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  • Season 1
    • I Love You, I Think
      I Love You, I Think
      Episode 2672555
      So even in the sixties you had to make sure cute chicks were legal first? Crazy. Gidget spends the summer surfing, developing a flirty friendship in the process. But when school starts, guess who turns out to be her new teacher? Gidget = jailbait.
    • Gidget: My Ever Faithful… Friend
      Gidget's father likes his women young. The Gidge takes her awkward friend Larue under her wing, trying her best-est to give her a palatable makeover. And in doing so, is it possible Larue caught her dad's eye? Say hello to Stepmom!
    • Gidget: All The Best Diseases Are Taken
      Finally there's going to be a protest song about something important: Rising movie ticket prices. Amen. Gidget and Larue meet up with a famous protest song singer, name of Billy Roy Soames, unaware of the problems it will bring upon her father.
    • Gidget: Image Scrimmage
      Gidget: Image Scrimmage
      Episode 365961
      Gidget gets kidnapped. Twice. And once by her dad! The Gidge has the hots for Roger, her friend Larue's cousin. But alas, Roger seems to view our favorite surfer gal as a little kid. Gidget intends to change that.
    • Gidget: Is it Love or Symbiosis
      A line not in this minisode that should have been: "But I like giving Daddy backrubs!" Gidget's sister and brother-in-law confront her father over their borderline creepy relationship. As result he decides to send the Gidge to a school in Paris.
    • Gidget: Daddy Come Home
      Gidget: Daddy Come Home
      Episode 365959
      Gidget (Sally Field) assumes the role of matriarch foreshadowing her hit current hit show on ABC. Gidget's dad meets a sexy woman and the couple starts dating. One night when the date runs late, Gidget’s maternal instincts kick in.
    • Gidget: Hearse, A Hearse, My Kingdom For A Hearse
      There's nothing quite like owning your first hearse. Just something magical about being young, free, and driving something that belongs at a funeral home. Gidget wants to buy her first vehicle, signing up for an auto class to prove she's up to it.
    • Gidget: Gidget is a Proper Noun
      Gidget fails at cheating. Considering the Gidge's dad is a renowned English professor at UCLA, she should be a whiz at whipping up compositions for her own English class right? Wrong. Seems the apple fell far, far, FAR away from the tree.
    • Gidget: The Great Kahuna Story
      "What's a Gidget?" She's a perky little surfer chick who has a huge crush on the Great Kahuna, only the Kahuna is more interested in drifting from break to break. In fact he will change his persona to repel his legion of lady followers.
    • Gidget: Gidget Gadget
      Gidget: Gidget Gadget
      Episode 365955
      Gidget plays matchmaker between her sister and brother-in-law. Um, what? After experiencing some marital problems, Gidget's sis moves back home. Using malice and forethought, the Gidge takes it upon herself to fix up the relationship.
    • Gidget: Dear Diary… Et Al
      Gidget's future occupation? Writer of Romance Novels. The type you see in supermarket lines. The Gidge (Sally Field) has fallen in love with a college boy named Jeff, and writes about their love life, both real and imaginary, in her diary.
    • Gidget: In God & Nobody Else, We Trust
      "Sisters Who Share Everything, Even Men!" No, it's not an episode of Rikki Lake, it should have been the title of this Gidget minisode. Everyone's favorite surfer chick needs a date to a Luau, so she asks her sister's fiancé to escort her.
    • Gidget: Like Voodoo
      Gidget: Like Voodoo
      Episode 365952
      Gypsy curses that effect your surfing are the worst. Gidget is the victim of Grand Theft Surfboard mere moments after arriving at the beach. After reporting the incident to the Po-Po, she spots the board at a Gypsy tent, sporting a "For Sale" sign.
    • Gidget: Gidget's Career
      Gidget: Gidget's Career
      Episode 365951
      Long before Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, & Marilyn Manson was the original shock rock group: Gidget & the Gories. How hardcore are they you ask? Well get this. They started out playing folk music. At the beach! I know right, they're downright spooky.
    • Gidget: Chivalry Isn't Dead
      Nobody puts Gidget in the corner. The Gidge and her friends are ticked their boyfriends are taking them for granted. Hoping it will make the boys realize they won't just wait around for them, the girls stage a girl's only slumber party.
    • Gidget: The War between Men, Women & Gidget
      This minisode begins with a fight and ends with an attempted hypodermic needle stabbing. Basically, it has everything. Gidget and the rest of her cronies stage an embargo on all things female when their boys toys can't behave with each other.
    • Gidget: Too Many Cooks
      Gidget: Too Many Cooks
      Episode 364769
      Gidget starts swinging. Never too young to get into some creepy mischeif, Gidget agrees to go an upcoming dance with not one, not two, but THREE guys. Tsk Tsk. The Gidge is a gosh-darn carnival ride.
    • Gidget: Gidget's Foreign Policy
      Check it out, it's Chekov (Walter Koenig) from Star Trek! Here he plays the fiancé of Inga, a Scandinavian student staying with Gidget and her dad. Unhappy that Inga doesn't do anything for herself, Gidget shows her how to deal with boys.
    • Gidget: Now There's a Face
      Awww, why do all the creepy men who take photos of underage girls have to be taken? Gidget is hanging out at the beach, with her tongue out of course, when a fashion photographer named Peter spots her. It's not long before the Gidge is his muse.
    • Gidget: Ego A Go-Go
      Gidget: Ego A Go-Go
      Episode 364766
      Gidget, this was no dating accident! Richard Dreyfuss guest-stars as "Durf The Drag", a nerd at Gidget's school. Wanting to help increase his self-confidence, Gidget asks the big giant dork to the upcoming Spinster Hop.