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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Finale
      Episode 16
      Ray (Jon Dore) comes up with a plan to escape. With a little luck, and some inspiration from an unwelcomed visitor, everyone might just get out of this alive.
    • 0.0
      Rocky 1 (Cyrus Farmer) and Rocky 2 (Kaitlin Olson) are about to leave. Can Ray (Jon Dore) convince Rocky 2 to dump Rocky 1?
    • 0.0
      Rocky 1 (Cyrus Farmer) arranges a birthday present for Jan (Suzy Nakamura). This may turn out to be Jan's worst birthday ever.
    • Ray Vs. Rocky
      Episode 13
      Scared they're all going to die, Jan (Suzy Nakamura) convinces Ray (Jon Dore) to challenge Rocky 1 (Cyrus Farmer) to a fight.
    • Get Your Phil
      Episode 12
      Phil (Sean Tillman) is a welcome surprise for Jan (Suzy Nakamura). When Ray (Jon Dore) encourages Jan to stand up for herself can she resist Phil's sexy dance?
    • 0.0
      Jan is willing to do anything to escape even if it means having wild animalistic sex with her captors. Will Batt and Robin (Jason Sklar and Randy Sklar) fall prey to Jan's seductive ways?
    • Bad Lay
      Episode 10
      Jan (Suzy Nakamura) urges Ray (Jon Dore) to use his connection with Rocky 2 (Kaitlin Olson) to help them escape. Can Ray flip Rocky 2?
    • Pocket Deuce
      Episode 9
      After days of being stuck in the bank Batt (Jason Sklar) reveals his restroom problem. Ray Jon Dore) saves the day by helping Batt finally do what it takes to get the job done.
    • Negotiate This
      Episode 8
      A hostage negotiator (Eddie Pepitone) is called in but there is a huge surprise in the bank preventing him from obtaining the release of any hostage. Don't worry it is Batt (Jason Sklar) and Robin (Randy Sklar) to the rescue.
    • 0.0
      Ray (Jon Dore) makes his move on Rocky 2 (Kaitlin Olson) but is rejected despite his sexy bod and tighty whiteys. Back with the hostages Jan (Suzy Nakamura) has a plan to escape and needs Ray's help.
    • I Am The News
      Episode 6
      Hard hitting reporter Rachel Gonzalez is brought in for an expose on the bank hostage standoff. Will Ray (Jon Dore) use the opportunity to get a desperate message to the outside or just retweet his shark week joke?
    • When Ray (Jon Dore) finds out that another hostage is tweeting himself into fame it becomes war. Rocky 1 (Cyrus Farmer) and Rocky 2 (Kaitlin Olson) have a plan to escape can Ray find a way to stop them?
    • Food Order
      Episode 4
      Batt and Robin (Jason Sklar and Randy Sklar) have been put in charge of getting the hostages food. Will the police turn this food order into an opportunity or are they more worried about their departmental budget cuts?
    • 9/7/10
      Jan (Suzy Nakamura) and Ray (Jon Dore) discover who the secret mastermind behind the two sets of robbers. Yet, Ray's hopes are dashed when he finds out that Rocky 2 (Kaitlin Olson) is dating Rocky 1 (Cyrus Farmer).
    • 9/7/10
      The best day ever just got better when Rocky 2 (Kaitlin Olson) unmasks to reveal her wind swept blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. Is this love or just a gun in Ray's (Jon Dore) face?
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Ray (Jon Dore) is a bored bank teller who hates everything about his life. Everything changes when not 1 but 2 groups of bank robbers bust through the door. Suddenly, Ray's worst day has become his best day ever.
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