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  • Season 1
    • Godzilla The Series: Talkin' Trash
      Time for “Godzilla vs. the high-tech garbage-eating Microbe.” Wait haven’t heard of that one? In the dumbest plan possible scientists make a microbe to eat the city's trash, only to have it malfunction like Janet Jackson's top. Zilla bout to go nuts.
    • Godzilla: New Family, Pt. 1
      They're cute when they're young! The day after Godzilla wrecked havoc on the city of New York the Humanitarian Environmental Analysis Team (HEAT), lead by Nick Tatopoulos go looking for baby newborn zillas, just in case. Guess what they find?
    • Godzilla: New Family, Pt. 2
      Baby Godzilla loves Dr. Nick. So much so that when a sea beast attacks him, guess who shows up, even though he just got nuked' It's a real parent and child bond. But it's hard when the one who loves you could accidentally use you to pick their teeth.
    • Godzilla The Series: D.O.A.
      Much like a drunkard does with a bottle of tequila, Godzilla eats the worm. The H.E.A.T. team, led by the hunky yet totally approachable Nick, leaves NY to investigate a giant worm. Godzilla, the stalker that she is, follows her man to "protect" him.
    • Godzilla The Series: What Dreams May Come
      This Minisode is ELECTRIFYING! Godzilla's relationship with H.E.A.T. will certainly SPARK your interest! The monster will give you quite JOLT! And, I'm spent. A beast made of pure electrical energy attacks NY. Luckily for us, Zilla has a ground wire.
    • Godzilla The Series: Leviathan
      Like the animated Godzilla minisodes but think they sometimes have a little too much Godzilla? We totally hear you. That's why we gave the Lizard this week off, and are handing the monster duties over to a group of underwater Aliens.
    • Godzilla The Series: Winter Of Our Discontent
      Usually when old college buddies get together it's to drink and reminisce. Nick's old friend wants to get together and enslave giant lizards. Cameron Winter, an old classmate of Nick's, offers to hire the H.E.A.T. team.
    • Godzilla The Series: Freeze
      The H.E.A.T. team will not stop until they've caused the extinction of at least one species on every continent. This time it's some harmless moles living in Antarctica. But want to know the real tragedy here? Godzilla is peer-pressured into helping!
    • Godzilla The Series: Bird Of Paradise
      Godzilla travels south of the border. H.E.A.T. is summoned to Mexico, which is under siege by a giant winged lizard. After learning that the monster has laid eggs, the teams decides it's trip to Tijuana will have to wait till later.
    • Godzilla The Series: Hive
      Another week, another common insect that's been turned into a monster. It's a good thing that the Godzilla cartoon never became formulaic. H.E.A.T. journeys to an island that's spouting off radioactive lava. Oh no, what's that mean? GIANT BEES.
    • Godzilla The Series: An Early Frost
      The Army is ordered to destroy Godzilla after a lizard attacks the city. This is what Godzilla would say if it spoke English and had reasoning powers: "Officers, it wasn't me! It was this other Giant Lizard! This is Monster profiling!"
    • Godzilla The Series: Bug Out
      Dead trees find solace in Godzilla's wrath. Nick's team travels to Brazil to investigate why the rain forest has started disappearing. Immediately the group discovers giant termites. Ugh, just once I'd like their research to NOT involve a monster.
    • Godzilla The Series: Competition
      A Godzilla cartoon that takes place in Japan?! That's just kooky talk! How do we even know if this giant lizard fighting monsters concept will translate to their culture? The Godzilla cartoon takes place in New York. Get your own monsters Japan!
    • Godzilla The Series: Deadloch
      Loch Ness is about to get another Monster. In what would be Roddy McDowall's last (and arguably best) piece of work he plays "Dr. Trevor," the lead researcher at the Scottish Scientific Institute. It seems the Loch Ness Monster is real. And pissed.
    • Godzilla The Series: Web Site
      Flowers are not appreciated by everyone. Ex-girlfriends for instance, as well as those who are allergic. And how can we forget giant arachnids? Godzilla and the H.E.A.T. team wage war with some mondo spiders with help from Botany.
    • Godzilla The Series: Cat and Mouse
      I know the Rats in New York are big, but THIS is ridiculous! Ok, don't judge me on that joke. Awful monsters seem to be flocking to the Big Apple and this week it's giant rodents. Thank goodness Godzilla shares our disgust for the filthy creatures.