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  • Season 1
    • Surviving Harper's Island
      Surviving Harper's Island is much harder than you would think.
    • There is Only One Way Out on Harper's Island
      Alone and scared, Robin desperately tries to outrun her attacker. Seeking shelter in the Harper's Globe office, Robin finally uncovers the truth about the tragic events of her past.
    • You Can Never Leave Harper's Island
      Robin searches for help on the suddenly deserted Island, but finds only danger waiting for her.
    • The Past Revealed on Harper's Island
      Robin opens up about the fateful night from her past that changed everything.
    • Lost and Found on Harper's Island
      Robin heeds the warning of Dangerous Wreck, and stays on the Island. In the dark and all alone, she makes her way back to Brent's house, hoping to find him. But what she finds is that she has no one left to trust, and nowhere else to turn.
    • The Hunt is On Harper's Island
      Oh God, please not Sparky. Please not him. He was a nice man. He did nothing wrong!
    • The Killer Lurks on Harper's Island
      I'm sorry, Andy. I'm sorry I posted that video when you told me not to. Now you are gone. And it's all my fault...
    • Who Can You Trust on Harper's Island?
      Robin confronts her fears about the Cheshire Cat when he leaves her a videotape of Brent being kidnapped. With the help and support of the HarpersGlobe.com community, she comes to realize that the Cheshire Cat is trying to help, and pleads with him to help her understand what is happening on the Island.moreless
    • Caught on Tape on Harper's Island
      Robin finds out the Cheshire Cat has a tape of a Wakefield murder, but doesn't understand why. Not content to sit and wait for her to figure out the puzzle, the Cheshire Cat takes his deadly game to Robin's doorstep.
    • Breaking Into Harper's Island
      After finding Cheshire Cat's keys, Robin goes on the hunt for her attacker. Risking her safety, Robin enters his seemingly abandoned home, where she finds an alarming surprise.
    • The Key to Harper's Island
      When Robin goes back to Brent's house to search for answers, she finds a possible clue to finding Brent. Meanwhile, a user on HarpersGlobe.com releases a disturbing video with a shocking star.
    • Attack on Harper's Island
      Robin returns home, feeling like she has finally escaped her troubles. But she is quickly reminded that peace and quiet isn't so easy to come by on Harper's Island. Because something... someone, is waiting for her.
    • Escape from Harper's Island
      Who shoots a video like that? It's gross, but I'm not going to run away because of it.
    • You're Never Alone on Harper's Island
      ...Sparky says some questions are better left unanswered, especially when it comes to John Wakefield.
    • Love and Death on Harper's Island
      I feel like a complete weirdo freak.
    • Fresh Start
      Fresh Start
      Episode 1
      Looking to make a fresh start, Robin comes to Harper's Island to work on http://www.HarpersGlobe.com. She soon stumbles upon a shocking massacre that happened on the Island. She begins to dig deeper, but some mysteries should be left in the past...