Happy Tree Friends

Season 2 Episode 9

Idol Curiosity / Home is Where the Hurt Is / Aw, Shucks!

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Idol Curiosity / Home is Where the Hurt Is / Aw, Shucks!
Idol Curiosity: Sniffles, Flaky and Giggles explore a dangerous jungle in search of "the idol".

Home is Where the Hurt Is: After Handy failed to build a house for Giggles, the gang helps them, and now they have to find a way out of the new home.

Aw, Shucks! Lumpy tries to scare crows away from his prize-winning corn he's been raising for ages.moreless
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  • Curse of the Golden Idol, Giggles’ Chaotic New Home, and Lumpy’s Most Precious Corn

    In the jungle, Sniffles, Flaky and Giggles are on a search for the cursed golden idol. On their way to the top of the temple, Sniffles caused the cursed earthquake to follow. First, it killed Giggles by crushing her in the chasm. Flaky got devoured by man-eating flowers. Sniffles made it back on the ship. The idol was bringing a curse to everyone on the ship. It was really funny how Russell fell off the ship with his intestine caught on the hook, and went water skiing to his death. After everyone but Sniffles died on the ship, he went to the museum to place the idol on display. But when the earthquake got off the taxi cab, it destroyed the museum and split Sniffles in half.

    Giggles wanted a new house, and so Handy has decided to build her a brand new home with the help of Cuddles, Lumpy, Petunia, The Mole and Mime. This is the second time that Handy received a hug from a female character for constructing a new home since “House Warming”. I think for some reason, Handy has a crush on the girls and he enjoys having either Giggles or Petunia wrapping their arms around him. Anyway, I got to see Cuddles’ bunny slippers fall off after the Mole unknowingly pushed him in the grinder. This is the second time Petunia’s obsessive-compulsive disorder was brought up since “Wishy Washy”. Also, it’s when Petunia freaked out about Lumpy’s gruesome death resulting her to become dirty. Mime was performing his invisible tricks and made Lumpy laugh. My favorite part is where Mime fell down the stairs and into the basement, in which Lumpy thought it was one of Mime’s hilarious feats. It ended when Handy found out that Giggles’ new house is in the shape of an origami wing-flapping crane.

    I think it’s nice that Lumpy takes good care of his prized giant corn. He’s been nurturing it since the day it was just a kernel. It was hilarious when he impersonated Jack Torrance in the movie, “The Shining,” in which he busted the door with an axe, sticks his head through the hole and exclaims, “Here’s Lumpy!” He wanted to enter his corn to the state fair and win first prize. Too bad Cuddles and Toothy, they both died just before the fair was about to open. As for Flippy, Cro-Marmot and Splendid, they never showed up. It’s because Flippy would flip out after hearing the giant corn pop out of control and start killing everyone. Cro-Marmot is almost impossible to kill. And Splendid might save everyone, but will also cause collateral damage at the fair. Anyway, Lumpy wanted to keep his corn warm, but accidentally broke the dial, and caused the corn to pop uncontrollably killing everyone at the fair. Another funny part is when Sniffles, Mime and Nutty were imitating the three monkeys that express “See No Evil”, “Speak No Evil”, and “Hear No Evil”. Lumpy felt sad that his corn got popped, but realized how tasty the giant popcorn is.

    The first segment was the last appearance of the cursed idol. Handy and Giggles’ episode was their final one for the first season. And Lumpy really cherish his giant corn as if it was his child.moreless

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