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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • McConaghy Estate
      McConaghy Estate
      Episode 1
      Join A.P.R.A. as they conduct a Paranormal Investigation of the Haunted McConaghy Estate located in Hayward, CA. This Estate has seen much death in it's 124 year history. Starting with young Archie McConaghy losing his life to a freak farm accident, almost all of the McConaghy Family died in this once lively farmhouse.moreless
    • McConaghy Estate Vlog
      Michael gives his thoughts on the McConaghy Estate and it's paranormal activity.
    • Meek Estate
      Meek Estate
      Episode 3
      Explore the Meek Estate in Hayward, CA with A.P.R.A. This 26 room mansion was built by William Meek in 1869. The apparition of a woman has been reported being seen in the second floor windows by local residents and staff. At least three people died in the estate, including the family legend that a nurse helped a family member along in her death.`moreless
    • Kern County Children's Shelter
      Many years have passed since the Kern County Children's Shelter closed it's doors and over time the History of this 100 year old building has been lost and forgotten by most. But through the desire to resurrect a bygone era of the Kern County Children's Shelter the most extensive search for it's History began. The forgotten rich History as well as the reports of paranormal activity make this location a hotspot for Paranormal Research.moreless
    • Heritage Junction Park
      Heritage Junction Park located in Santa Clarita, CA is the home to such buildings as the Pardee House, the Newhall Ranch House and the Saugus Train Station. Thirty years of reports of a woman in blue being seen on the second floor of the Newhall Ranch House has brought A.P.R.A to conduct a Paranormal Investigation of these Histroical Structures.moreless
    • Kern County Children's Shelter - Vlog
      Larry talks about the Kern County Children's Shelter investigation.
    • Linda Vista Hospital
      Linda Vista Community Hospital located in Boyle Heights, CA was originally built in 1904 as the Sante Fe Railroad Hospital. Since it's closing in 1991 this location has been known as one of the most Haunted buildings on the West Coast. Many rumors of Medical malpractice surround this building and are attributed to the hauntings that exist to this day.moreless
    • Heritage Junction Park - Bonus Footage
      Bridget explains how she uses her camera to capture apparition photos.
    • Linda Vista Hospital - Bonus Footage
      Brandon & Michael have an odd experience in the former Mental Ward.
    • Silver City Ghost Town - Vlog
      Brandon & Michael share their experiences during the Silver City Investigation.
    • Barn Theater - Vlog
      Brandon & Michael share their thoughts on the Barn Theater.
    • Fresno Flats - Vlog
      Brandon, Michael & Bruno share their experiences during the Fresno Flats Investigation.
    • Old South Pittsburgh Hospital - Vlog
      Brandon & Michael share their thoughts on the Old South Pittsburgh Hospital.
  • Season 2