Instant Star

Season 2 Episode 6

The Jean Genie

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Aug 15, 2006 on CTV



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    • Jude: (about Spiederman) When I'm with him I feel like my ideas just click differently, you know... like... I feel like we could jam forever.

    • Spiederman: Hated first name usage? Low blow, Harrison.

    • Wally: Dudes, we got something funnier than that clip of the squirrel on water skis.

    • Spiederman: Here to spank me Harrison?
      Jude: Oh you wish Vincent.

    • Jamie: Change of plans guys. Publicity peeps decided that Jude should walk the runway with her new boyfriend. So there you go Mr. Jude Harrison.
      Spiederman: I hope you model better than you play bass.
      Wally: Can't you just tell her?
      SME starts fighting
      Jamie: There goes your band's jacket.
      Jude: There goes my band.

    • Kyle: I give you full metal jacket.
      Spiederman: That looks like what I picked up after my stupid dog ate tin foil.

    • Spiederman: I got a date with a chimichanga.

    • Host: Inquiring minds wants to know which guy distresses your denim. You and Spiederman seem to be electric.
      Spiederman winks at Jude
      Jude: Yeah, so shock therapy.
      Spiederman: Maybe you need some, Harrison.
      Kyle: Don't be jealous. Jude just can't resist me.
      Host: Right here. Hottest gossip on any all music channel.
      Jude: Well actually, it's all a lie. Because truly, my heart belongs to Wally. Yeah, I love me some Wally.

    • Tommy: Thou shalt not make a concept album, thou shalt not let the drummer sing, and thou shalt not romance within the band.

    • Spiederman: You okay?
      Jude: No, I'm a giant chicken.
      Spiederman: Cool. I'm an incredible jackass.
      [phone rings]
      Jude:Hello, Chicken-Jackass International

    • Spiederman: How can you be so frenetic and so brave on stage and so scared of this?
      Jude: I'm not scared. I'm just sick of scaring everybody else away.
      Spiederman: I'm not scared of you.
      Jude: You joke with me all the time, that's like the biggest symptom of being scared.
      Spiederman: Joking is all you want from me!
      Jude: Who said?!?!
      Spiederman: Well tell me different! Go on tell me, you giant chicken!
      Jude: See? There! Why would I want anything with such an incredible jackass?
      Spiederman: Yeah, well, consider this one jackass who won't bother your band anymore.
      Jude: Fine! Take your toys and go play by yourself.
      Spiederman: Great! I think I will.
      Jude: Great! Ugh!

    • Jude: This year's must have accessories for the rocker girl include a great new party song, a Fender Telecaster, and a boyfriend. You know what? Forget the boyfriend, give me a killer backup band instead any day of the week.

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    • e-Talk Daily:

      Jude is featured on a segment of e-Talk Daily which is a real show on CTV. Tanya Kim, who is the co-host, guest starred on a episode of Instant Star last season.

    • "The Jean Genie" is a song by David Bowie.