Happy Tree Friends - Season 2

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Episode Guide

  • Wingin' It / Tongue In Cheek / Easy Comb, Easy Go
    Wingin' It: Flaky rides a plane for the first time, and it might be her last.

    Tongue In Cheek: The ants have returned to invade Sniffles' picnic, but he'll go to the same lengths yet again to get them into his tummy. The ants have the same idea.

    Easy Comb, Easy Go: (Warning: cringe factor episode!) Disco Bear loses hair to get back hair, then things get fuzzy.moreless
  • A Sight For Sore Eyes / Wipe Out / Letter Late Than Never
    A Sight For Sore Eyes: Lumpy the optometrist prescribes a seeing-eye dog for The Mole and contacts for Russell. Eye-jinks abound as one of Sniffles' experiments flies out of control, giving Toothy a splitting headache!
    Wipe Out: Cro-Marmot is one great snowboarder, but what happens when he takes up surfing? Will he be able to beat the talented Lumpy?"
    Letter Late Than Never: Lumpy the postman won't let anything come inbetween him and delivering the mail, not even... a pet turtle?moreless
  • Idol Curiosity / Home is Where the Hurt Is / Aw, Shucks!
    Idol Curiosity: Sniffles, Flaky and Giggles explore a dangerous jungle in search of "the idol".

    Home is Where the Hurt Is: After Handy failed to build a house for Giggles, the gang helps them, and now they have to find a way out of the new home.

    Aw, Shucks! Lumpy tries to scare crows away from his prize-winning corn he's been raising for ages.moreless
  • Blast From the Past/Chew Said a Mouthful/See What Develops
    Blast From the Past: Sniffles builds a time machine to fix past mistakes, then makes mistakes.

    Chew Said a Mouthful: Stubborn Nutty tries to chew on a jawbreaker and breaks his jaw, a lot.

    See What Develops: Splendid (in disguise) and the Mole go out to get the latest scoop of the brand new supermarket for the local newspaper. Trouble starts when the Mole is chosen as the photographer then things go wrong, as usual, but Splendid will save the day just as soon as he can find an empty phone booth.moreless
  • A Change Of Heart / A Hole Lotta Love / Mime To Five
    A Change Of Heart: Disco Bear has a heart attack, and it's up to Doctor Lumpy to find a replacement.

    A Hole Lotta Love: Cub falls down the well, but luckily Sniffles and his new invention will save the day, or at least make it worse.

    Mime To Five: Mime has his eyes on a brand new unicycle and tries to get a job so he can afford it.moreless
  • Easy For You To Sleigh / Wishy Washy / Who's To Flame?
    Easy For You To Sleigh: In this holiday episode, Lifty and Shifty sneak through the chimney into people's houses to steal things, but it's not going to be that easy at Flippy's house!
    Wishy Washy: When Petunia's toilet get clogged up, Lumpy the plumber comes into fix the problem, but he only made things worse.
    Who's To Flame?: After Petunia and Giggles set a house on fire, Mime tried to get help from the gang to put it out.moreless
  • Snow Place To Go / Dunce Upon A Time / Gems The Breaks
    Snow Place To Go: What starts out as fun at sea turns into a freezing disaster! Will the Happy Tree Friends gang be left freezing and starving?
    Dunce Upon A Time: In this fairy tale, Nutty traded the cow for some magic jellybeans. Then Giggles climb up the beanstalks only to meet the giant Lumpy.
    Gems The Breaks: After Lifty & Shifty accidentally uncovered Splendid's one weakness, they scheme to commit crimes with impunity. Will Splendid recover in time to save the day? Tune in and find out.moreless
  • Every Litter Bit Hurts / As You Wish / Take A Hike
    Every Litter Bit Hurts: Wish Giggles good luck as she attempts to give Lumpy an environmental conscience!
    As You Wish: Your wish is Lumpy's command, since Lumpy the Genie emerges from a magic lamp granting wishes to any Happy Tree Friend unlucky enough to give him a rub.
    Take A Hike: Scoutmaster Lumpy leads the Happy Tree Friends troop on a death-hike through the woods. Hiking is a very dangerous sport!moreless
  • Doggone It! / Concrete Solution / Sea What I Found
    Doggone It!: Lumpy turns dogcatcher for a dog that goes crazy when it hears a whistle, so there's a lot of whole lotta whistling blowing going on!
    Concrete Solution: Nutty finds himself in danger at a construction site when he confuses a bag of concrete for a sack of sugar.
    Sea What I Found: When Russell and Lumpy found a treasure map, Lifty & Shifty intend to steal the treasure away, which also lead them to underwater stupidity and a very painful death.moreless
  • Party Animal / Ipso Fatso / Don't Yank My Chain
    Party Animal: The gang throws a birthday party for Flippy.

    Ipso Fatso: Disco Bear hits the gym to lose weight.

    Don't Yank My Chain: Lumpy's police work keeps Handy and The Mole on the lam.
  • The Wrong Side of the Tracks / From Hero to Eternity / And the Kitchen Sink
    The Wrong Side of the Tracks: After Lumpy fixed the rollercoaster tracks, disaster sets in.

    From Hero to Eternity: While doing laundry, Splendid overheard Giggles cry for help, and zooms to the rescue. Will he save the day and do his laundry in time?

    And the Kitchen Sink: Pop gives Cub a bath.moreless