Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side

CBS Premiered Mar 30, 2007 In Season


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  • Love the show, but lost what happen with under Grandview, and why kill Jim off that was wrong, threw the story line off a bit, hopefully the writers will get back on track. Love Melinda outfits. Please bring back orginal characters

    I do not miss a show, but when they killed Jim off, I don't get why and then the professor left, too much at once. Plus, the writers never finished off with the orginal plot, were off on another story plot, what gives. Finish the orginial plot, we all want to know whats going on under Grandview. Jim was Melinda rock we all look for him to come in when Melinda need help and now thats not there. What about the guy in the hat and long coat what happen to him. please review your writing and remember the orginial plot you left us hanging.