I Dream of Jodie: The Private Life of Jodie Moore

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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Episodes 11 - 13
      Episode 11
      In Episode 11 Jodie compares herself to Jenna Jamieson and believes she is younger and prettier! Back at the Vegas club, Jodie is causing drama backstage by blocking the toilet and trying to upstage Stormy. In Episode 12 Jodie and Craig travel to Baltimore for a porn convention. After a big day of signings, Jodie stays in for the night and Craig heads out to the Ritz Club by himself. In Episode 13 Jodie and Craig head back to the convention and get interviewed by another television crew. The final night of their tour Jodie and Craig go out on the town to celebrate.moreless
    • Episodes 6 - 10
      Episode 6
      In Episode 6 the competitive side of Jodie and Craig come out when they spend a day bowling and in the Batting cages. Jodie has her first night at the new club and they get to know some of the regular girls and some of the locals, all huge fans of Jodie! In Episode 7 Jodie and Craig drive to Sacramento for the next leg of the tour, and take their dog Osho along for the trip which requires them to sneak Osho into their 4 star hotel. In Episode 8 Jodie gets to know some of her fans up close, both backstage and at a signing at a sex shop. Another fight ensues when Craig is rude to one of Jodie's fans and she is forced to remind Craig they are there to see her, not him. In Episode 9 Jodie and Craig continue to turn her fans Mark and Nathan's live's upside down. In Episode 10 Jodie and Craig leave for Las Vegas and get only a little lost along the way.moreless
    • Episodes 1 - 5
      Episode 1
      In Episode one we are introduced to the life of Jodie Moore. A bizarre world, where shaving your boyfriend's back and butt crack, planning the production of soaps molded on your own genitalia is just another day. In Episode 2 Jodie visits Doc Johnson, the sex toy company that makes her line of sex toys. Jodie and Craig fight about her spending habits, both believing they should be in control of the finances. Craig is busted for flirting with other strippers while Jodie is on stage at the Spearmint Rhino. In Episode three Jodie and Craig travel to the next club on the tour. While Jodie gets hot and heavy on stage, Craig is getting his own action backstage with another stripper. Craig gets what he deserves however, when he challenges the club manager Wes to fight. In Episode four Jodie and Craig fly to Philadelphia for the next leg of their tour and deceide to do a bit of sight seeing. The first stop an Amish community, where Jodie and Craig do their best to shock and terrorize the simple Amish people. In Episode five they make an agreement that if Jodie brings home another girl for Craig to enjoy he willn't make her do any more sightseeing. Since Jodie's really does not want to do any more sightseeing, she tries her luck with some of the regular dancer's at Al's Diamond Cabaret, without any success.moreless