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  • Season 1
    • Hollywood Wasteland: Part 4
      Attack of the Jones: Agents are sent to investigate Jeff's comic book drawing and instead of answers they get pitched Acai Blast from Chad. Meanwhile Synthia must defend Jeff from Illuminati sleeper agent Roy Jones.
    • Hollywood Wasteland: Part 3
      A Canticle for Collins: Time-traveling robot Synthia tries to convince the roommates of the gravity of her mission and Jeff's role in saving the future. Meanwhile, rumors of A-list film star Roy Jones' untimely death may be greatly exaggerated.
    • A robot is sent back in time to protect Jeff Collins, the Savior of Humanity.
    • 6/2/10
      Hollywood Wasteland, a Koldcast original web series, kicks off its premiere episode with a bang, sort of. Meet Jeff Collins (Caley Bisson): the ultimate nice guy, working as an insurance analyst and constantly juggling the problems of his needy roommates; an actress wannabe (Chlora), a production assistant (Veronica), an entrepreneur constantly on the prowl for get-rich-quick schemes (Chad), and a survivalist obsessed with preparation for the end of the world (Walter). Little does Jeff know, Walter's preoccupation with the apocalypse is more than a hunch, and Jeff is stunned to meet an attractive robot, Synthia, sent from the future to protect Jeff, who, much to his surprise, has been deemed the Savior of Humanity.moreless
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