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  • BULLCRAP!!!!

    The show sucks. You are using animals to be killed on the show. ARE you F%CKING kidding me? The show is way to violent to be a TV-Y or a TV-Y7. Its supposed to be rated TV-MA VL!!! BECAUSE OF VTHE GRAPHIC CONTENT!!!! And also Giggles, is seen with lots of boyfriends. What she's doing is almost similar to prostitution. And what Pop is doing to Cub is almost similar to child abuse. What kind of producers are you? I think mondo media is going to hard on them. I like violence, but I think that's enough of it. the FCC should give the show a TV-MA VL. There is also swearing through out the show. Even if the characters are speaking. giber F minus!!
  • I never did like the show, Because of the special video on Youtube about the laws of Copyright.

    On Youtube, They made a special video on Happy Tree Friends on a lecture about Copyright laws. It will appear when a user gets a copyright strike, And they are forced to watch the video and take trivia questions about what is copyright. I was forced to watch it when I got a copyright strike on October 16th, 2009 when Family Communications took down the Mister Rogers Neighborhood video on how Player Piano Scrolls are made. I was furious about it. And I had to make a backup account for that. It is titled as "Youtube Copyright Lawsuit School".
  • An amazing adult show with NO SWEARING!

    Happy Tree Friends looks like a kiddy show, like with South Park, but really, it is INCREDIBLY VOLENT. the plot is that cutsy animals kill themselves in the gruesome ways possible. The animation is great and each short gets funnier and funnier. There is loads of Blood and Gore. One of the best cartoons ever. 9/10
  • may be violent but its a good show

    One of my favorite characters is lumpy because in one episode of happy tree friends lumpy cut his own leg after cutting down a tree and one of the branches get stuck on lump's left leg and I also like some blood and accident scenes but it's a great show however
  • happy tree friends

    Funny show but a bit too violent. Overall its great!
  • I miss them :(

    Why they disappear? Cute animals, gore just great. Doesnt even need voices to be interesting, and the theme song is full of cuteness
  • a show not meant for kiddies

    This blood guts and features cute adorable creatures getting slain in each and almost every episode it's a solid funny show if you don't mind the deaths of cute animals
  • A foolish and overrated show.

    The graphical violence and cute characters makes it so foolish! Damn you, Mondo Media! Don't you even know how to make a kids show?
  • Now I can see why everyone likes it.

    I used to hate this show and gave it a 1.5, but now I can see why everyone likes it. I just watched more episodes on Youtube and I really like it, I wouldn't say I'm addicted to it but I like it.

    HTF is aabout a group of forest animals that go on wild adventures, and eventuallyget brutually slaughtered.

    I don't have much to say about this show but it's really fun to watch. The deaths are interesting, it feels like watching an animal version of 1000 to Die or an adult version of Tom and Jerry, I like to see how they die. The artwork and animation is very well done and colorful, and the characters are very lovable abd cute.

    If you like show about people getting killed, you will probably like HTF, but if you have a weak stomach, you would be better off staying away from this show.
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  • I am a kinda guy who enjoys blood and gore, adorableness, and humor!

    Guys who hate this show, it says not recommended for small children or big babies (people who are wussies of blood and gore). Nuff said!
  • Funny, but gross.

    This show kind of reminds me of Itchy and Scratchy from the Simpsons, with all the gore and violence and the happy music. It's really gross, but kinda funny even though they almost always end up getting killed. The animals are kinda cute but I don't think that I could stand watching this for a half hour or so because it is so violent and gorey and almost every one dies at one point. But its pretty funny and if you are an animal lover who hates animal violence, then this is not the show for you, but if you don't really care, then you might like it.
  • ONE WORD!!!!! WOW!

    One thing i hate is seeing blood and gore of tv shows and videos but for some reason i LOVE happy tree friends!! Okay it all started on a normal summer day i was on the computer talking to my best friend from school and then she sent me a link to watch this video from youtube so i clicked on it and the next thing i knew i was watching this video of cute animals so at first i thought okay this looks cute the first episode i watched was blind date so i started watching it and i thought it was pretty good but then i saw blood and gore but for some reason it didnt bother me:) which was very weird for me and i started watching more episodes and i loved it!!! my favorite charecter from this show has to be giggles shes sooooooo cute!! i love this show!!!!!
  • Count me out.

    Mortal Kombat video games and the newer versions of the Headless Horseman are few of the grossest things I've ever seen in my life, but this? This is really out of hand for a cartoon. Extreme dismemberment is really TOO MUCH! All those violence and gore for a cartoon. I like my young times better where cartoon weren't out of hand like that.
  • awesome

    This show is full of surprises and you just dont know whats next. Thats what i really like about it and the writers are always coming up with interesting storys.
  • Happy Tree Friends!

    I really like Happy Tree Friends. Happy Tree Friends is very funny. The character I like most is Flippy (as a bear or as a human)
  • I like this show.

    My Ratings Defenitely Will Get Those Thumbs Ups Comin'.

    My Reviews By Season:

    Season 1: It was not very genius & the animation was choppy & stiff. 5/10

    Season 2: The animation improved a bit but still was choppy & pretty stiff. 6/10

    Season 3 (TV Series) The animation improves SOOOO much & the character designs & movement has improved greatly. 10/10

    Season 4 (Internet Season 3) It looks just like the TV series, although I did not like the first few episodes from this season because they looked a lot like Season 2. But I liked the second half of this season though. The second half of this season looks even better then

    TV Series/Season 3. 9/10

    Sadly, we do not know about the next season because it didn't air yet. But the good news is that S4/S3 just ended.

    My Total Score For The First 2 Seasons (1999-2004) Is 5.5/10

    My Total Score For The TV Series (2004-2005) Is 10/10.

    My Ratings For The Latest Season (2005-2012) Is 9/10.

    I thought the TV Show & The after is so much better than the earlier episodes (Seasons 1-2) Because Seasons 1-2 were way too rushed & I'm glad they took it calmer after the first 2 seasons.
  • Cute, cuddly, and extremely violent, I love it!

    I remember hearing about Happy Tree Friends and I thought it was some cute and cuddly show for the kids. I saw the first episode and I got such a huge reaction. Happy Tree Friends is basically about a group of animals living in a town where they get into adventures, and along the way they get killed in the most brutal ways possible. All the characters are lovable and have great personalities to them that are hilarious and can relate to most people. The animation is great and the artwork is unique and colorful with great character designs. I also love how many ways the characters die in this show, it's like watching 1,000 ways to die in cartoon form. I have to say my favorite characters are Flippy, Flaky,Handy just to name a few. I recommend this show to anyone who loves to see extreme violence. Unless you got a weak stomach or one of those people who oppose this show, go away, but everyone else should watch this.
  • Don't watch it, at least you had a bad day

    HTF is probably the best web series ever. It has everything, rumors, romance, blood, cuteness, blood and even comedy. What else does it need? To have more than one new four-minute episode every month. These guys are lazy, I'll tell ya. They made the difference. 9/10 for the series, 6/10 for the crew
  • It's a cartoon with an, "scream bloody gore"

    It's good, mixed with an other theme to the cartoons, not for ripping off, but for paying homage! Gore humor is one of the factors that gets the people in this show.

    Plot: Random. But good and really funny, a lot of accidents happen. Most of them have a random cause, the causes can also originate from a wooden plank!

    Characters: Really good ones. With a resemblance to MLP characters. Some of them have problems, like Flippy! He gets a serious breakdown when hearing blasts, and gunshots. He murders everyone when he gets that breakdown, thus revealing his evil side. Lumpy, the most derp character in the series! He kills the characters by his mistakes, like making Petunia bath in electricity by replacing the water pipe with an electric one. He even killed himself!

    Humor: Violent, some ironic themes, but one of the main reasons that makes this good. They also make references to video games!

    Art: Good animation and design. No problems.

    Overall: 10/10 for creating a good violent humor, also a unique cartoon!

  • Gore + Tom and Jerry + Miltary Stuff + Music + Awesome Death Stuff = Happy Tree Friends


    I Love Happy Tree Friends! They're So Awesome, They Make Me Wanna See Another Episode, and Watch Them All over Again, and Again, and Again! It's Brutally Awesome!!!! I Hope They Make New Episodes Again, I Wanna See Flippy vs Splendid or Flippy Confessing his True Love to Flaky or A Special WWE Guest Star will Shake Things Up a Bit.

  • I'm Into This o_o

    I remember my cousin making me watch this when I was little. I was terrified xD, but now I can watch it with a bowl of popcorn on lap. I draw worse stuff than this, so I'm kinda used to it. In fact, my fursona Cole is a murder..

    You know, that's a completely different subject.
  • I love it!

    Happy Tree Friends is about these cute animals whose days turn out nice but then get hurt and you can see blood gore.etc on them.When i first heard of this show i thought it was gonna be great and i bought an HTF DVD yesterday and guess what? It was great it was kinda similar to Itchy and Scratchy from The Simpsons only funnier this show is not for the little kiddies even though the show is about cute animals it's not for kids but in general the show is for teens and adults and it's great that HTF has a website where you can watch shorts and i can't wait to see what the TV series is like. And this show is rated CV (Cartoon Violence) Not recommended for small children and big babies.
  • The Best Animation

    Sem dúvida a melhar animação cômica que eu já vi, mostra que não se precisa de diálogo para fazer alguém rir, o mais incrível na minha opinião é o viciado em açucar é o melhor personagem, mas existem sim outros personagens surpreendentes, outra coisa que me surpreende é a duração dos episódios, em média 2 minutos, apesar de ser curtos são piadas muito boas, diferente de desenhos que vejo por aí, que duram 30 minutos pelo menos que a piada ás vezes não tem a mínima graça, Happy Tree Friends, é um desenho simples, mas humilha os mais elaborados graficamente, simplesmente sensacional!!!
  • The Final Destination movies, cartoon style.


    What's cute, cuddly and horribly wrong? The adorable and extremely dangerous lives of the Happy Tree Friends, of course. Join these cute, sweet little critters as they picnic in the trees, frolic happily in the forest, step on bear traps, and into the paths of speeding cars. So join in with all your favorite furry animals, their great adventures and graphically horrific accidents and dismemberments and don't forget to wash your hands first!

    This guide will cover all information and episodes including all episodes from HappyTreeFriends.com!

    Season 1 Section: All web-premieres/exclusives listed in the "Watch Episodes" page (excluding Smoochies and Kringles).

    Season 2 Sections: All TV episodes.

    Season 3 Section: New HTF Webisodes (Post-TV series)

    Season 4 Sections: Ka-Pow! Episodes


    Character Guide:

    Cuddles: This cute little yellow bunny will make you laugh and cry as he runs along playfully, making mischief or being eaten by a crocodile.

    Giggles: This shy and sweet little chipmunk will make you go "aww" with her "giggly" attitude.

    Handy: This helpful carpenter beaver will give you a hand, or rather, what's left of it.Lumpy: The blue dim-witted moose, whose attempts at doing anything become a disaster warning.

    Toothy: The buck-toothed beaver who tends to bite off more than he can chew.

    Nutty: The screwy squirrel with a sweet tooth with sweets sticking all over himself. Sugary situations turn sour when he gets involved.

    Petunia: The skunk who is as sweet as she smells (also wears an air freshener necklace)!

    Sniffles: The nosy, nerdy anteater who always sticks his nose into trouble.

    Splendid: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's Splendid the Flying Squirrel! This super-powered flying squirrel will do whatever a super-powered flying squirrel can to save you from danger!

    Flaky: The prickly porcupine usually gets her pines in a prickle, I mean, pickle while fearing the many perils that surround her!

    The Mole: This mole with a mole may be blind, but he can still see what's what's going on around him. Not really, but still manages to survive most of the time.

    Disco Bear: He's not dead...yet! This break-dancing bear likes to get his groove on and the disco ball off-of him.

    Russell: Avast matey's! Pirate otter spotted off the port bow! Searching for pirate booty rather than having it handed it to him.

    Mime: The reindeer with actions that speak louder than words and won't shut up!

    Lifty and Shifty: These thievious little raccoon brothers will swipe anything they can get their grubby little hands on. They just need to work on getting away with it.

    Cro-Marmot: Literally, the first "inanimate character." This ice-encaved, prehistoric cave marmot will do "absolutely nothing" to make you laugh.

    Flippy: War-torn and relieved of his military duties, this gentle bear veteran will reminisce old battles and "share" them with you personally.

    Pop: The man of the house who does what he can to keep his son from danger, only to bring it to him.

    Cub: Loveable, huggable, cutesy "cuddable" baby bear Cub loves to play and explore the world around him. Under the (sort of) watchful eye of Pop, he stays out of trouble and into danger.

    My Review: Kinda cool to see guts everywhere in a cartoon, but after a few seasons, it got repetive too much to the point where I can't watch it no more, nonetheless, an okay show, and only people who can stand watching brutal things should watch it.

    6.5 / D-

  • This is SOOOO Funny!!!

    I have never seen a show like this, it is really extremely original! The first time I watched this I went to my friend Yanika and was like, WTF, and why are you making me watch this? but then I kept watching and I was definitaly hooked on this show. I must have watched 50 small episodes in one night, yes, it was that good! There is no show out there that I have seen that take such a unique approch to humor. You usually could not laugh at a baby having a can of nails stuck on its head but this show (as sick as this must sound) makes you laugh at it. This seriously is a must see for anyone who likes a good laugh. This is definitaly a A+ for me, and if you have any episodes PLEASE give them to me!
  • Sick. sick. sick. Maybe it's just cause I'm a girl but sometimes watching Happy Tree Friends just make me feel sick. Although at times it is funny... I'm not sure its something I'd go out of my way to watch.

    Happy Tree Friends... Not exactly a happy show.
    If you like gory movies you'll probably enjoy this show. There's always a lot of blood in an episode...
    Its a cartoon... and the characters are cute... When you start watching it it's like Awwww ... But then suddenly everything changes... You'll either end up laughing or just thinking ewwwwww.
    It probably depends on the mood you're in and who you're with when you watch it. I like the inventive ways the characters get killed. Quite original. But like I said, sometimes there is just too much blood. I think this is a good show for boys, and boyish girls.
  • I won't say how I was introduced to it. All I'll say is that this is hilarious!

    Well, if you like gorey, bloody, and basically any kind of violence in existence used as humor in a cartoon, you've come to the right place, because this show has it all, ladies and gentlemen.

    (cool. with that 1 sentence, I just knocked out 35 words; back on topic)

    I don't know why it makes me laugh, it just does. Perhaps it's just because I think gross stuff is funny. I honestly don't know. But I do think it is hilarious--no lie.

    For one thing, it's worse than The Simpsons' Itchy and Scratchy in terms of violence, yet is humorous in every way. Some newever episodes, however, don't make me laugh as much, but even though the violence with Flippy, one of the many characters in the show, is sometimes overdone, it's still a good show, nonetheless.

    However, if you do not like violence, this is not the show for you! Blood is guarenteed in every episode. Only once in a while does an episode pass with no blood. View at your own risk.
  • This show makes gore funny!

    When I first heard about this show, I wasn't very pleased with how it sounded but then I gave it a chance and watched some episodes on YouTube and it is hilarious. At first, it will seem like a little kids' show since of how adorable the animal charactors are and how cute they are doing stuff but then suddenly gory stuff starts happening to them and it's funny how the stuff happens. It's pretty much like the short cartoon on 'The Simpsons' 'Itchy and Scratchy' only it's more like a little kids' show with violence. I think the funniest episodes are the ones that star Lumpy since he always goofs up with his jobs and the episodes that star Splendid the Flying Squirrel because he is a hilarious parody of Superman who always accidentally kills the charactors he is trying to save. This little flash cartoon series is the most hilarious animated gory thing that I've ever seen and it's even funnier then 'Itchy and Scratchy'. Some episodes will make you cringe (especially episodes that star Sniffles) but most of the time you'll find it pretty funny if you have a good sense of humor for gore. Remember, this show may look cute and something for little kids to see but it's gory so don't watch it unless you are 13 years or older or you might end up crying over humor. XD
  • Just perfect!

    Happy Tree Friends, or HTF, is a Mondomedia webshow/television show released in 2000. It features 21 adorable, furry woodland creatures; Like Cuddles the Bunny, Flippy the Bear, Flaky the Porcupine and many more.

    Despite the nice name and cute characters, the show is extremely violent; definitely not recommended for young children. As the website says, "Not for small children, or big babies".

    In pretty-much every episode, the characters try to do normal everyday things (like cooking, cleaning, surfing etc.) but end up failing in gruesome ways.

    With lovable characters, amazing animation and wonderful humor, Happy Tree Friends remains one of the best adult cartoons ever to air on television.
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