Season 5 Episode 18

Here Kitty

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 2009 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When House is testing whether Kutner is superstitious, the position of the salt cellar changes between shots.

    • When House sits in his corner chair at the episode's end, he places two toy cars on the footstool: a purple one at left and a yellow one at right. When he jumps up, the cars can be seen to have flipped positions. A further camera angle of him reaching to touch the seat shows them again in this position before a final glimpse of the cars shows them returned to their original order.

  • Quotes

    • (Cuddy looks to the floor and finds a litter box)
      Dr. Cuddy: I told you to get rid of "death cat."
      House: Do you see a cat?
      Dr. Cuddy: I see a litter box.
      (House grabs his cane)
      House: This is a disability, Dr. Cuddy. Can't make it to the men's room on time.
      Dr. Cuddy: You pee on the mice too?
      House: Well, now you see the mice actually prove that I don't have a cat.
      Dr. Cuddy: Are these... are these the genetically modified lab mice from oncology?
      House: Genetically modified for tastiness.

    • Morgan: I had colds all winter.
      House: Well, I've been in this room a while, but it's spring now, right?

    • House: The cat was not predicting deaths. It was just trying to keep warm.
      Dr. Wilson: Yes, dead people are renowned for their warm glow.

    • Morgan: I don't smoke.
      House: Fine. You don't want the seventh graders to think you're cool.

    • Kutner: You really lost all that money?
      Taub: I don't care about the money. I just feel bad for Rachel.
      Kutner: She married a guy in one situation and ended up with another. That's hard on anyone.
      Taub: Thanks. Makes me feel much better hearing my wife's a gold digger.

    • Dr. Cuddy: I'll give you 24 hours.
      House: Consecutive?

    • Morgan: This is the cat, Debbie. Have you heard of her?
      House: Debbie. Sorry, but without a last name...

    • House: I'm waiting for a follow-up.
      Dr. Cuddy: If you're talking about Mr. Kazden, he has a deceased sticker on his file. As do all the other follow-ups you have scheduled for today.

    • House: You ever try to pee on yourself in public? It's not easy.
      Taub: Sorry, I rushed the Jewish frat. We peed in private.
      House: For good reason.

    • House: Dammit.
      Morgan: Please forgive me, I'm so sorry.
      House: What are you worried about? You may have a night in jail for fraud. I have to go tell one of my employees he's right.

    • Morgan: A cat predicted my death.
      House: Cats make terrible doctors. Oh no, wait, that's women. You're screwed.

    • (patient is following House)
      House: If you're going to kill me and rape me, please do it in that order.

    • Kutner: Why are you pushing your crash cart?
      House: Because patients sometimes crash, and they haven't invented a crash tractor for me to drive wildly around the hallways.

    • House: Who told you about the test? Taub?
      Dr. Cuddy: I'll never say. But yes.

    • House: Hey, look, kids, therapy cat.
      Billy: You're a liar. Therapy animals are dogs, not cats.
      House: Aren't you feisty?

    • Dr. Wilson: Or, you're starting to give a crap what other people think. Which is just another way of saying you give a crap about other people.
      House: I'd love to hear more of your theory, but I don't give a crap.

    • House: Oh my God, the death cat is attacking your legs. You're going to die.
      Kutner: Maybe it has something to do with that little red dot dancing around down there.
      House: Oh my God, the death laser is attacking your legs. You're going to die.

    • House: Here, puss, puss, puss, puss, puss.
      Dr. Foreman: Say "puss" one more time. It's the sixth "puss" that really does it.

    • Dr. Wilson: I've gotta stop telling you my theories. You always just try to prove me wrong.
      House: You mean the theory about Cuddy's ass getting bigger during the full moon? I confirmed that one. Photos on my blog.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: April 1, 2009 on Channel Ten
      Latin America: April 30, 2009 on Universal Channel
      Denmark: August 1, 2009 on Kanal 4
      The Netherlands: October 22, 2009 on SBS6
      Poland: October 29, 2009 on TVP2
      Germany: November 3, 2009 on RTL
      Slovakia: November 26, 2009 on STV1
      Czech Republic: March 17, 2010 on TV Nova
      Sweden: March 30, 2010 on TV4

    • Jennifer Morrison is credited but doesn't appear.

    • Music: Stranglehold (Ted Nugent), I'm Not Drowning (Steve Winwood)

  • Allusions

    • Opening Scene:
      At the end of the ramp is a miniature shark that the car jumps over before Cuddy catches it. This is a tongue-in-cheek reference to "Jumping the Shark", a term that originated from an episode of Happy Days where Fonzie waterskis over a shark, which has subsequently been used by fans and critics to describe the point at which a show starts to decline in quality.

    • House: I got to say, I don't think the changes they made to American Idol really work for me.
      Referencing the popular reality/talent TV program on FOX, premiering 2002, which has often aired either before House, or taken over its timeslot. Amateur singers from around the country compete for fame and glory, and are judged by a panel of judges including the sharp-tongued Simon Cowell.

    • Dr. Foreman: Yeah, it could be cat scratch fever.
      Referencing the 1977 song and album by Ted Nugent.

    • House: You will note how Faster, Pu$$ycat... Kill! Kill! has snuggled up by Coma Guy over there.
      Referencing the 1965 film by Russ Meyer. Three strippers abduct a young wife and force her to participate in their scheme to rob and kill and old man and his sons, only to discover the old man has a few surprises of his own.

    • House: (petting the cat while seated) No, Mister Bond, I expect you to die.
      This is a reference to the early James Bond series, in particular Goldfinger, in which villain Auric Goldfinger uses the same line. The cat is an allusion to Ernst Stavro Blofeld a.k.a. Number One, the mysterious leader of SPECTRE and James Bond's nemesis, who was unseen in the early films but would be identified by the white cat that would sit in his lap while he spoke to underlings. Blofeld/Number One first appeared in From Russia with Love.