Happy Tree Friends

Season 2 Episode 8

Blast From the Past/Chew Said a Mouthful/See What Develops

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Blast From the Past/Chew Said a Mouthful/See What Develops
Blast From the Past: Sniffles builds a time machine to fix past mistakes, then makes mistakes.

Chew Said a Mouthful: Stubborn Nutty tries to chew on a jawbreaker and breaks his jaw, a lot.

See What Develops: Splendid (in disguise) and the Mole go out to get the latest scoop of the brand new supermarket for the local newspaper. Trouble starts when the Mole is chosen as the photographer then things go wrong, as usual, but Splendid will save the day just as soon as he can find an empty phone booth.moreless
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  • Time Travel, How Nutty Eats a Jawbreaker, and Splendid & the Mole: Newspaper Duo

    As much as I enjoy time traveling, Sniffles wanted to fix his past, but he ends up screwing the timeline for Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy and Lumpy. No matter how many times Sniffles tried to alter the timeline for the better, the characters’ imminent deaths are inevitable. He did, however, change the past in the prehistoric time where anteaters and ants are friends. It was also the first and last time an ant gets eaten by Sniffles.

    It’s really strange seeing Nutty brushing his sweet teeth with a lollipop and sugar, and he rinses his mouth with soda. I mean, come on! Anyway, while Nutty was out shopping for some more candy, he spots a jawbreaker under the spotlight. After trying to bite it, he breaks his jaws and had to go to the dentist. He’s forced to wear a dental headgear because of his broken jawbones. Nutty wanted to eat that jawbreaker so bad he’s willing to kill others by accident.

    As Splendid came back to life like the other characters in this series, he got a job as the newspaper editor. But as a mild-mannered guy, he is seen wearing a necktie and glasses. I could still see Splendid wearing his red mask behind his glasses. Lumpy gave the Mole the job to be photographer, but Splendid doesn’t believe it’s a good idea to provide that task for the blind guy. After the Mole took a picture of Splendid unveiling his true identity, the flying squirrel superhero tried to stop the Mole from exposing his identity. It was also clear that Splendid does have ice breath when he accidentally froze Cuddles. While Lumpy was developing the photos the Mole took, the Mole unknowingly opened the door and the photo of Splendid revealing himself was blackened, therefore Splendid’s secret is safe for another day.

    Sniffles got a chance to eat one of the ants in the prehistoric times. Nutty doesn’t know how to eat a jawbreaker. He should have left it melting in his mouth because that’s he we eat a jawbreaker. Splendid and the Mole didn’t die in the third segment of this episode. Splendid gets to keep his identity a secret, but for how long?moreless

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