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  • Making Pumpkin Crunch With Aunt Peggy
    We have finished making our Holiday Dinner! And what a great meal we made. Beef Tenderloin with Sweet Potato Balls, Cranberry Sauce and finally a Pumpkin Crunch. Savory, colorful, filling and delicious!
  • Making Sweet Potato Balls With Aunt Peggy
    Aunt Peggy and I made the most sinfully delicious side dish for our Holiday dinner: Sweet Potato Balls. It's a fabulous recipe, and we had a wonderful time making it.
  • Cooking Beef Tenderloin With Aunt Peggy
    Aunt Peggy and I are making dishes for our Holiday dinner every week in December, and this week we made the main course, a delicious Beef Tenderloin. I got such raves for it last year that I had no choice but to make it again. Not that I mind, this is a beautiful piece of meat. Earlier this week I promised to reveal the secret ingredient that will make your Beef Tenderloin explode with flavor! Here it is: bacon grease. I congeal bacon fat and rub it all over the Tenderloin. Just a little bit to add some flavor and fat to the meat. It tastes so good! Whatever main dish you are cookin', be sure to watch that oven so you don't burn the dish. Overcooking meat and poultry is a very easy thing to do, and no one likes a dried out dish. If you need any recipe help, go on in to the Forum, there are loads of nice people that will help you get through the meal!moreless
  • Holiday Side Dish, Part 1
    We're preparing dishes for our Holiday dinner all through the month of December, and this week Aunt Peggy and I made a delicious cranberry sauce. This is the one dish that is requested every year in our house. We love it because it's so quick and easy to make, so delicious, and is such a compliment to any Holiday dinner table. We make our cranberry sauce with pure cranberry jelly, cream cheese, some chopped pecans (though you can substitute any nut you'd like) and a bit of mayonnaise. Then we layer the cranberry and the cheese into a beautiful glass jar. We taste with our eyes first, and this dish could not look more beautiful.moreless
  • Turkey
    Episode 24
    I know we said the Turkey video would go up on Wednesday, but so many of you were asking to see it before Thanksgiving, so here it is! Aunt Peggy and I take you through deep-frying a turkey, step by step. Make sure to listen to our tips on thawing, temperature, separating the innards, and cooking time.moreless
  • Making Mashed Potatoes With Jamie
    Hey y'all! I am so happy to have my son Jamie back in the kitchen with me. Cooking for the holidays is so much more fun when you have your family around. We've been making Mashed Potatoes together for years and years, and are proud to show you how we do it in our house. Jamie and I take you through everything step by step. From keeping the skins on, to draining the water and doing the mashing, and of course, to adding lots and lots of butter! We even tell you the secret ingredient that makes our mashed potatoes so good. But you'll have to watch the video to find out what it is! ;)moreless
  • Making Biscuits With Jellyroll
    Hey y'all! We're getting closer and closer to the holidays, and I'm getting excited about the all the wonderful dishes this community will be making. I can't wait to see them! Make sure to submit your pictures and video over the Thanksgiving weekend and we will announce the winners starting December 1st. In the meantime, I was blessed to have my great friend Jellyroll in the kitchen with me this week to cook up some traditional garlic and cheese biscuits. Whenever we're in a kitchen together we have the best time! We just make each other laugh all the time, as you can see in the video! Jellyroll is practically a biscuit expert (she even sees them in her sleep!), so it's a joy to share some dough with her.moreless
  • Making Dressing With Dora
    To get ready for the holidays I called my soul sister Dora Charles to come cook some traditional Lady & Sons dressing (or "stuffing" as it's often called). Whenever Dora is in the kitchen with me I know the food is gonna be delicious. Dora runs the kitchen at The Lady & Sons, and she wouldn't dream of letting a dish go out unless it was perfect. She knows Southern dressing like the back of her hand, which is why asked her to make some with me this week.moreless
  • Pickling Shrimp With my Brother Bubba
    I needed a seafood man for Shrimp Week, so I called in my brother Bubba, the best seafood man I know! Bubba owns the wonderful Uncle Bubba's Oyster House restaurant which has been in business for five years now, so he knows his way around a shrimp! He also has a great cookbook called Uncle Bubba's Savannah Seafood Cookbook, which has more than 100 down home, Southern-style recipes. I'm so proud of my brother!moreless
  • Making Caramel Apples With My Brother Bubba
    It was a family reunion in my kitchen this week, as my brother Bubba joined me to make caramel apples dipped in my line of B.Lloyd's Nuts. Bubba will always be my favorite nut, though!
  • Making Peanut Butter Balls With Jamie Cribbs
    This was a wonderfully nostalgic week for me. When I make Peanut Butter Balls it takes me back to my childhood, when I was just a little girl who loved this dish so much and wanted nothing more in the world than to eat it every day! I get to share that joy through the dish, everytime I make it for my family. And with my wonderful stylist Jamie Cribbs showing up to share stories and jokes, my kitchen was glowing with warmth and fun and good cheer. And of course, peanut butter!moreless
  • Cookin' With Honey and Ted
    This week was such a blast for me! Not only was it all about honey, one of my favorite sweet treats, but I got to share the kitchen with my good friend Ted Dennard of the Savannah Bee Company. Or should I say Dreamy Ted ;) We tried some of the most amazing honey! Honey is a perfect compliment on biscuits, toast, apples, pork tenderloin or just about anything! Yum!moreless
  • Packing a Lunch Box With My Nephew
    This week was all about creative dishes you can put in a kid's Lunch-Box. So in the spirit of 'Back To School Time', my nephew Jordan helped me in the kitchen to make some Cheeseburger Casserole. Having your kids help with the cookin' is a truly wonderful thing. You get to spend quality time with them, and they get a sense of pride in making their lunch. They're sure to find that lunch extra delicious the next day at school, because they helped make it!moreless
  • Tailgating Treats With Bobby
    Bobby came over to cook up a tasty tailgating dish and cheer on Georgia (no Tech fans allowed!). We made Bacon and Cheese Jalapeno Poppers. They were tasty, but boy were they hot! Cooking with your kids is always fun, unless they make something that burns your mouth!
  • Bananas
    Episode 14
    Hey y'all! Jamie and Bobby came over to cook up a Banana recipe from their new book "The Deen Bros - Take It Easy". You can order it HERE. Having everyone in my kitchen was a dream. My boys turned into kids again and it was so much fun. This week's dish, Bananas, really brings that out. It's a very Friendly family food, perfect for baking, easy to put into a variety of dishes. That was this week's challenge, to find the right dish to put Bananas in. Let's find out how you did the best! Congrats to the winners of this week's ACTIVITY OF THE WEEK Challenge: Mandy H and Dustin Todd Rennells!moreless
  • Making Mini Meat Loaves with Jamie
    This week's dish was one I love: Meatloaf. A very traditional dish that can be made in so many different ways. That was this week's challenge, to make Meatloaf your own. Let's find out how we did!
  • The Best Macaroni and Cheese
    Everyone thinks they make the best Macaroni and Cheese. Well that was this week's challenge. Congrats to the winners of this week's Activity of the Week Challenge, Dedrick Guyton for his extra cheesy dish and my butter sister Lindsey Mitchell, for her Grilled Macaroni and Cheese Sandwich (with lots of butter of course!)!moreless
  • I Just Love Me Some Fried Green Tomatoes!!
    I couldn't resist whipping up some fried green tomatoes for y'all. Congrats to the winners of this week's Activity of the Week Challenge: Tina Butler for her Green Tomato Relish, and Jancie Ter Louw for her inventive Crustless Green Tomato Pie!
  • Cookin' Cobbler
    Cookin' Cobbler
    Episode 10
    I just love cooking peach cobbler and I love seeing all your recipes even more. I hope you enjoy my very simple take on making peach cobbler. My entire recipe has six ingredients and is sooo easy to make. It is a favorite at the Lady and Sons and I hope it becomes a favorite on your dinner table as well.moreless
  • Exercise
    Episode 9
    We're trying to get in shape this week. So I'm asking the community to put a healthy spin on traditional Southern dishes.
  • Breakfast
    Episode 8
    We had so much fun making breakfast and we loved all your submissions! Keep 'em coming next week :)
  • Cupcakes
    Episode 7
    What a fun week. Cheryl, thanks for hanging out and for letting us make a mess in your kitchen! We just love your bakery and wish you all the best. Y'all, you made some delicious looking cupcakes. I think I gained five pounds just by looking at 'em :) Again, congratulations to Paige Norman and Vanessa Morris for winning the Cupcake Activity Challenge, and touching my heart with pictures of beautiful treats being baked by your families! Next week's activity starts tomorrow!!moreless
  • Pimento Cheese
    Pimento Cheese
    Episode 6
    Alright, for this week's Activity Challenge, we received SO many great pimento recipes. The ones that stood out to us the most were from Tink, Paul Hodges and Kelly S. You three will be getting Kitchen Classic Cookbooks! Check out their recipes and stories in their "Blogs". Thank you to everyone for sharing all your wonderful recipes!moreless
  • Grieving With Laughter
    Oh my gosh, this is so hilarious! Michael accepts the combover challenge and wears my hairpiece!
  • Lunch With Fans in Atlanta
    In addition to the shows at the Metro Cooking Show, we also had two lunches with a bunch of fans.
  • Cooking Expo in Atlanta
    My family and I went up to Atlanta to be part of the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show. We had a blast meeting so many of our fans and signing tons of books. Thanks to all of those that came out and spent time with us.
  • Race For The Cure
    Race For The Cure
    Episode 2
    I was so honored that the Susan G. Komen Foundation asked me and my family to help kick-off the First Annual Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Race For the Cure in Savannah. We met the most amazing people and heard so many inspiring stories. Hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed being part of the event. Check out this link to learn more about the Susan G. Komen organization and the amazing work they do to find the cure for breast cancer:
  • Paula on Good Morning America
    We had such a fun time traveling from Savannah to NYC. I love going on GMA, Chris and the rest of the team are so nice. And, we got to meet Miley!