Hot Hot Los Angeles

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Hot Hot Los Angeles

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Hot Hot Los Angeles is a Crackle web series that parodies West Coast television dramas about the struggles and problems of the wealthy and beautiful upper class. Randy Wayne plays Victor Papsworth and Scott Speiser plays Pip Coburn. Victor and Pip are the most popular men in Los Angeles. They've been best friends forever, sharing the delights of being handsome and wealthy in a city controlled by the handsome and wealthy. Their long-time friendship begins to crumble when the beautiful blond Skylar (played by Olivia Hardt) storms into their lives. The two men fall desperately in love with her. Their love triangle is tense and dangerous, with Skylar playing both of her cocky suitors for fools. To make things worse, femme fatale Claudia wants Victor all to herself, which means ruining Pip. Also in the mix are dangerous bad boy Pepe and bombshell lifeguard Roxy. Hot Hot Los Angeles is a fun comedy series about the always dramatic lifestyles of the rich and useless.


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AIRED ON 6/6/2008

Season 1 : Episode 14

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Parody & Spoof, celebrity life, city living, pop culture references, offensive comedy