Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 11


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2011 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • This episode originally aired just two days prior to the Tuscon Shooting.

    • If you look closely at the choir singing outside the hospital, you'll notice that it is the same group of 20 to 30 people digitally multiplied to create the illusion of a mass crowd.

  • Quotes

    • Cristina: You wanna get a drink?
      Meredith: Yeah, I do. Maybe not a real drink, actually because I'm trying to get pregnant. And supposedly, alcohol will make my baby have three heads and sixteen toes.
      Cristina: Ohh. Wanna get some crack cocaine? (Mer laughs)

    • Arizona: This is, this a huge victory! Whatever else happened today, we work together well. So, thank you. Thank you for coming when I asked you to come and for fighting Stark with me. Thank you. (Callie sighs, slides the patient chart over to her and starts to walk off) Calliope. (Callie turns to face her) I am... so deeply, deeply, deeply sorry for hurting you so much. I am so sorry, because I'm so in love with you, and I will spend the rest of my life telling you that. I'll apologize to you every day if that's what you need. But, please... Please don't walk away again. I came across the world to be with you. I love you. ... Please.
      Callie: You had to fly across the world to get to me, Arizona, because you flew a whole world away without ever looking back. You just left. And this might be news to you-- No, I think it kinda is, but you're not the only one in this relationship. There are two of us, and you came back today but I didn't. Whatever else happened, that-- that hasn't changed.

    • Meredith: You spent six hours on a boat?
      Derek: Yes.
      Meredith: And you talked about fishing?
      Derek: Yes.
      Meredith: For six hours?
      Derek: Pretty much, yeah.
      Meredith: Derek.
      Derek: What do you want me to say? We went fishing, we talked about fishing.
      Meredith: I want the whole story.
      Derek: That is the whole story.
      Meredith: She caught a fish and cried is not the whole story.
      Derek (getting annoyed): Except it is the story, it is in fact the entire story.
      Meredith: I'm ovulating. (Derek groans and rolls his eyes and starts getting undressed) I mean, you stole my best friend and it's not okay. It's not okay for you two to be hanging out--
      Derek (getting under the covers): I'm not hanging out, I'm trying to help her!
      Meredith: By hanging out with her.
      Derek (throws his pj pants on the floor, and takes off his shirt): Are we gonna do this or not?
      Meredith: I'm too mad to even look at you.
      Derek: Well, then roll over.
      Meredith (rolls over): Fine.

    • Lexie: Hey.
      Mark: Hey. She's uh still sedated, and she's just a kid. She shouldn't have a big ugly scar. Do you mind waiting? I'll be about another hour.
      Lexie: I love you. ... So yeah, just uh, take your time. I, um, I'll wait. (walks out, Mark smiles)

    • Richard: We saw 26 patients. 26 victims. And we had no casualties. No one died. (they all get teary eyed and cry for a moment. They all start laughing)
      Stark (not laughing or smiling): I hate this place. (leaves)
      Richard (to Arizona): I was holding a grudge. I can hire you back. But you're gonna have to work under Stark. (everyone starts laughing again, except Arizona)

    • Derek: You've been holding everybody up even though... You amaze me. (they kiss) I know you're mad at me for taking Cristina fishing. And I know you think that it didn't work. I just heard she's in OR 1.
      Meredith: What?
      Derek: She's here.

    • Jackson: Excuse me, ma'am has anyone talked to you about your son?
      Ms. Swork: The police questioned me for hours, as if I should've known something. They found a suicide note in his jeans and I didn't know anything. My whole life, everything I ever knew is a lie. ... (sniffles) He's my baby. All I want to know is if he's alive. Is that terrible? All these people that he hurt... Does that make me a terrible person?
      Jackson: You son was shot in the chest. Dr. Altman who is a very good heart surgeon, is doing everything she can. She's still in surgery, which means he's still alive. And she'll come find you as soon as she's out. Okay?
      Ms. Swork: Okay. Thank you.

    • Teddy: Thank you for staying today, Cristina. I know it can't have been an easy decision.
      Cristina: You know what, though, it was.

    • Bailey (as her patient flatlines): You bastard, you better send this boy back, right now! (they shock him again and get a heart beat) Sorry about the bastard thing.

    • Lexie (panicked): She's got an intercranial hemorrhage. Her pupil just blew. She needs burr holes and a trauma flap. We gotta evacuate that clot.
      Mark: Okay. We can do that. We can do that.
      Lexie: Okay.
      Mark: Making the incision. Ready with the drill? (Lexie offers him the drill) No, you're gonna do it.
      Lexie: Mark.
      Mark: She's your patient, Dr. Grey. You're gonna save her life. Ready? (starts drilling the holes) Gently. Right there. Perfect, perfect.

    • Jackson: You know, Altman's still in OR 1?
      Alex: So, you can't choose who you save.
      Jackson: Yeah, that seems to be the party line.
      Alex: The shoote's sick. Nobody does this in their right mind.
      Jackson: What's your point?
      Alex: My brother just had a psychotic break and tried to kill my sister. And if he got hurt, even if he got hurting people, I'd want his doctors to do everything they could to save him. No matter what, he's still my little brother.

    • (Mark is stitching a wound closed, Owen comes up and staples it closed)
      Mark: What the hell?
      Owen: Sloan move on.
      Mark: I'm gonna kick your ass.
      Owen: Kick it later. We got a kid in three with a GSW to the shoulder and we need this space for incoming.
      Mark: Fine, but my name isn't going on this chart. That's a hack job you did.

    • Meredith: Well, I'm gonna go update the wife.
      Derek: Since when are you so interested in updating the wife than doing this?
      Meredith: Since I was the wife in the waiting room, Derek. I mean, honestly do you think you and Cristina are the only two who've been through a tramua?
      Derek: Do not bring Cristina back into this. You don't get to act like a spoiled little brat in my OR.
      Meredith: Why's it okay for Cristina to do whatever she wants but it's not okay for me, because I'm not hiding under OR tables or batending?
      Derek: Meredith.
      Meredith: I mean, honestly, you and Cristina are so busy supporting each other, have you even noticed that I went through a trauma, too? I was the wife in the waiting room Derek, and it's so hard to be the wife in the waiting room, so hard that I walked into the OR while the shooter had a gun to you and told him to shoot me instead, that's how hard it is to be the wife in the waiting room. Excuse me, I'm gonna go update my patient.

    • Arizona: I understand why you're mad at me. I do.
      Callie: No.
      Arizona: I even understand you slamming the door in my face...
      Callie: No, no. You will not hold me hostage and make me listen to you. I am rebuilding the leg of a kid who's been shot. That's... that's why I'm here. That is the only reason. No talking. None.

    • Teddy: Hand me 3-0 ethibond, please.
      Nurse: I'm sorry, but I can't, Dr. Altman.
      Teddy: You can't hand me the ethibond?
      Nurse: I can't.
      Jackson: She can't save this guy... Is what she's saying. He just shot up dozens of people and this surgery's gonna take all day. That's taking three doctors and four nurses away from helping other people. People who didn't shoot up a campus of innocent kids--
      Teddy: Dr. Avery! I operated on Iraqi soliders who blew up dozens of our guys, I didn't like it but I did it. Because I'm a doctor, and I took an oath. You're not a jury or a judge, if there's a life to be saved we save that life regardless--
      Jackson: I'm not doing this. No. (walks out)
      Teddy: Anyone else?
      Nurse: I'm sorry. (walks out)
      Teddy: Dr. Yang, are you staying?
      Cristina: Yes.

    • Stark: Chief Webber, did you really approve of Robbins storming my O.R, stealing my patient, humilating me publicaly?
      Richard: There are plenty patient's to go around, Dr. Stark. Jump in and find one.
      Stark: I will not, what I will do is go back to my patient, in my O.R--
      Richard: Go be a damn doctor! People are dying, now go save a life. Right now!

    • Alex: I'm a wrestler, man. I'm all-state. Saw or no saw, you're not getting past me. (Alex steps side to side to block Stark from getting by him)
      Callie (confused): Karev? You wanna tell me what's going on here?
      Stark: He's lost his mind! That's what's going on here. He's lost his mind and he is destroying his career! That's what is going on here!
      Alex: Check it out, Torres. 15 year old, GSW to the thigh with common inter-femur fracture. Lacerations to the superficial femoral artery. Ha! (Alex lunges at Stark, forcing him to take a step back in surprise, which gives Callie the time to look at the patient)
      Callie: Alright, what about her nerves? Are her nerves salvageable?
      Alex: Kid was moving her leg before we put her under. They're intact.
      Stark: She has a life-threatening hemorrhage in her leg and multi-organ injuries in her abdomen.
      Dave: Abdominal injuries are under control for now.
      Stark: Thanks so much Dave, I really appreciate the support, there.
      Alex: Well, I could put in a traction pin to stabilize the femur.
      Alex: Right.
      Callie: And then we can use a graft to restore blood flow.
      Alex: That's what I'm saying!
      Stark: I have never experienced anything like this before in my life!
      Callie: Dr. Stark, you're new here, but in this hospital, we take shootings personally. And, I can save this leg, so you gonna work with me or not?
      Arizona (walks in): No, no, I am. Dr. Stark, I've just spoken with Chief Webber, this is my patient now.
      Stark: What?! (stammering) This...Th-Th... (sets the saw down and storms out)
      Alex: Yes!
      Callie (smiling at Alex): Karev, you gotta go too. Pit's full of kids that need doctors and we can handle this one without you, okay?
      Alex: That's cool. My work is done. Ha! (pumps his fist in joy) All-state, baby! (Callie laughs)

    • Arizona: Chief Webber this guy you replaced me with is a study in incompentence.
      Richard: Not now, Robbins.
      Arizona: No, no, yes now. Because Dr. Incompentence is about to hack off a perfectly good leg.
      Richard: Robbins, I'm pretty busy here. What do you want me to do?
      Arizona: Give me privileges.
      Richard: It's all hands on deck, of course you have privileges.
      Arizona: Okay, thank you.

    • (Arizona is talking to Stark from the gallery)
      Arizona: You can put in a shunt then do a graft.
      Stark: Do you even have privilidges here anymore?
      Arizona: Whether I have privilidges or not isn't the point. Karev's right.
      Stark: Karev isn't on this case anymore.
      Arizona: Dr. Stark, please. Just take the time to do the graft and we can save her leg.
      Stark: I know damn well what can and can not be done, Dr. Robbins. I have bigger fish to fry and (getting angry) this was very professional of you, and I'm all done engaging in it. Now, get the hell out of my OR, Karev.
      Arizona: I'm sorry? I'm unprofessional? I'm-- Body block him, Karev. Don't let him near that leg.

    • Jackson: You paged me? Yang?
      Teddy: She was at the scene.
      Cristina (same time as Teddy): Oh, I was at the scene.
      Teddy: He has a tear on his right ventrical and there could be torrential bleeding and I just uh, want a little back up, just a little extra back up.
      Cristina: She's not sure if I can handle it.

    • Stark: I'm more concerned about her life than her leg. I'm sure her parents will be, too.
      Alex: Look, this kid is fifteen you can save this leg. You can't just cut it off.
      Stark: What I can't do is spend more time agruing with you. Would you maintain pressure there? Prep the damn leg, Karev. (goes to get the bone saw)
      Alex (looks up to the gallery and Arizona): Freakin' do something.

    • Owen: You okay?
      Derek: Nothing about this is okay.

    • Richard (to everyone): People, people, our own trauma's fresh, and we are going to have feelings today, and there's no shame in that. What I want to say is that what we went through six months ago they are going through right now. Which makes them our brothers and sisters. Which makes them fellow travelers. Which makes them our own. So to the very best of our ability we are going to do our work first, and you're gonna have your feelings later.

    • Owen: You're married. You married that guy.
      Teddy: So, you got married.
      Owen: To the woman I love. You don't even know this guy.
      Teddy: The man needed insurance. Look, can we not talk about this, please?
      Owen: Not ever or not now?
      Teddy: Uh, I'm thinkin' not ever.

    • Arizona: I'll travel to Malawi every two months for the next three years to over see everything and I got a leading pedatric surgeon to over see the day-to-day operations.
      Richard: Dr. Robbins, I signed a contract with a new peds attending. It's a year long contract, I can't that money. I just don't have it.
      Arizona: Well, I don't understand. So, you're saying what, I can't have a job here?
      Alex (walks by, excitedly): Dr. Robbins, you're back!
      Arizona: Now, that is the reaction I was hoping for.
      Richard (his pager goes off): Uh, excuse me, Dr. Robbins. (walks off)
      Arizona: So, Karev, tell me about this new peds guy.

    • Lawyer: Okay, then will you be reading vows or do you just want a standard cermony?
      Teddy (as her phone is ringing): Oh, crap. It's work. I'm sorry. I'm just gonna let it roll.
      Lawyer: Standard cermony?
      Teddy: Well, maybe if you could just skip to the end. I-I'm sorry. I'm just really late.

    • Callie (exits Mark's apartment to find Arizona sitting outside the door): You sat here all night?
      Arizona (gets up and smiles): Um, well, no. I just flew in from Africa so, I went to hotel, took a shower, got some sleep and came really early.
      Callie: Really, please, go back to Malawi.

    • (Lexie is kissing Mark in bed)
      Mark: You're gonna make us late.
      Lexie: Okay, okay. Go. (Mark gets up to leave, she pulls him back down and starts kissing him again) Nope.

    • Owen: You look different. You seem better.
      Cristina: I feel better.
      Owen: Really?
      Cristina: Mmmhmm.
      Owen: So you got plans?
      Cristina: I think I'm gonna explore the city today.
      Owen: Really?
      Cristina: Mmhmm. You know, I've never had time for it before or an interest.

    • Teddy; You look exhausted.
      Henry: You look exhausted.
      Teddy: Let's get your some insurance.
      Henry: How about a drink first? Toast the day.
      Teddy: Henry...
      Henry: 'Cause I've never been married before. Have you?
      Teddy: No. Um... but I wouldn't say that this is exactly--
      Henry: I know what this is. But I say we raise a glass anyway. Look, there's no ring, right, no vows, no photographer, no wedding cake, which I was most disappointed by because I love wedding cake. I think we can at least make a toast, right?
      Teddy: I spend the day in the OR saving someone who really, really is, um... not a very good person.
      Henry: Well, you saved me, too. You saved my life this morning and that deserves a toast. Even if it wasn't a real wedding.
      Teddy: Okay.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): Surgery is extreme. We cut into your body, take out pieces, and put what's left back together. Good thing life doesn't come with a scalpel because if it did, when things started to hurt, we would just cut and cut and cut. The thing is what we take away with a scalpel we can't ever get back. So, like a said, good thing.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): To a degree, medicine is a science...but I would argue that it's also an art. The doctors who see medicine as a science only, you don't want them by your side when your bleeding won't stop or when your child is screaming in pain. The clinicians go by the book. The artists follow their guts. The artists feel your pain and they go to extremes to make it stop. Extreme measures. That's where science ends and art begins.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Kde končí věda a začíná umění (Where Science Ends and Art Begins)

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1.State Of Our Affairs by Mt. Desolation
      2.Humanity (Love The Way It Should Be) by John Legend

    • This episode takes place six months after the shootings at Seattle Grace. It takes place six months after Death and All His Friends.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: January 6, 2011 on CTV
      United Kingdom: March 16, 2011 on Sky Living
      Sweden: March 16, 2011 on Kanal 5
      Australia: April 14, 2011 on Channel 7
      Germany: June 1, 2011 on ProSieben
      Czech Republic: February 13, 2012 on Prima LOVE

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