Happy Tree Friends

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  • It's a cartoon with an, "scream bloody gore"

    It's good, mixed with an other theme to the cartoons, not for ripping off, but for paying homage! Gore humor is one of the factors that gets the people in this show.

    Plot: Random. But good and really funny, a lot of accidents happen. Most of them have a random cause, the causes can also originate from a wooden plank!

    Characters: Really good ones. With a resemblance to MLP characters. Some of them have problems, like Flippy! He gets a serious breakdown when hearing blasts, and gunshots. He murders everyone when he gets that breakdown, thus revealing his evil side. Lumpy, the most derp character in the series! He kills the characters by his mistakes, like making Petunia bath in electricity by replacing the water pipe with an electric one. He even killed himself!

    Humor: Violent, some ironic themes, but one of the main reasons that makes this good. They also make references to video games!

    Art: Good animation and design. No problems.

    Overall: 10/10 for creating a good violent humor, also a unique cartoon!