Happy Tree Friends

Season 3 Episode 14

A Bit of a Pickle


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  • Welcome to Happy tree friends!!!

    Well this is sorta of a big episode cause we get a new charecter(well two)! So Lammy and MR.Pickles are the new charecters of the show which is soooo Awesome since i voted for them!! The episode just premired yesterday and im pretty suprised but in a good way! So Lammy and Mr.Pickles have a tea party but it doesnt end well. I NEVER though that Mr.Pickles could be so Evil!!!! I feel so awful for Lammy:( She has to put up with him!! So Mr.Pickles tries to kill everyone in his path and lammy tries to stop him but just ends up getting the blame for everything and ends up in jail. So i though that Lammy is a sweet and very nice and her voice actress is perfect for her! Mr.Pickles on the other hand is VERY simalar to Flippy and hopefully they well NOT replace him! So overall i liked this episode but could have been alittle better and i kinda wanted for Lammy and Mr.Pickles to die:P oh well maybe next time!