Gemini Division

NBC Premiered Aug 18, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • Not clear whether this is worth anything yet.

    Clearly shot against a bluescreen background. So far the setup is NOT very interesting, and the product placements for Windows Mobile are getting really irritating. So far there's only two actors, and the guy seems pretty bad. Yes, Rosario Dawson has nice boobs, and there's an opening shot of her in a tight top. But seriously, are you going to watch one episode after another of this if it doesn't pull you in quicker than this? I kind of doubt it. Feels like a repeat of the whole Quarterlife fiasco. Didn't Dr. Horrible teach us anything? Hire the writers first people!
  • This is ridiculous!

    Not really a chance to develop a story OR a character methinks in episodes of THREE MINUTES. I thought that I had mistaken the sample for the episode, but no, it WAS the full episode. Then at 350MB. Have these guys never heard of data compression? I can easily get 40 minutes of 720p in 350MB. This is just a waste of bandwith. There is not even a slim chance that I will follow this series, and that's a pity, for there could be a potentially great storyline in this idea. Whose idea was it to destroy this before it even got off the ground?