Happy Tree Friends

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  • I like this show.

    My Ratings Defenitely Will Get Those Thumbs Ups Comin'.

    My Reviews By Season:

    Season 1: It was not very genius & the animation was choppy & stiff. 5/10

    Season 2: The animation improved a bit but still was choppy & pretty stiff. 6/10

    Season 3 (TV Series) The animation improves SOOOO much & the character designs & movement has improved greatly. 10/10

    Season 4 (Internet Season 3) It looks just like the TV series, although I did not like the first few episodes from this season because they looked a lot like Season 2. But I liked the second half of this season though. The second half of this season looks even better then

    TV Series/Season 3. 9/10

    Sadly, we do not know about the next season because it didn't air yet. But the good news is that S4/S3 just ended.

    My Total Score For The First 2 Seasons (1999-2004) Is 5.5/10

    My Total Score For The TV Series (2004-2005) Is 10/10.

    My Ratings For The Latest Season (2005-2012) Is 9/10.

    I thought the TV Show & The after is so much better than the earlier episodes (Seasons 1-2) Because Seasons 1-2 were way too rushed & I'm glad they took it calmer after the first 2 seasons.