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Girltrash! Fan Reviews (3)

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  • Girls and Grit

    Frightening, hilarious and edgy. This is a gritty series executed well, the humor hits and the acting is quite good.
  • Great.

    this show is just perfect, great acting and awesome stories. there are a bunch of lesbian(wll i think most of them are) bad girls who cant stay out of trouble. i think the creater really captures the effect, and it is brilliantly acted. it really seems like they are getting into it. the black and white is a cool touch and makes for the perfect webisode. my only complaint, which almost everyone would agree is they are too short. i am a very imppatient person, and i love the show so much, its hard to wait. but devoted fans like myself will wait. overall this is such a great show, that people must watch, i mean it wont take that long.
  • Girltrash, oh the name fits so well!!

    Lesbian girl gangstas. Need I saw more? The acting is amazing the story line is freakin' brillaint and the cast, well, they can rob my town's confinet store anytime! Seriously, how could you not love the Daisy/Tyler friendship, the backstabing yet oddly amusing Louanne, loundramat gansta Monigue, the hot and cheating judge, and the little sis, Colby, and her girl, Misty? I was hooked on the first webisode. The only bad thing (well... you know what I mean) is that they're short. Otherwise, it rocks. You get drawn in by the uniqueness and stay because of the action, drama, and insane humor. 3 minutes is not enough because you always what more!
    This is so wrong, it's right!