Happy Tree Friends

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  • Cute, cuddly, and extremely violent, I love it!

    I remember hearing about Happy Tree Friends and I thought it was some cute and cuddly show for the kids. I saw the first episode and I got such a huge reaction. Happy Tree Friends is basically about a group of animals living in a town where they get into adventures, and along the way they get killed in the most brutal ways possible. All the characters are lovable and have great personalities to them that are hilarious and can relate to most people. The animation is great and the artwork is unique and colorful with great character designs. I also love how many ways the characters die in this show, it's like watching 1,000 ways to die in cartoon form. I have to say my favorite characters are Flippy, Flaky,Handy just to name a few. I recommend this show to anyone who loves to see extreme violence. Unless you got a weak stomach or one of those people who oppose this show, go away, but everyone else should watch this.