipe? Watch and Learn on . Plus watch the Labs watch Eric cook hamburgers and cheeseburgers. All this and more videos and recipes on our site:
    • Tomato Fresca, a fresh tomato pasta sauce
      Super simple tomato pasta sauce recipe, even Eric can make it! Watch the show and get the recipe and learn to cook, garden, and DIY stuff. on our site,
    • Eric's Rice and Beans Recipe
      Rice and Beans, in August? Yes. Last night I decided we should make a Rice and Beans Recipe on Garenfork. so here we are. Watch and then get the recipe from our website:
    • Beginning Beekeeping , Hive Inspection
      Honeybees are amazing, we are beginnng beekeepers and we are inspecting the hive in late August, adding a super and a queen excluder. Watch as we learn the right and wrong way to raise honeybees. more info on our site
    • Beginning Beekeeping , Hive Inspection
      Honeybees are amazing, we are beginnng beekeepers and we are inspecting the hive in late August, adding a super and a queen excluder. Watch as we learn the right and wrong way to raise honeybees. more info on our site
    • How to make a potato cannon or potato bazooka or spudgun
      how to build a potato cannon? watch and learn how. more info on our viewer forum, be very careful and use at your own risk.
    • Ikea Hack: how to make a salmon smoker from Ikea parts
      Want to know how to make a smoker, want to smoke salmon, or smoke fish or smoked foods? Here you go: a food smoker made from parts from Ikea. The idea for this show and the funds to make it provided by the Ford Fiestamovement. Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • How to make biscuits
      How to make biscuits
      Episode 20090708
      Wondering how to make biscuits? How about how to make southern biscuits? Today we make biscuits with southern food fans Rachel Wharton of Edible Brooklyn & Manhattan, & Charlie Shaw, southerners who both love making biscuits. Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • Lehr Propane Grass Trimmer Giveaway
      I wanted to introduce Gardenfork viewers to my other show, Real World Green, and also offer you all a chance to get a Lehr Propane Trimmer. Check out the show and then check out for info on giveaway. Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • Eric Visits the Martha Stewart Living on Sirius Radio
      Ford arranged for me to have a Sirius Radio installed in my Ford Fiesta and then I got to visit the Martha Stewart Living Channel at the Sirius studios in midtown NYC. Watch and check out our viewer forum: Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • "Cooking Know-How" Book Review
      Cooking Know-How, by Bruce Weinstein and Marc Scarbrough is our cookbook review this week. See this and more at our viewer forum, Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • The Spring Garden Tour
      The Spring Garden Tour
      Episode 20090615
      So many shows are about a topic, this time I just want to show you around the garden and yard to show you all what we're up to. What are you doing in your garden? Come to our viewer forum and let us know Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • Slow Cooker Pulled Pork, The Gardenfork Recipe
      This slow cooker pulled pork recipe was given to me by my friend Scott. Watch and learn as we try out the recipe and make a cole slaw recipe as well. Plus the Labradors, of course. recipe + forum: Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • How to Milk a Cow at the Freund Farm
      Today we visit the Freund Farm to get a quick lesson in how to milk a cow from Matthew Freund of Freund's Farm and Market. Check out more videos and the user community at Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • The Labrador Retrievers of
      Everyone loves the Labrador Retrievers dogs of so here is 4 minutes of the pups playing. No eric, no cooking, just the Labs playing. See more at our viewer forum: Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • How to Assemble Bee Hive Frames
      Beehive frames are easy to assemble. So easy even Eric can do it. Watch as we learn about beekeeping, and check out our deal with Ford Motor! They've given Gardenfork a Ford Fiesta for the summer. our viewer forum: Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • How to Make Bread with Tracy
      Learn how to bake bread on today. Sister Tracy shows us how to make a honey, whole-wheat bread. PLUS some shots of Charlie Pup and her mom, Penny. Check out our viewer forum, Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • Planthropology by Ken Druse, a video review
      Ken Druse watches Gardenfork!Nneat. And he gave us a copy of his latest book to review and give away. Check out the review then visit our viewer forum to enter the giveaway. Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • How to Build a Bat House the Gardenfork Way
      How do you build a bat house? Watch us build one from plans provided by Bat Conservation Int'l. Bats are very beneficial, and if you build them a house, they wont live in your attic. Bat House Plans available at Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • Using a Cold Frame and Plastic and Leaf Mulch
      Want to know how to use a cold frame to start seeds? And how to use plastic and leaves as a winter mulch? Its early spring and we're planting seeds in the cold frame and learning about leaf and plastic mulch. Check out our viewer forum Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • Steak Au Poivre Recipe on Gardenfork!
      One of our close friends makes a great Steak Au Poivre, so I decided to try to make it myself. What happened? Well, you'll have to watch our Steak Au Poivre Recipe show... Then visit our site for the recipe, Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • Steamy Kitchen's Chinese Tea Eggs
      Chinese Tea Eggs are these cool hard boiled eggs that are made for the Chinese New Year. We make them using the recipe from Jaden's food blog, Watch the show then get more info at our viewer forum, The Green House. Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • Making Maple Syrup - Part II
      Maple Syrup expert Bill Hiller shows us around his sugar shack and we learn how to make maple syrup. Visit our community site for more info Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • Chickpea Burgers, a Mark Bittman Twitter Recipe
      After reading Mark Bittman's (@bittman) Twitter post about making simple chickpea burgers, I decided to make them. Yum. Watch the vid and follow me on Twitter @ericgardenfork and then visit our viewer forum for more shows. Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • Food Matters by Mark Bittman, Eric's book Review
      I'm not the greatest writer, but I can talk, so I decided to do a video review of Mark Bittman's Food Matters. Food does matter, to our health and our planet. Watch and Learn, then enter a giveaway for a copy of the book at our site: Distributed by Tubemogul.moreless
    • How to Install a Hot Water Heater
      Want to learn how to install a hot water heater? Watch Gardenfork, the DIY web video show, to learn how to do things. Then visit our viewer forum, The Green House. Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • Eric Cooks The Bacon Explosion Recipe from BBQ Addicts
      The Bacon Explosion is an amazing and unique bacon loaf recipe created by the BBQ Addicts, two guys who love to smoke food and make BBQ. Today we try our hand at their recipe. Visit our viewer forum for the recipe, The Green House, http:/ Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • How to Install a Bathroom Faucet
      Want to learn how to install a bathroom faucet? Watch Gardenfork and learn how. And watch the Labradors get in the way, especially Moose, the new Black Lab pup. Check out our viewer forum, The Green House. Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • How to Make Mom's Meatloaf Recipe
      I visited my parents over the holiday and wanted to learn my mom's meatloaf recipe. So we made her classic meatloaf. Kinda classic, because Tracy and I made some modifications. Watch what happens. Visit our viewer forum for the recipe. Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • How to make Cranberry Chutney Sauce the Eric Recipe
      Want a great Cranberry Chutney Sauce recipe? Here's Eric's recipe. It tastes great and has 2 secret ingredients not normally seen in Cranberry Sauce recipes. Watch and then visit our viewer forum, The Green House. Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • A Visit with Amanda Jones of Brooklyn Fudge
      I'm a big fan of hand-made foods, and Amanda Jones does just that. Her company, Brooklyn Fudge, makes amazing fudge by hand. The fudge tastes great and Amanda has a great energy. Watch and then tell us your fudge stories on the Green House at ht:// Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • Eric's Crock Pot Pea Soup Recipe
      Crock Pot Pea Soup is one of my favorite comfort foods. Here's my simple recipe using a crock pot, you can start the soup and leave it all day. Watch the show and then share your recipes on our viewer forum, The Green House. Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • Eric's Pickled Beets Recipe and How-to
      Want to know how to make pickled beets? Eric's Pickled Beets recipe is easy and taste great. Its a classic Gardenfork recipe, so simple even Eric can do it. Watch and then visit our viewer forum, The Green House. Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • Eric's Tuna Casserole Recipe
      Inspired by Emily Farris' cookbook, "Casserole Crazy", Eric makes his Tuna Casserole Recipe. What happens? Watch and learn. Then visit our viewer forum, The Green House, Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • The Casserole Crazy Cooking Competition
      Lynn and I were invited to cookbook author Emily Farris's "Casserole Crazy Competition" in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. What Fun! Watch and then come to the Green House to talk about your favorite casseroles. Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • How to Repair Cracks and Leaks in Basement Walls and Floors
      Do you have water leaks in your basement and want to know how to fix basement water leaks? Watch as Eric repairs a crack in his sister's basement floor. Be sure to check out our viewer forum, The Green House. Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • How To Dry Apples and Other Fruit
      Want to know how to dry apples, peaches, pears, and other fruit? Watch Gardenfork and learn how to dry fruit, then visit our viewer forum, The Green House. Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • How To Compost Your Leaves
      How To Compost Your Leaves
      Episode 20081022
      Stop raking up all the leaves on your lawn. Compost them into leaf mold instead. Watch Gardenfork, then get going on that fall lawn cleanup. Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • How To Make Dog Biscuits
      How To Make Dog Biscuits
      Episode 20081015
      I cooked up this healthy dog biscuit recipe that is easy to make and fun to do with kids and dogs. Dog reats like these are healthy. Watch and then visit our viewer forum for the recipe at . Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • How To Make Yogurt and a Solar Oven
      Learn how to make yogurt and a solar oven inside a cardboard box. This is a great project for kids to learn about solar energy. Watch and learn on Gardenfork and visit our viewer forum Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • How To Bake Banana Bread (With Mom)
      Mom and I make her banana bread recipe, while dad runs the camera. What happens? Watch and learn on Gardenfork. Then come to our viewer forum, The Green House. Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • How To Dry Herbs
      How To Dry Herbs
      Episode 20080925
      Do you want to dry the herbs from your garden? Learn how to dry basil, chives, and how to apply these tips to dry many other herbs. Watch and then visit our viewer forum Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • How To Hang a Mirror
      How To Hang a Mirror
      Episode 20080917
      Eric has to remove a mirror in Tracy's bathroom and shows us how to install a new mirror. Hanging a mirror is easy, removing a mirror that has been glued on can be tricky. Watch, then come to our viewers forum and Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • How To Make Hard Cider and Apple Cider
      Ever try to make hard cider or apple cider? Our neighbors have a ton of apples in their orchard, so we try our hand at making cider. Watch and then visit our site for more info Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • How To Raise Butterflies
      How To Raise Butterflies
      Episode 20080903
      Want to learn about how a butterfly hatches and grows? Freya Wellin of Chalet Nursery and Eric talk about raising butterflies. It's easy and a great way to educate kids about nature. For more info visit our viewer forum, Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • Fireplace Cooking
      Fireplace Cooking
      Episode 20080827
      Want to learn how to cook in the fireplace? Watch as Eric shows you everything you need to know about fireplace cooking with a dutch oven, or at least watch and see what happens. Check out for more tips and information. Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • How to Replace a Circuit Breaker
      Do you need to replace a circuit breaker in your fuse box? Want to watch Eric get near electricity? Want to learn how to work with electrical panels? No need to watch This Old House, HGTV, or the DIY channel, watch Gardenfork. Then visit and joinn the discussion! Distributed by Tubemogul.moreless
    • The Screwball Cake
      The Screwball Cake
      Episode 20080813
      Eric bakes a Screwball Cake, sometimes called Wacky Cake, or Crazy Cake. Whatever Alton Brown or Christopher Kimball from Cook's Magazine calls it, grab your apron and a spatula (or fork) and watch Eric try his hand at baking his childhood memory. Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • Bug Detectives at Chalet Nursery
      What kind of bug is this? Jennifer Brennan of Chalet Nursery shows us how they identify plant pests & diseases. Watch here then visit our viewer forum, The Green House, Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • A Trip to the Crest Hardware Art Show
      Hardware stores are like therapy for me. Today we visit The Crest Hardware Art Show; a hardware store that is hosting an art show in Williamsburg Brooklyn. If you like, be sure to comment, rate and favorite and visit for more! Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • How to Make Bread and Butter Pickles
      Making pickles is easy, even Eric can do it. Watch Gardenfork to see Eric make bread and butter pickles with this simple recipe. Distributed by Tubemogul.
    • Rhubarb Sauce, a New Way to Use Rhubarb
      When you mention Rhubarb, everyone thinks of Rhubarb Jam. On Gardenfork, we show you a neat recipe for rhubarb sauce and, of course, the Labradors help out. Watch the show, then get the recipe on our green/cooking/gardening/country/city living community site, The Green House -
    • How to Make a Compost Bin
      How to Make a Compost Bin
      Episode 20080620
      Today we learn how to make a simple compost bin. Simple is good at Gardenfork, so we have more time to throw the ball for the Labradors. Be sure to visit The Green House for more -
    • How to Unclog a Drain
      How to Unclog a Drain
      Episode 20080613
      Don't call a plumber, you can fix a clogged drain yourself. Watch as Eric shows you how to unclog a drain using a drain snake or auger and power tools. Fun! Then visit our viewer forum, The Green House,
    • How to Make Yogurt in a Cardboard Box
      Making yogurt is easy, even Eric can do it. Watch as Eric shows you an easy yogurt recipe using stuff you have around the house, like a cardboard box. Delicious DIY for everyone. Rate, comment and subscribe and visit us at
    • How to Grow Tomatoes at White Flower Farm
      Today we visit White Flower Farm and their Tomatomania event. We learn how to grow heirloom tomatoes from the experts. Watch and Learn. If you like, be sure to comment, rate and favorite and visit for more!
    • Baking Brownies with Mom
      Baking Brownies with Mom
      Episode 20080514
      In this show I make brownies with my mom, from an old recipe that is still my favorite. Plus we get to meet my dad as well. And taking the place of Mij and Henry is my sister's pup, Sam.
    • Perennials for Beginners with Freya Wellin of Chalet Nursery
      Gardening with Perennial plants is easy, here we learn how to plant some easy perennials with Chalet Nursery perennial expert Freya Wellin.
    • How to Cook 40 Garlic Chicken
      There are many 40 Garlic Chicken Recipes, but the Gardenfork recipe always includes some 'unplanned' events. So watch and learn as Eric cooks and the Labradors do what dogs do.
    • White Bean Soup with Kale Recipe
      White Bean Soup is easy to make and tastes great. Watch as Eric shows you how. Visit our community site for more info
    • How to Tap Maple Trees for Maple Syrup
      Our neighbor Priscilla shows us how to tap maple trees to collect the sap used to make maple syrup. Visit our community site for more info
    • How to Carve a Turkey and Make Turkey Gravy
      Thanksgiving at our friends house leads to a video on how to carve a turkey the Garenfork way. Watch and Learn. Visit our community site for more info
    • How to transplant Raspberry Bushes
      Transplanting Raspberry Bushes in your garden can be tricky, but with a few simple tips, you can make this gardening challenge easy. Watch and Learn on
    • How to sharpen your lawn mower blade?
      A sharp lawn mower blade is important, but many people don't sharpen their lawnmower blade. Watch and learn here how to do it.
    • How to Make Waffles
      How to Make Waffles
      Episode 20080408
      Today we use Eric's waffle recipe and his new cast iron waffle maker. Will it work? Watch and see...
    • How to force spring blossoms
      In this episode we learn about forcing blossoms of spring blooming plants like Forsythia, Pussy Willows, and Apple blossoms.
    • Gardenfork on CBS-WFSB News!
      Irene O'Connor and her crew visited me and made this great video about Gardenfork. A great behind the scenes look at Gardenfork.
    • Street Food : Queens, New York
      The most amazing chicken over rice, Chicken Jeera, from Khan's Halal Food. wow.
    • How to build a birdhouse
      How to build a birdhouse
      Episode 20080228
      Here's the perfect winter project, build a birdhouse. An easy project for you or your kids. Watch and Learn, you can do this too.
    • A visit to The Bar-B-Que Inn, Bowling Green, KY
      We love BBQ, and whenever we can visit a BBQ place, we will. In this show we meet some great people at the BBQ Inn, in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Tell us your BBQ stories on The Greenhouse,our viewer forum where you can post thoughts, ideas, photos and videos.
    • Eric cooks at the Silo Cooking School
      Eric and guests make fun appetizers and cocktails, Henry and Mij run around. fun.
    • Blood and Bushes
      Blood and Bushes
      Episode 20080206
      Blood is drawn while we remove Forsythia with the truck. Watch and then discuss at The Greenhouse, our viewer forum
    • How to make Potato Latkes
      How to make Potato Latkes
      Episode 20080129
      I love potato latkes, you will to. Watch and Learn.
    • Truck Repair: Vacuum Leak!
      Truck Repair: Vacuum Leak!
      Episode 20080122
      Learn more arcane knowledge about Eric's truck. watch and learn.
    • Garden Faucet Washer Repair
      Garden Faucet Washer Repair
      Episode 20080114
      The garden hose faucet in Brooklyn is leaking. My neighbor Charlie helps out.
    • Baked Eggs with Irene O'Connor of CBS-WFSB Hartford News
      Irene comes by today to watch us shoot the show.
    • Cash moves to a new barn
      Cash moves to a new barn
      Episode 20071230
      Cash and his friend Don Nero move to Weatague Stables, come watch the move.
    • Holiday Photo Shoot How-To
      Holiday Photo Shoot How-To
      Episode 20071221
      Learn from the experts how to take a holiday picture with 2 Yellow Labs
    • Mashed Potato Taste Test
      Mashed Potato Taste Test
      Episode 20071217
      Does the potato matter? Accordning to Cook's Magazine, yes; according to Julia Moskin of the New York Times, no. Today in the Gardenfork test kitchen, we settle this debate!
    • For the Love of the Horse, an interview with author Ann Jamieson
      Ann Jamieson, who writes about the connection between people and horses, has published 2 books, For the Love of the Horse and For the Love of the Horse, Vol II . Today eric talks to Ann about her work and watch as Cash bites eric.
    • How to make applesauce, the Gardenfork way
      Using treefall apples, we make some great applesauce. Simple and easy to do, watch and learn.
    • Butternut Squash Soup
      Butternut Squash Soup
      Episode 20071123
      This is a great soup for the fall, and its easy to make. Even eric can do it. Plus Henry & Mij, the Yellow Labradors, play in the leaves.
    • Puttanesca with James
      Puttanesca with James
      Episode 20071113
      Today Henry's "friend" James, a Golden Retriever, comes over for lunch, and we make puttanesca.
    • The Goshen Fair 2007
      The Goshen Fair 2007
      Episode 20071107
      we went to the Goshen Fair and brought along the camera
    • Paint Stripping 101
      Paint Stripping 101
      Episode 20071030
      I stripped the paint off some metal door hardware without using chemicals. Its really easy to do, watch and learn.
    • BBQ at Hursey's, Burlington, North Carolina
      Richard and I visit Hursey's Bar-B-Q to sample the chopped pork and sweet tea.
    • Truck Repair: Rear Spring Shackle Bracket
      I am finally fixing one of the real leaf springs, with Henry and Mij hovering with their frisbee.
    • Cherry Tomato Pasta
      Cherry Tomato Pasta
      Episode 20070924
      This is real simple and really good. Just ask me. Simple food make quickly. Cherry Tomatoes from your garden, a quick sauce, a great recipe.
    • Peach Cobbler, How to make it
      With peaches from Priscilla and some apples from our yard, we make a great cobbler. Of course, Henry & Mij, the Yellow Labs, play.
    • Garden Update August 07
      Garden Update August 07
      Episode 20070905
      A tour of the vegetable garden, what went well, what went wrong, and of course, Henry and Mij, our yellow labrador retrievers.
    • Japanese Beetles, what to do?
      Eric, Henry & Mij show you how to get rid of Japanese Beetles
    • 50+ episodes! A look back and forward
      wow. we've created over 50 episodes of Gardenfork. here's a fun short video we edited together looking at past and future episodes.
    • Blueberry Yogurt Pancakes and Chainsaws
      The dogs woke us up at 6 am on a Sunday. Time to make pancakes. The earliest we have ever shot an episode. Plus more chainsaw fun.
    • A visit with Gary Vaynerchuk of
      Gary Vaynerchuk of is a great guy who takes the mystery out of wine.
    • Basil Pesto
      Basil Pesto
      Episode 20070729
      Start the water to boil, make pesto, eat. all in about 20 minutes.
    • Smoked Salmon in a Cardboard Smoker Pt 1
      Smoked Salmon in a Cardboard Smoker Pt 1
    • Smoked Salmon in a Cardboard Smoker Pt 2
      Smoked Salmon in a Cardboard Smoker Pt 2
    • Garlic Scape Pesto
      Garlic Scape Pesto
      Episode 20070715
      We make Garlic Scape Pesto at our neighbor's potluck. yum.
    • How to make Tomato Cages
      How to make Tomato Cages
      Episode 20070709
      We make some really nice tomato cages, much better than the ones in the store.
    • Making and Canning Rhubarb Jam Part 2
      This is fun. watch.
    • Drip Irrigation viewer video
      From Tyler of, a video of his watering system.
    • Making and Canning Rhubarb Jam Part 1
      This is a lot of fun. watch and tell your friends
    • Planting Carrots
      Planting Carrots
      Episode 20070615
      i've never had good luck with carrots, watch how we do. Plus Henry & Mij.
    • Smoked Salmon
      Smoked Salmon
      Episode 20070611
      I've never smoked food before. Watch what happens.
    • Planting Tomatoes with Season Extenders
      This year we planted our tomatoes early using a plastic mulch and Wall-o-Waters to get our plants in a few weeks early. Plus Henry & Mij.
    • Heirloom Tomatoes at White Flower Farm
      Today we go to White Flower Farm and interview Scott Diagre about heirloom tomatoes. Watch and learn.
    • Power Tool Repair, how to repair a trigger switch
      Is your saw or drill broken? here's how to replace the switch. easy to do, here's how
    • How to build raised beds
      Its simple to build raised beds for growing vegetables or flowers. Watch as Eric shows you how, despite the black flies and Henry & Mij's frisbee.
    • Carbonara, cheese, eggs, bacon & pasta
      One of my favorite dishes, it includes all the pertinent food groups. yum.
    • Roasted Garlic Soup
      From "The Ultimate Cookbook" a simple recipe for a great soup.
    • Soaker hose irrigation system & pump house repair
      Eric show you his drip irrigation system that uses soaker hoses, and how to replace the pump in your pumphouse. Plus video of Cash the thoroughbred and the Yellow Labs Henry & Mij
    • Pruning Apples Trees
      apple trees and henry's brothers and father in this episode.
    • Making Maple Syrup, Part 1
      we're at Bill's house boiling sap
    • Making Maple Syrup, Part 2
      Making Maple Syrup, Part 2
    • Shake Shack, NYC
      Shake Shack, NYC
      Episode 30
      Today I went to the Shake Shack, and it was good. watch.
    • Horses, Dogs, & Viewer Mail
      The title says it all, watch and learn.
    • Biscuit BBQ : BBQ the Brooklyn Way
      Part of our BBQ series, we interview Josh Cohen of Biscuit BBQ.
    • The Brooklyn Botanic Garden: starting seeds with Monika Hannemann
      Today we visit the experts to see how its really done. Monika Hannemann of the BBG tells us how they start seeds in their greenhouses.
    • Starting Plants from Seed
      Henry, her brother Mij, and Eric are in the greenhouse talking about starting seeds. Watch. Fun.
    • Hilling Potatoes
      Hilling Potatoes
      Episode 25
      Eric and Henry build a fence to hill the potatoes. Watch
    • Transplanting Hostas
      Hostas are easy to transplant, even Eric and Henry can do it.
    • Dandelion tastes great
      We love dandelion, Cash does too.
    • Potato bugs Part 1
      Potato bugs Part 1
      Episode 22
      What is eating the potatoes?
    • Potato Bugs Part 2
      Potato Bugs Part 2
      Episode 21
      more on bugs eating the potatoes
    • Tomato hornworm invasion
      Watch out when these bugs attack your plants.
    • Pork with Rhubarb
      Pork with Rhubarb
      Episode 19
      Never thought of cooking pork with rhubarb unti now.
    • How to change disc brakes
      Eric and Henry change the disc brakes on their minivan. You can do this.
    • How to Grow and Harvest Cut and Come Again lettuce
      Henry and Eric talk about cut and come again leaf lettuces, and how to harvest them.
    • Rhubarb, a primer
      Rhubarb, a primer
      Episode 16
      Henry and Eric talk about rhubarb, and how to harvest it.
    • How to cook Garlic Scapes, the Gardenfork way.
      What are garlic scapes? watch and learn. Watch the show then come to our viewer forum The Green House, to learn more.
    • A Chicken Vesuvio Recipe from Amuse Bouche
      Eric makes a dish posted on the food blog: Amuse Bouche, and of course, doesn't always follow directions. Watch the show then come to our viewer forum The Green House, to learn more.
    • Anchovy broccoli pasta
      Eric makes a dish based on a Jamie Oliver recipe. Watch and learn.
    • A recipe for Apple Crisp, and how to video with Eric making it.
      A trip to a local orchard yields way too many apples, so we bake. Watch the show then come to our viewer forum The Green House, to learn more.
    • Cornbread, a taste test
      I love cornbread, and this is the first of many times we will feature it.
    • How to build a simple cold frame
      Watch eric and henry build a simple cold frame to extend the season. you can build this.
    • Ginger Ice Cream Recipe, How to make great ice cream.
      Super easy to make, and it tastes great. Everyone will love you. Watch the show then come to our viewer forum The Green House, to learn more.
    • How to season cast iron
      Henry and Eric season some new cast iron.
    • No Knead Bread Recipe from Sullivan Bakery, Mark Bittman, & Gardenfork
      By way of Mark Bittman, we learned about this recipe from Sullivan Bakery on great no-knead bread. It tastes great.
    • How to make Creme Brule, the Gardenfork Creme Brule Recipe
      I love Creme Brule, and here we make it the Gardenfork way. Watch here and the get the Creme Brule episode at the Green House, our viewer forum,
    • How to cut down a tree with a chainsaw
      Watch and learn as Eric uses a chainsaw to chop down a tree, assisted by neighbors Bill and Elias, and of course Henry. Come to our viewer forum, The Greenhouse to learn more.
    • how to glaze a window
      We learn the right way how to repair window glazing with Bobby, our window expert, and the right tools .
    • Cold Frames at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden
      In this episode of Gardenfork, we visit with Patty Hulse of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and learn about how their cold frames.
    • How to build a grow light
      Save money and make your own grow light using inexpensive lights and some stuff you have around the house. Watch here and then come to our viewer forum, The Green House, , to learn more.
    • How to make home made ice cream, Ginger Ice Cream
      Its the midddle of winter, what better time to learn how to make ice cream, or at least attempt to make ice cream...