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In Coldest Blood

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In Coldest Blood is the chilling video documentary telling the story of the murder of 16 year old Cassie Jo Stoddart. Stoddart attended Pocatello High School in Portatello, Idaho and was brutally stabbed and killed by Brian Draper and Torey Adamcik who were her classmates from school. Aside from the murder itself, the most unsettling detail of the crime is the fact that the two boys captured on video their planning sessions for committing the murder along with their pleasure at following through on their deadly plot. The documentary was produced and aired on MSNBC in 2010 and uses courtroom footage interspersed with actual video recorded footage of the two murders as they spoke in detail about their plot to kill not only Stoddard, but her boyfriend. The documentary also includes interviews with the victim's mother, police detectives, and the prosecutor sharing their perspectives on the crime. The documentary follows the two perpetrator's trials as they were both tried as adults for their crimes and culminates with their trial's ultimate outcomes.


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AIRED ON 5/4/2010

Season 201005 : Episode 0504

  • Truly horrifying

    For those who can stomach it, this bone-chilling documentary paints a disturbing portrait of two heartless killers and their surprisingly mundane personal lives. Because the teenage killers captured ample footage of their planning and discussions of the murder, we get as close a look into their psyche as any Hollywood thriller could ever hope to achieve. However, what is most haunting (and perhaps most frustrating) is that, for all the footage and evidence available, their motivations remain unanswered. This isn't the movies we're dealing with; this is real life - and fact is often more disturbing and more mysterious than fiction. For a chilling account of the "killer next door", this documentary is worth checking out.moreless
  • Truth be Told

    Very disturbing, but a great inside look at this murder trial.
  • fool!!!

    if you wanna kill someone dont put it on video! just kidding, hopefully you never want to kill anyone. this is very weird. chills going down my spine

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