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  • Season 2
    • Old South Pittsburgh Hospital: Part Two
      Continue the Investigation of the dark halls of this former hospital where many checked in but never checked out.
    • Ep. 2.4 - Old South Pittsburgh Hospital: Part One
      Old South Pittsburgh Hospital Part One: In 1959 the doors of the South Pittsburgh Hospital where opened. This 68,000 square foot medical facility was founded by four Doctors. The Hospital served the community for almost 40 years before closing in 1998. Former nurses, employees and patients have reported unexplainable events during the structures operation. Investigate the dark halls of this former hospital where many checked in but never checked out.moreless
    • Ep. 2.3 - Fresno Flats
      A Historic Park built around two homes from the 1870's. This location has been known to have unexplainable activity for years. Three structures will be the focus of APRA's Investigation.
    • Barn Theater
      Barn Theater
      Episode 2
      Paranormal activity was first documented by the Porterville Ghost Society (PGS) after reports of doors closing by themselves, voices and the apparition of a young man where reported. Do performers from the Barns past still visit this great theater?
    • Silver City Ghost Town
      Nestled in the mountains of Bodfish, CA the Historic Silver City Ghost Town has had many reports of paranormal activity. Some believe that the Gold Miners from California's past still inhabit the over twenty structures located on the site. Join Brandon Alvis & Michael Rudie as they split up to investigate the Ghost Town alone!moreless
  • Season 1