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Happy Tree Friends

Season 2 Episode 11

Wingin' It / Tongue In Cheek / Easy Comb, Easy Go

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Episode Summary

Wingin' It / Tongue In Cheek / Easy Comb, Easy Go
Wingin' It: Flaky rides a plane for the first time, and it might be her last.

Tongue In Cheek: The ants have returned to invade Sniffles' picnic, but he'll go to the same lengths yet again to get them into his tummy. The ants have the same idea.

Easy Comb, Easy Go: (Warning: cringe factor episode!) Disco Bear loses hair to get back hair, then things get fuzzy.moreless
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  • Flaky’s Fear of Flying, Sniffles vs. the Ants: the Last Round, and Disco Bear’s Hair-raising Misadventures

    As Flaky goes on a flight trip to somewhere, the start of this segment marks the second time she puked after looking at the jet because she’s developed a fear of flying. This marks the second time she barfed since “The Wrong Side of the Track,” only twice in this episode. The Mole thought he chained the cuffs to the luggage, but it was a vending machine, and he assumed it was a burglar trying to steal it away from him and used his can of mace to attack while nobody is around. I’ve also found some scenes that are somewhat related to the previous episodes. Petunia desperately needed to go to the restroom for the second time since “Happy Trails.” I think she’s diuretic. She also found the facility all covered in Flaky’s vomit. Apparently, she hasn’t gotten over her obsessive-compulsive disorder; prior from “Wishy Washy” and “Home is Where the Hurt is”. So she’s decided to clean it up before she uses it. When I saw Cuddles used two barf bags as hand puppets, it was funny and cute. Meanwhile, Lumpy was using some of the electronics on an airplane that was causing interferences with the controls. Just as the plane was about to crash, Lumpy took all five parachutes and jumped out. He should’ve saved some for the other characters, but they’re all going to be killed anyway. After seeing Pop and Cub flying out of the plane, it’s unknown whether they got killed or not, but they’re probably dead anyway. Believe it or not, Toothy made an appearance in this episode and didn’t die at all. He was watching television at home. After there was an interference with his idiot box, he banged on it, and the images show Lumpy riding on an airplane. It’s probably a funny way of “breaking the fourth wall.” I like the part where Giggles grabbed one of the parachutes, but she got chopped by the propellers on the same jet the characters were flying in. I really wished to see her safely land to the ground and get killed later. I also laughed so hard after Lumpy landed on his feet too hard to the ground and a file cabinet crushed him. The ending marked the second time Flaky popped something inflatable with the quills on her back since “Happy Trails part two: Jumping the Shark”.

    This is the fifth time Sniffles encounter the ants since Blast From the Past. While Sniffles was having a picnic, he got hit on the head by a golf ball struck by Lumpy. It is also another one of Lumpy cameos in one of the episodes other characters star in. After Sniffles gave Lumpy his golf ball back, he noticed an ant is invading his picnic. So he stretches his tongue to reach for it the second time since Crazy Antics. Meanwhile, the Mole was taking photos outdoors, and got a shot of Sniffles’ long tongue in a form of a sea serpent. The funniest part was when Lumpy was standing on his tongue, which stopped Sniffles from reaching to the mother ant. As Sniffles tried to grab the ants with his right hand, the ants sewed his hand to the ground and tortured it. It was really painful how Sniffles ripped the skin of his hand. But he wasn’t about to give up after inventing the tiny terminator. He thought it would be a great idea to murder the ants with his killer robot ant. However, the electrocuted it received when it touched the outlet caused it to shut down. Then, the father ant takes control of Sniffles and leading him to another one of his slow and horrible deaths. First, he got him to shove razor blades on the apple and bite it. Second, he got Sniffles to put his tongue in the paper shredder. Third, the ant forced him to nail his tail to the ground. And finally, his last trick led him to twist his tongue and propel his organs out of his body. The ants made a new home out of Sniffles’ deceased corpse. And Lumpy found another glove, which happens to be Sniffles’ hand skin.

    Even though this is the second time Lumpy starred in Disco Bear’s episode, he wasn’t seen much as a star, just a featured character. Anyway, Disco Bear really love having hair on his head. When the sun’s ray nearly damaged his afro, he went to the barbershop to get a cut. The Mole cut Disco Bear’s hair off and made him bald. Disco Bear struggles to find a way to cover up his entanglement. He tried to buy a wig at the wig shop, but Mime already purchased it. With the purple wig on Mime’s head, it attracted the ladies, namely Giggles and Petunia. The girls laughed at Disco Bear for being bald. When he came across Lifty & Shifty, the raccoons offered him a whole shipment of hair growth tonic for Disco Bear. Some unfortunate events occurred with the hair growth formula. This marks the second time Cub’s hair is long and that Pop accidentally cut his baby son to death since “Snip Snip Hooray”. Also, Flaky’s quills grew too long they punctured Handy while driving in the car. Cuddles suffered a very disgusting death, which involved drinking the hair acceleration formula by mistake. Disco Bear got his afro back, but when he fell into the tub of hair growth tonic, hair grew everywhere on his body really fast. The Mole came to his home and started giving him a haircut. At least Disco Bear didn’t die in this episode. I also enjoyed the part where Lumpy shrieked so loud because he applied after shave lotion on his severely shaved face.

    I feel really sorry for Flaky every time she gets into trouble. I’m unsure if she did die in Wingin’ It because of an early iris-in.moreless

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