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Green It. Mean It.

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Green It. Mean It. is a series of short video segments released in honor of Earth Day by the FOX Network. Each short segment is under twenty seconds long and addresses a simple way that ordinary people can contribute to a healthier environment for everyone. Topics include: recycling household waste, using public transportation, paying bills online, taking short showers, carpooling, and using re-useable beverage containers rather than disposable water bottles. Green It. Mean It. shows audiences how in only a few moments a day, everyone throughout the world can contribute towards a cleaner and more sustainable environment. This series reminds viewers that "Going green" doesn't have to be expensive, time consuming, or inconvenient; it doesn't require people to get rid of their cars, start taking freezing showers, or make any similar huge sacrifices. If everyone does just a bit, the net effect will be huge. Fox's Green It. Mean It. segments are a welcome reminder that we can all make a huge difference in our daily lives.moreless

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