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Hope is Emo

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Hope is Emo is a comedy podcast, starring MADtv's Crista Flanigan, that follows the life of a depressed emo girl named Hope. With dark eyeliner and jet black hair, Hope gives off the image of someone with a lot of teenage angst and depressive tendencies. She also has a tendency to overthink as expressed in the debut episode when she is talking to her listeners and tells them that it bothers her when people delete or erase words after typing them. Thinking there is a zinger of some sort coming, she remains straight-faced and you realize she is being serious. To bring that point home, she holds up an urn where she keeps chalk dust from words that have been erased on the board at school. Other issues Hope covers in the series include the duty of freshman and sophomores to stay away from prom, hating gym class and problems with girls at school. Flanigan's goal with the series was to satirize some of the problems that teenagers face in a humorous way that all could relate to.


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AIRED ON 1/12/2007

Season 1 : Episode 9

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Coming of Age, sarcastic characters, funny but sad, Satire, dysfuntional families