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In The Rough

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  • Season 1
    • The Invitational: Part Two
      In the final round of the Invitational, Will learns that despite the friends and enemies you make along the way, in life and in golf, your only real opponent is yourself.
    • The Invitational: Part One
      Will enters into the invitational for a chance at a big cash prize, if only he can avoid losing his focus with crooked corporate sponsors, an idealistic young caddy, a beautiful cart girl, family rivals and rivalries, and a water hazard or two, all providing ample distractions.
    • The Intervention
      The Intervention
      Episode 8
      Will escapes a confrontation with his father but land into one with ex-best-friend Bryan on Quinn's front lawn that ends with no one getting the girl. Will returns to Charlie's to find that O'Riley has fallen off the wagon and gone missing, forcing father and son to work together to find him.moreless
    • The Man From Room Thirteen
      O'Riley and Charlie Chase conspire to get rid of Quinn and save Will's concentration in the final round of the tournament against Buck Ireland but it's all for naught when the ultimate distraction arrives in the form of Will's estranged grifter father, Joe Kennedy.
    • Number One Fan
      Number One Fan
      Episode 6
      Charlie's Will Kennedy advertisements are dwarfed by Buck Ireland's endorsements, and as the two golfers face off in round two of the tournament, Will is distracted by the sudden return of cheating ex-girlfriend, Quinn.
    • Family Tradition
      Family Tradition
      Episode 5
      Day one of his first big money tournament and Will faces off with Buck Ireland, who had been his father's friend and rival. Will's caddy, Eric, is heartbroken to learn of Will's affair with the cart girl, the object of the young caddy's affections.
    • Break Up Sex
      Break Up Sex
      Episode 4
      With Charlie Chase, freshly emerged from scandal, as his sponsor, Will practices his swing for the next tournament, bonds with his young caddy, has a fling with a cute cart girl, and has a run-in with his unfaithful ex-girlfriend.
    • Eye Of The Tiger
      Eye Of The Tiger
      Episode 2
      Will is sleeping in his car to avoid his cheating ex-girlfriend until he is taken in by O'Riley and O'Riley's widowed sugar mamma, Delores. Will is then subjected to O'Riley's brutal training regiment in anticipation of the charity pro-am tournament being sponsored by old family rival, Buck Ireland.
    • Green Fees
      Green Fees
      Episode 1
      After finding his girlfriend in bed with his best friend, Will Kennedy, amateur golfer, plunges headfirst into the competitive world of tournament play. Along the way he digs up his old mentor, O'Riley, who has seen better days.