Happy Tree Friends

Season 3 Episode 8

Wrath of Con


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  • They've done an episode for the video game fans and now they've done one for comic book and sci-fi fans.

    I thought this was one of the most exciting (and funniest) episodes yet. First of all, I think the title of this episode is one of the funniest parody titles I've seen used for an HTF episode. I was happy to see another episode with Splendid since he's one of my favorite characters. This time, he's at a Comic Book Convention and he keeps killing off characters before he can even get a chance to sign anything for them or get an interview. This is defenitly one of Splendid's funniest situations yet. Something I found cool about this episode was that previosly in other episodes, we've noticed that Sniffles seems to be a fan of Splendid since he has merchandise of him but this episode fully reveals that he's a huge fan of Splendid plus we also get to see that other HTF characters are fans of real sci-fi and comic book stuff like 'Star Wars' and 'Watchmen'. I'm sure alot of HTF fans think this would have been even more interesting to see what would happen if Flippy was at the convention and I pretty much agree but I also think it would have more likely ruined the concept of the episode. I think this episode is a real treat for HTF fans that also love comic books and sci-fi stuff. I love how they keep making more and more episodes for wide varieties of fans.