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Greenimation from Sundance Channel is a series of short animations using cartoon-like characters to convey messages about "making our world a better place to live" and other environmental issues. The innovative graphics, cool sounds and animation used in these videos offer an imaginative way to visually express the views of the creators. One animation depicts a cartoon character driving along in a car, sputtering gray puffs from the exhaust while birds are falling from the sky and coughing. This is certainly a good way to express the need for keeping car pollution under control and creating an eco-friendly or green environment for living. Each of the videos in the series has a unique style of graphics. Many drawn by hand with pen and paper, while some are a combinations of computer graphics and hand drawn graphics. Check out these clever and entertaining greenimations to view a unique way to send or learn a playful message about reducing our environmental impact.

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AIRED ON 1/24/2007

Season 2007 : Episode 20070124

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Earth & Environment, Green Technology