Happy Tree Friends

Season 2 Episode 10

A Sight For Sore Eyes / Wipe Out / Letter Late Than Never

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A Sight For Sore Eyes: Lumpy the optometrist prescribes a seeing-eye dog for The Mole and contacts for Russell. Eye-jinks abound as one of Sniffles' experiments flies out of control, giving Toothy a splitting headache!
Wipe Out: Cro-Marmot is one great snowboarder, but what happens when he takes up surfing? Will he be able to beat the talented Lumpy?"
Letter Late Than Never: Lumpy the postman won't let anything come inbetween him and delivering the mail, not even... a pet turtle?moreless

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  • Nearsighted Misadventures of Russell and the Mole, Cro-Marmot vs. Lumpy: the Surfing Competition, and Beware of the Pet Turtle

    Poor Russell was having trouble seeing through his left eye, so he requires contact lens. As for the Mole, Lumpy prescribed him with a seeing-eye dog, which looks exactly like the dog from “Doggone It”, except it was yellow in this episode. It was really hilarious when Toothy’s eyes got sliced by Sniffles’ metallic remote-controlled airplane and ran into an open file cabinet. If you look really hard at the part where Sniffles’ glasses were partly sliced at the bottom, you could see his eyes. The ending was funny for Russell when is mistook Nutty’s goggly eye for his contact lens. It was unconfirmed whether he died or not.

    It’s so sad that Cro-Marmot wasn’t given a moment to be under the spotlight until he starred in this episode about surfing. Cro-Marmot is an expert snowboarder and ice cream trucker. But when he entered the surfing competition, he was determined to beat Lumpy, especially to death. My favorite part is where Flaky gets attacked by sharks, severely conked on the head by a coconut, and devoured by seagulls leaving only her eyeless head. The blonde hair Lumpy had was just a wig. After Cro-Marmot froze the water, Lumpy tripped over and gets shaved to death by the Mole. The prehistoric iceman became the new champion surfer. Giggles and Petunia kissed him on the ice block, but the girls’ lips got caught and they ripped them off.

    Lumpy has a duty as a mailman to deliver the mail and packages on time. The only thing that’s keeping him down is a man-eating turtle that kept following him. My favorite part in this episode is when Lumpy shoved the box with Cub inside it through the mail slot of Cuddles’ house. Cub was mashed up into a very disgusting looking pizza and Cuddles was scared. Too bad Lumpy was unable to deliver the last mail because of the turtle.

    The first segment was the last episode for the Mole and Russell for the first season. Cro-Marmot had a chance to be the star while competing against Lumpy in a surfing contest. And Lumpy just got eaten by a pet turtle. I really hope Cro-Marmot has more new episodes to star in soon.moreless

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