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  • Season 1
    • Remember When was recorded by Alan Jackson on the 2003 album Greatest Hits Vol. II. In this iVideosongs title, instructor Rob Schumann demonstrates the arpeggiated rhythm and melodic lead parts used in this popular country ballad. This intermediate-level song, played on a steel string acoustic in standard tuning features a creative picking pattern that complements standard open chord voicings.moreless
    • I Go Back was performed by Kenny Chesney on the 2004 country album When the Sun Goes Down. iVideosongs instructor Steve Rieck shows how to play the electric and acoustic parts of this top Billboard hit. Strumming, power chords, and a delay effect are among the topics covered in the instruction of I Go Back. This intermediate-level, medium-tempo song can be played on an acoustic and electric steel string guitar with a capo in standard tuning.moreless
    • Fishin' in the Dark was recorded by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band on the 1987 album Hold On. In this iVideosongs title, instructor Steve Rieck shows you how to play the complete guitar part from this late 80's hit. Along with the song's acoustic chord progression, Steve also demonstrates all electric guitar fills found throughout the song. Fishin' in the Dark is a good song for beginning-level players to try a basic country guitar feel. This song is played on an acoustic and electric guitar. Tablature and chord grids are included for all song segments.moreless
    • Celebrity was recorded by Brad Paisley on his 2003 album Mud on the Tires. In this iVideosongs title, instructor Rob Schumann shows how to play Celebrity, including the acoustic and electric guitar parts featured in this modern country hit. Celebrity has something for any fan of country guitar, regardless of experience. Beginning-level guitarists will have a relatively easy time strumming the chords of the acoustic guitar part. Intermediate-level guitarists will enjoy the challenge of some unique electric country guitar licks that feature advanced bending and hybrid picking.moreless
    • Alcohol was recorded by Brad Paisley on his 2005 album Time Well Wasted. In this iVideosongs title, instructor Rob Schumann shows how to play Alcohol's chord progression and strumming pattern, along with the challenging electric parts created by one of country music's most talented performers. Featuring many of the techniques covered in the iVideosongs tutorial library, intermediate and advanced-level electric players will find a vast amount of material in this song useful for honing their lead guitar prowess and spurring their creativity. Additionally, Rob adapts many of Brad Paisley's signature "G Bender" licks for a guitar with a standard setup. Alcohol is played on acoustic and electric guitars in standard tuning.moreless