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    Viva 22

    ( First Spanish TV station in Houston).

    (H TOWN TV) is a Texavision owned network based in Houston, TX.

    The channel is viewed in homes worldwide through our life streaming via internet.

    As of 2010 it was the first Hip hop television network targeting young Spanish and African-American audiences and was the leading provider of 2nd generation Spanish and African American cultural and entertainment based programming.

    Modestly as a channel that runs 6 hours of daily of programming in select Texas cities, also throughout North America and the Caribbean; lead Rosenthal to expand programming to 24 hours of news and entertainment.

    Most of its early entertainment consisted of music videos, reruns of old situation comedies and some original programs.

    The company lost money during its first several years, but will be profitable in the near future.

    Diversify its programming, adding politically-oriented news programs, comedy showcases, talk shows and sports features, IS A MUST.

    The channel continues to flourish with the beginning of 2013 slightly approaching with several new programs TO COME.

    This program draws by far the highest ratings and the best reviews of the network's offerings.

    DIVAS OF THE NIGHT, switches our focus to entertainment programs primarily airing hip hop videos with a touch of sensuality.

    While H TOWN founder Walter Rosenthal and executives claimed they were providing the programming the market demanded, the criticism continued. Although popular with a vast audience,

    Critics and others denounced H TOWN TV programming, claiming it promoted blatant sexism and anti-intellectualism.

    They also charged that featuring hip hop-oriented programming along with comedy programs either intentionally or inadvertently promoted stereotypes.

    The station has overcome adversity by revamping the programming. H TOWN TV will consist of popular television series of politically-oriented news programs, comedy showcases, talk shows and sports features. The H Town TV family would like to say thank you to the supporters that have continued to believe in our vision. We will continue to provide quality service and great television for the years to come.