Hot Hot Los Angeles - Season 1

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  • Too Hot In Los Angeles (Hot Hot Finale)
    In this HOT HOT SEASON FINALE questions are answered and lives are lost. Can Victor and Pip be friends again? Who is really behind the plot against Pip. Will Los Angeles ever be the same?
  • Wicked Games
    Wicked Games
    Episode 13
    Pip and Rafe face off in a wicked raquetball game. This HOT HOT city ain't big enough for the both 'em. Will Victor's confrontation with Claudia send her over the edge or will he fall for her lies again?
  • Hot Pursuit
    Hot Pursuit
    Episode 12
    The STEAMY hunt for Pip's killer is on! Detective Yamamoto is hot on the trail. It's touch and go at the hospital. Will Pip survive or is this the end?
  • Coburn, Out
    Coburn, Out
    Episode 11
    Worn out from another day in HOT HOT LOS ANGELES Pip retreats to his Malibu hideaway. Only...he is not alone. A gun shot! Everyone's got a reason... Who Shot Pip Coburn?!
  • A Postcard From Puerto Escondido
    After Roxy breaks Victor's heart he goes on a drug bender. Luckily Coco, the ghost of his dead brother, is there to stop him from going to far. Meanwhile, Rafe let's Pip know he will have his vengance.
  • Sin City Showdown
    Sin City Showdown
    Episode 9
    Pip races to Sin City to stop Roxy from marrying Victor. Will Pip steal Roxy from Victor? Is Victor strong enough to resist Las Vegas's temptations? Plus, HOT gossip from "Angelino On The Street."
  • Secrets and Lies
    Secrets and Lies
    Episode 8
    Claudia is going to have Victor back even if it has to be over Roxy's dead body. Will Ty kill for Claudia? Can Pip fool Det. Yamomoto and keep out of jail?
  • Old Habits Die Hard
    Ty's SPICY affair with Skylar's mother comes to an abrupt end when daddy catches them in his bed. Unlucky for him that Claudia is there to catch Ty in her web. How far is Roxy willing to go to clear Victor's debt with Pepe?
  • Hot Hot Christmas Special
    A HOT sunny Los Angeles Christmas burns holiday surpise when Victor is reunited with his long lost son. Claudia isn't going to let Victor get away from her without a fight. While Roxy and Victor build a new family Ty is breaking Skylar's family apart.
  • Trouble in Paradise
    The fuzz are HOT on Pip's trail for Judith's murder but the penal system has nothing on Big Apple bad boy Rafe Riley, who's vowed revenge on his sister's killer. The question is though can Victor stay sober? Will Skylar be able to resist Pepe? Will Pepe let Skylar just walk away?moreless
  • Three Opposing Forces Of Nature
    Pepe's ready to turn Skylar's addiction into opportunity. Will Pip save the woman he loves in time?
  • You Don't Know What It's Like To Be Victor
    After the news of his brother’s passing, not even rock solid loving can fill the void in Victor’s heavy heart, so dope becomes his blue plate special. Now, with Victor knocking at death’s door, a reunion of long-lost friends may be his only hope.
  • Rock Solid Loving
    Rock Solid Loving
    Episode 2
    Pip is back in town and on a wild sex rampage, but a steamy night in hot, hot Los Angeles leaves Pip ensnared in the web of a black widow. Now Claudia has Pip where she wants him, but being wrapped around the femme fatale’s finger has its perks…
  • It Hurts So Good
    It Hurts So Good
    Episode 1
    Pip splits LA for Japan, leaving Skylar to fall into Victor’s tender embrace. Meanwhile, Victor learns of an untimely death and is pushed beyond his breaking point. A lost brother. Vengeful friends. A lifeguard. Who will be Victor’s savior?