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    • Spira
      Episode 121
      Spira was our final interview and we think she was the perfect choice. Her spirit and beautiful outlook on life and love represents something which we hope people can take into their own lives. We would like to thank all of you who have just recently discovered this project. It has been our pleasure to introduce these 121 people to you and we hope you have come to care about them as much as we do. All the best to all of you. The IP Team.moreless
    • Diane Bauer
      Diane Bauer
      Episode 120
      We met Diane in front of her house in Panguitch, Utah. After she agreed to the interview, we set up cameras in her front yard. Diane told us about growing up in California and all of the fun times she had there. When she was very young her parents divorced, but they eventually remarried. Diane has been married four times and she has four children.moreless
    • Amber
      Episode 119
      We met Amber at the hotel that we were staying at. She immediately struck us as an interesting subject to interview and once she agreed we set up the cameras in the parking lot. Amber told us about her deep devotion to her family and the things she's learned from them. Amber is considering going into the military, something which many of her family members have also done. Although this concerns her dad, Amber feels that if she chooses to go into the Armed Services she will be able to pay for college and secure a future for herself. When the interview was complete we wished Amber well and turned in for the night.moreless
    • Stan Munk
      Stan Munk
      Episode 118
      We met Stan Munk in front of his house in Centerfield, Utah. Stan was born in Mait, Utah and spent most of his childhood there. After completing High School and a few years of College, he joined the military and served in the Korean War. Today, Stan is retired from the South Sanpete School District in Manti and lives with his wife of 56 years, Darlene. Stan and Darlene have 5 children and 4 grandchildren.moreless
    • Kent
      Episode 117
      We spotted Kent as we drove through his neighborhood in Fairview, Utah. He was fixing a tree swing for his grandchildren when we approached him for an interview. Once he agreed we set up the cameras in his front yard and he told us about life. Kent is currently living in the same house that he was raised in but has previously lived in Guam, Texas, and Japan. Kent has been married to his wife Nancy for 43 years and they have five children. After we left Kent was going to take his family to Mt. Pleasant for the afternoon to enjoy some fireworks.moreless
    • Mary B. Sanchez
      Mary B. Sanchez
      Episode 116
      We found Mary B. Sanchez sitting on a park bench in downtown Portland, Oregon. She told us that she was waiting there for he daughter, whom she had not seen in two days. They had only recently returned to Portland when a theft left them homeless. Mary told us that she plans to move into an apartment with her daughter and hopes that the years to comes will be easier for her than this one has been.moreless
    • Patrick
      Episode 115
      We met Patrick early one morning. We had just arrived in Portland and we spotted him on the street. He agreed to the interview and we set up the cameras in front of a house. Patrick told us about being a marine and also about how he became homeless during the Rose Festival Parade. Although Patrick has been eligible for his military pension he has decided not to take it yet. He told us that one day he hopes to see his family again and to show them that he is alright and that he is able to turn his life around.moreless
    • Lucille
      Episode 114
      We met Lucille one morning after we had eaten our breakfast. She was on her way home and agreed to do the interview near the railroad tracks behind the local diner. Lucille told us about losing her family when she was young and also about her desire to be married. She also told us that she believes in God and wants to go to heaven when she passes away. When we left we said goodbye to Lucille and headed further west.moreless
    • Sean Freebourn
      Sean Freebourn
      Episode 113
      We met Sean Freebourn in David's hometown of Missoula, Montana. Once he agreed to an interview we set up the cameras in a back alley and began filming. Sean told us about his battle with cancer and of his love for his deceased mother. He also told us about his routine of doing the daily crossword and how optimism helped him overcome his illness. After we were done we wished Sean well and hoped that he would continue to live a happy and healthy life.moreless
    • The Octopus
      The Octopus
      Episode 112
      Greg Nowak, also known as "The Octopus" is, eleven time Montana chess champion. Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The Octopus grew up playing chess in the playground circuit before he was moved up to the adult club. His show name refers to his ability to play multiple games of chess simultaneously as well as his strategy, which is to slowly strangle his opponents.moreless
    • Kalmar Stevenson
      Kalmar Stevenson
      Episode 111
      We met Kalmar Stevenson in a parking lot in Ananconda, Montana. She was listening to the end of a football game before doing some grocery shopping. She agreed to do an interview and we set up our gear next to her car. Kalmar is enrolled in physics courses at Montana Tech and plans to learn as much as she possibly can there. She inherited her car, a 1974 Oldsmobile Cutlass. from her parents and plans to keep it running as long as she can. Kalmar loves her life in Montana, but she is considering moving north to Canada.moreless
    • Michelle
      Episode 110
      We met Michelle late one afternoon after we spotted her sitting on the front porch with her dog Sergeant Pepper. After we set up the cameras she told us about growing up in a very close knit family with her six siblings. Michelle also told us how her dreams of owning a Trans Am and traveling Europe changed once she met her husband. Before we left we asked Michelle why Pepper was called Pepper and she told us that he was named after the Beatles album and that her favorite Beatle was Ringo.moreless
    • Jenny Brown
      Jenny Brown
      Episode 109
      We met Jenny when we stopped into the IHOP in Bozeman. Her gentle demeanor and soft voice caught our attention immediately. After speaking with her mother we arranged to travel to Jenny's house the following morning and conduct the interview. Jenny told us about her childhood and also about her desire to go to college, something which her mother thinks she will excel at. When we finished the interview, Jenny put on some of her music by Roy Orbison.moreless
    • Darryl
      Episode 108
      We met Darryl early one morning after we spotted him near his truck. He kindly agreed to the interview and we set up the cameras. Darryl told us about growing up in South Dakota and about his family. He also told us that he wants to buy a ranch in Montana but at the moment he is forced to live out of his truck. ALthough Darryl was in a difficult place in his life he treated us with kindness and wished us well as we left him.moreless
    • Asaph Adonai
      Asaph Adonai
      Episode 107
      We met Asaph Adonai near the hospital in Billings, Montana. He agreed to the interview and we set up our cameras in a nearby parking lot. Asaph grew up in California and is a classically trained pianist. he eventually moved to Montana to follow his dreams of playing music. Asaph was recently married and is adapting to a new way of life. When we met Asaph he had just completed a new album featuring the music of Beethoven titled "Lean on me Jeannie Marie" in honor of his wife.moreless
    • Wayne
      Episode 106
      We spotted Wayne near the public library in Billings. He kindly agreed to the interview and we set up the cameras at the bottom of the steps. Wayne told us abut his childhood and becoming a security guard like his father. Wayne also told us that he become homeless because he had gotten sick and wasn't able to make payments on his home. At present, Wayne lives at the Mission and feels that he will most likely die there. When we finished the interview we said goodbye to Wayne and headed further west.moreless
    • Savage Border
      Savage Border
      Episode 105
      We spotted Savage Border walking to work late one afternoon in Sheridan, Wyoming. He agreed to do an interview and we set up our cameras along the side of the road. Savage opened up about his relationship with his father and told about his parent's divorce. He recently moved to Wyoming from Kentucky and plans to finish school and see what happens from there.moreless
    • Dan Vieyra
      Dan Vieyra
      Episode 104
      We found Dan Vieyra walking down Avenue A in Rock River, Wyoming. He agreed to the interview and we followed him to his house and set up our cameras. Dan grew up in Rock River and has never left. He loves to play music and to go hiking and fishing. Dan told us that he will stay in Rock River the rest of his life, even though some of his cousins are trying to persuade him to move to Phoenix, Arizona. After the interview it started raining, so we said goodbye to Dan and drove further north.moreless
    • Swede
      Episode 103
      We spotted Swede from across the highway and tracked him down. He was hard to catch but once we did and he agreed to an interview we set up the cameras in the parking lot of a gas station. Swede was a modest man and initially felt guarded. After a few minutes through, he opened up to us. Swede was particularly interested in telling us about his faith in the Lord and how that faith helped him through each and every day of his life. When we finished we said goodbye to Swede and he road away on his bicycle, something which he did almost every day in Gillette.moreless
    • Marian D. Kitchen
      Marian D. Kitchen
      Episode 102
      We spotted Marion D. Kitchen walking along the highway in Rapid City, South Dakota. She agreed to the interview and we set up our cameras on the side of the road. Marion told us about her life and her career with the telephone company. Today, Marion lives alone and enjoys getting outdoors and walking through the city.moreless
    • John Blackbear
      John Blackbear
      Episode 101
      We spotted John Blackbear as he was going into a convenience store. We asked him if he would do an interview and he kindly agreed. We set up cameras in the parking lot and John told us about growing up on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. John also told us that he is a very well known and respected pow wow singer and that people around the country know of him. When we finished the interview we decided to stay in Rapid City and see who we might meet.moreless
    • Erford Bedient
      Erford Bedient
      Episode 100
      We met Erford Bedient in front of his apartment at the Veteran's Home in Rapid City, South Dakota. He willingly told us about his tour in Vietnam and his life today. After the interview we visited the Mount Rushmore National Memorial.
    • Richard
      Episode 99
      When we met Richard he was outside working on his car. He agreed to the interview and we set up the cameras on his front porch. Richard told us about his childhood and about his vast knowledge of firearms. He also told us that as a child he was responsible for providing meat for his family to eat, something which he did often. When we asked Richard how he would like to be remembered he replied with a gentle grin, "As somewhat of a character". After we finished the interview Richard brought out his prized pistols and let us take a look at them. After we said goodbye to him we made our way further west in search of our next interview.moreless
    • Grace Wick
      Grace Wick
      Episode 98
      We met Grace Wick at the Post Office in Mitchell, South Dakota. Since she had some errands to run, she suggested that we meet at her house later on to conduct the interview. Once we reconvened, Grace told us about her childhood on a farm in Lyman County, South Dakota and how she met her husband. Since his death a year and a half ago, Grace has lived alone in Mitchell. She plans to sell their home and counts church and her family as the most important things in her life today.moreless
    • Deb
      Episode 97
      We found Deb at the end of a long day. She was inside a bar having a drink. Once we got the interview inside we set up cameras. Deb told us about growing up in the country and about her daily life as a bartender in Mitchell. On weekends she and her friends sometimes get together and have cooking parties. Before we left we had a beer with the locals and enjoyed a bit more time with Deb.moreless
    • Leo
      Episode 96
      We found Leo inside a shoe repair shop on Main street. He told us about a nearby park so we followed him there and set up the cameras. Leo told us that he spent his life building bridges, something which he was very proud of. He also told us that he volunteers at the Salvation Army and goes to church twice a day. When we finished the interview we thanked Leo and we headed west.moreless
    • Derald Merryman
      Derald Merryman
      Episode 95
      We spotted Derald Merryman working in his yard as we drove through Geneva, Nebraska. Once he agreed to do an interview, we set up our cameras in his backyard. Derald told us about his childhood in Nebraska and getting into farming for himself. After the interview, Derald took us on a brief tour of his woodshop before going inside to watch a movie with his wife.moreless
    • Leroy Olsen
      Leroy Olsen
      Episode 94
      Leroy Olsen is 90 years old. Since his wife passed away he has lived alone in Winnebago, Minnesota. Leroy spent his whole life farming and wishes that he was still farming. Although Leroy mows all of the lawns between his house and the car wash up the street during the summer, he mainly stays indoors during the cold Minnesota winters.moreless
    • Billy
      Episode 93
      We met Billy one afternoon at the local Dairy Queen for some ice cream. We asked the woman working the counter if she knew of any interesting people in the area and she immediately thought of Billy. He arrived 15 minutes later and we set up cameras in the back parking lot and Billy began to tell us about his life and how he is somewhat of a fixture at the Dairy Queen. It seems that the local kids all enjoy hearing Billy tell his stories and jokes and are always asking him to spend some time with them. When we finished the interview Billy took us back to his house so that we could film him from his balcony. As he waved goodbye to us we joked with him that he looked as if he was the President waving down to his adoring fans.moreless
    • Eagle
      Episode 92
      We spotted Eagle walking down the street in Albert Lea, Minnesota. After he agreed to the interview, we set up our cameras in front of the KC pawn and gun shop. Eagle is a Grand Master and teaches Shamanism and Wiccan practices and beliefs. He told us about some of the persecution that Pagan practitioners face in the United States today and he also told us about some of the different types of Paganism. Eagle is currently living with a friend, having recently relocated to ALbert Lea, and plans to see what the gods have in store for him there.moreless
    • Logan
      Episode 91
      We met Logan after we spotted him walking through the town center. He agreed to do an interview so we went around the corner and found an abandoned alley. Logan told us about his difficult childhood and his discovery of God. He also told us that he had died four times and that he felt it was a miracle that he was still alive. When we left Logan we wished him well and we headed north towards Minnesota.moreless
    • Alva
      Episode 90
      We met Alva while driving through a small neighborhood in Leon, Iowa. He was doing volunteer work on a home and we were immediately drawn to the interview and we set up cameras on the side of his house. He told us about being Amish and about how he had asked his wife out for the first time under a cherry tree. Alva spoke to us about his past and ow he helps people in need. As we were packing up the gear, he told us that his grandfather was related to Newt Gingrinch. He further went on to tell us that Davey was an expert marksman and would often times shoot apples off of people's heads.moreless
    • Kathleen Worcestor
      Kathleen Worcestor
      Episode 89
      When we found Kathleen Worcestor on Granville Avenue in Fairfield, Iowa she had just picked up some fresh berries for breakfast. After she agreed to the interview, Kathleen told us about her childhood in Mount Vernon, Iowa and her dreams of becoming a mother. She is currently living in Fairfield and teaching at the Maharishi University of Management. Kathleen is married to her soulmate and has two sons. She plans to continue working at the university and dreams of one day becoming a grandmother.moreless
    • Deb Johnson
      Deb Johnson
      Episode 88
      Deb Johnson is the manager of Josie's River Queen bar in McGRegor, Iowa. She agreed to spare a few minutes to talk with us about her life as a bar manager when we stopped into Josie's for a refreshment. Deb became a grandmother when she was 43 years old, but she will never give up her Harley Davidson gear for support stockings. She is one tough customer with a heart of gold and a few best kept secrets. Deb enjoys her life in McGregor and spends as much time as she can with all her good friends and family.moreless
    • Ernie
      Episode 87
      We met Ernie when we decided to stop off in McGregor, Iowa. He was sitting at the bar drinking a coke and waiting to go to work. Ernie was nice enough to give us an interview and told us about being in the military and also about being in a motorcycle gang. Ernie ended up in McGregor because as he put it, he "Fell in lust" with a woman and decided to move. Despite Ernie's rough looks he was a very kind and gentle man and as we left he wished us well.moreless
    • Edward Devenport
      Edward Devenport
      Episode 86
      We met Edward Devenport in front of his apartment building in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. He was sitting with a group of friends talking. When we approached him to ask if he would be interested in being interviewed, he told us that he had just come from the wake of a friend, but that we could do whatever we wanted. Devenport grew up during the depression and is a veteran of the United States Army, having served 16 months in Korea during the Korean War. After the interview we left Devenport and we drove further west into Iowa.moreless
    • Clem
      Episode 85
      It was the end of the day when we saw Clem walking along the street. once he agreed to the interview we had to quickly set up the cameras before we lost our light. Clem told us about his happy childhood and about becoming a teacher. Clem is also a devoted husband and caring father. When we left Clem he climbed into his wife's car and they headed home.moreless
    • Joe
      Episode 84
      We found Joe standing in front of his house in Aledo with his dog Molly. Once he agreed to the interview we set up cameras in front of his camper. Joe has 10 children with his wife Maggie and each year Joe goes for two weeks to catch catfish. He and his family eat some of those fish later in the year at their family reunion. After the interview Joe was going to relax inside and watch sports on the television.moreless
    • Bernie
      Episode 83
      We met Bernie outside of a convenience store in Barnville, Wisconsin. He happily told us about his life as a farmer and his struggle to overcome cancer. 11 years ago, Bernie won the lottery and plans to leave his savings to his only son who lives in Fennimore, Wisconsin.
    • Robin
      Episode 82
      We found Robin when we decided to stop off at a local auction. He let us take him off to a secluded location for the interview. Robin told us that he has battled depression for most of his life. He used to spend hours a day meditating but had not been doing that lately. Robin told us of his desire to live on the coast where he felt the thinking was more progressive, but at the moment he was stuck in the Midwest. When we left Robin he went to his car and gave us a bunch of CDs he had burned. One of the CDs he gave us was Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, which was of particular interest to us especially after we had met Clinton.moreless
    • Mick Case
      Mick Case
      Episode 81
      We spotted Mick Case mowing his lawn in Lacon, Illinois. He told us that he normally wasn't the type to do interviews but for some strange reason he agreed. Mick is retired from the fertilizer factory in Henry, Illinois, but he still works part time. He is happily married and takes his wife out every Friday night. Other than that, Mick told us that he mainly "keeps to himself." He and his wife have two songs, one lives in Illinois and the other lives in Florida.moreless
    • Huey P. Long
      Huey P. Long
      Episode 80
      We met Huey P. Long in his antique shop along the side of highway 51 in Janesville, Wisconsin. Huey is a history buff with a passion for antiques and collectibles. After living in Florida and Louisiana, he moved back to Wisconsin to open his shop and to spend more time with his family.moreless
    • Jeff
      Episode 79
      On a whim, we decided to drive to the shore of Lake Michigan. Once we arrived there, we met Jeff and asked him if we would like to be interviewed. At first he was reluctant because he wasn't sure if he would have a very special story to tell. After we reassured him that we were still interested, he agreed. Jeff told us about the areamoreless
    • Theresa
      Episode 78
      After eating a delicious bbq lunch we drove through Theresa's neighborhood and spotted her walking near her house. She agreed to the interview and we set up the cameras. Theresa went inside and gathered a few of her poems as well of herself when she was younger. She told us about her youth and growing up near many farms and also about her days as a model. Theresa also told us that she is extremely religious and that God is extremely important to her. When we left Theresa we drove to Lake Michigan to look for our next interview.moreless
    • Jerry Willis
      Jerry Willis
      Episode 77
      When we met Jerry Willis along the side of the road in Waverly, Tennessee he was selling pumpkins from his pumpkin patch. Jerry is a retired farmer who has spent his entire life working the land. Nowadays, he takes it easy and only tends to a few small crops. He told us that his dreams were to go to Jerusalem, but that he didn't think he would ever go there in his lifetime. Jerry loves the United States and is proud to be an American.moreless
    • Danny McBride
      Danny McBride
      Episode 76
      We met Danny early one morning as we were driving along a small country road. He was searching for his lost dog and when we asked him for an interview he was kind enough to take us back to his house and talk for a bit. Danny told us about is battle with alcoholism as well as his triumph over it. Although he still drinks occasionally he feels that he is on the correct path in life. Danny also told us about the various jobs that he has had in construction and about being a United States Marine Corp veteran. When we left Danny he was going to continue to search for his lost dog. We wished him well and continued on our journey.moreless
    • Poppy
      Episode 75
      We spotted Poppy sitting on her front porch in McEwan, Tennessee. We asked her if she knew who the town local was and she said "that's me!" Poppy is going through a divorce and at the time of the interview she had just gotten out of jail for domestic violence charges. Poppy and her kids are currently living in McEwan with her father while she pursues a degree in nursing.moreless
    • Jason
      Episode 74
      We met Jason after we decided to stop in and ask him if we could use his restroom. He was nice enough to let us do an interview so we set up the cameras inside his tattoo shop, SALVATION. He had recently moved to Erin from Detroit and told us about his transition to small town life as well as his childhood in Michigan. When we left Jason we headed west in search of our next interview.moreless
    • Manuel
      Episode 73
      Manuel was born in Michoacan, Mexico. His brother Adolfo taught him to sew when he was seven years old and he has been making clothes ever since. After Manuel moved to the United States he worked in the film industry and eventually with the legendary clothing designer Nudi Cohn at Nudie's Rodeo Tailors. After fourteen years with Nudie, Manuel opened his own clothing shop in North Hollywood and has been redefining true American style ever since. Today, Manuel lives in Nashville, Tennessee where his shop, Manuel's Exclusive Clothier's, is open for business. He is also working on a foundation called Friends of Manuel that will support a fashion institute for young clothing designers. His lifetime hero is the Lone Ranger.moreless
    • Harley Flory
      Harley Flory
      Episode 72
      We met Harley Flory along the side of highway 191 in Stryker, Ohio where he had set up a fruits and vegetables stand. Harley was more than happy to talk to us about his life as a farmer, and the strong faith that has led him through the years. A devout Christian, Harley has done extensive missionary work at the Torreon Navajo compound in New Mexico. He has also been an influential member of the school boards representing Defiance County. Harley tries to apply Christian principles when considering a solution and believes that "you should always do your best no matter who is watching."moreless
    • Derrick
      Episode 71
      We met Derrick in his yard on Lexingotn Street in Redford. Derrick took us to his bacckyard where we set up the cameras. HE told us about his life and about how he met his wife while in the United States Air Force. Derrick also told us that he has had "the best jobs int he world". He has been a limo driver, a pool man, and most recently a truck driver. Currently Derrick is unable to drive trucks because he injured his back. In the future he is looking forward to moving to Hawaii and relaxing with his wife and (hopefully) grandchildren.moreless
    • Eric
      Episode 70
      We interviewed Eric next to his house in Livonia, Michigan. He told us about growing up in Detroit as well as his mother's death. Today, ERic lives with his father and two of his three sisters. He works for a landscaping outfit and plans to go into business for himself.
    • Bob
      Episode 69
      Bob was one of our few "destination " interviews. His daughter SArah had suggested that we look him up if we were ever in Livonia. We decided to take her advice and we scheduled the interview the day before. Bob took us to his backyard where we set up the cameras. He told us about growing up in Detroit and about how he met his wife Jill. Bob also told us about his passion for making art out of steel. When we finished the interview he gave us homemade sweet potato pie.moreless
    • Joyce and June
      Joyce and June
      Episode 68
      Joyce and June were walking their paper route when we spotted them. After they agreed to the interview we followed them to the Methodist church and set up cameras. Joyce loves to ride motorcycles with her husband and June is very proud of the house that she currently lives in. When they finished the interview they said goodbye to us and we headed north.moreless
    • James Flory
      James Flory
      Episode 67
      We saw James Flory sitting in front of his apartment building reading a book. Once he agreed to do an interview, we went to a nearby clearing and set up our cameras. James told us about growing up on a farm and cultivating corn. He spent six years in the Marine Corps and another 35 years driving trucks for Lockhart Construction in Akron, Ohio. Today, James is unemployed and wants nothing more than to be working again.moreless
    • Walter
      Episode 66
      We found Walter sitting in his sun porch on a cold and rainy morning. He told us about growing up in Germany and his desire to return some day. Walter has been living in the same house since he was a teenager and recently retired. He doesn't do much these days and he likes it that way. When we left Walter he was going to walk down and get the mail.moreless
    • Glenn
      Episode 65
      We met Glenn in the center of Lisbon, Ohio. He was waiting for his mother to pick him up when we found him. After he agreed to do the interview, we set up our cameras behind Morgan's Drug Store. Glenn told us about growing up in Lisbon with his six brothers and sisters. He also told us that he spent time in prison after dropping out of high school. All of Glenn's friends call him "Dalton" after Patrick Swayze's character in Road House because "they both kick ass." Glenn recently became an uncle and he loves his niece with all of his heart. He also believes that "it takes a real man to cry."moreless
    • Frank
      Episode 64
      We found Frank cleaning his porch. When he sat down with us he told us about his life and his time spent in the military. Frank also told us that he is a Master Mariner. The house we interviewed Frank at has been in his family for 20 years but he was going to sell it because he and his wife were getting too old to take care of it. They were going to be moving into a smaller home a few blocks away. When we left Frank he was going to sit on his porch and have a Manhattan while he listened to the rain.moreless
    • Dale Leach
      Dale Leach
      Episode 63
      We met Dale Leach on our way to the auto mechanic after one of our tires had blown out. He agreed to the interview and we set up gear in his backyard. Dale grew up in Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania and has lived there all of his life. The one room school house that he attended is still standing across the street from his current home. After serving in the military, Dale worked for himself as an electrician until he was forced into retirement two years ago after suffering a near fatal fall. He lives with his wife of 53 years and spends his time working around the house. AFter the interview we said goodbye to Dale and his wife and continued on our way to the tire shop.moreless
    • Cynthia Truesdell
      Cynthia Truesdell
      Episode 62
      We spotted Cynthia Truesdall working in her yard as we drove down the highway in South Kortright, New York. After she agreed to the interview, we set up our cameras in her front yard. Cynthia told us about growing up in the country, meeting her husband and living on a farm. She also told us about her infatuation with Disney and how much she loves to watch scary movies. After the interview, we said goodbye to Cynthia and headed southwest towards Pennsylvania.moreless
    • Joe Bravo
      Joe Bravo
      Episode 61
      We stopped into Margaretville to get a cup of coffee and asked the attendent if they knew of anyone in town with a story to tell. He immediately told us of Joe and where we could find him. He decided to take us to his apartment to do the interview. Joe told us about his life and his family and told us about the war in Vietnam. He also told us about how much he loved living in Margaretville and how much the people there meant to him. When we left Joe he wished us well and returned to his friends.moreless
    • Faulk
      Episode 60
      We met Faulk on our way through the Catskill Mountains. He agreed to do the interview and we set up our gear behind his apartment building. Faulk told us about his youth as well as his love of the outdoors. He wishes that he could make it back to a cave he furnished in the Catskill Mountains, but fears that he may not.moreless
    • Peter
      Episode 59
      We spotted Peter on a Sunday afternoon as he was doing a bit of handyman work for his dentist. He was kind enough to take a break from his painting and give us an inter
    • Mark
      Episode 58
      We first spotted Mark while he was walking through the streets of Bennington. After we drove around for a bit we ran across Mark again and decided to ask him for an interview. Once he agreed we set up the cameras in the parking lot of a shuttle van company. Mark told us about his childhood and his drug use and its effect on his life. When he was 17 he experimented with LSD and that is when he began to have mental problems. Today Mark lives in a home in Bennington and tries to enjoy life as much as he can. When we finished the interview, Mark put on his headphones and continued his walk through the town.moreless
    • Arthur
      Episode 57
      We spotted Arthur one morning while he was outside his house spraying for weeds. His red suspenders and blue hat caught our eye and we decided to ask him for an interview. Although hesitant at first, Arthur agreed to let us film him. Arthur told us about his childhood and his time spent in the military. He also told us that he was a brick layer for most of his life. Arthur has been married to his wife for 50 years and they had recently celebrated their anniversary. Before we left, Arthur told us that he loves to garden and that he is particularly proud of his tomatoes. At one point he had grown 15 different types.moreless
    • Vernon
      Episode 56
      We met Vernon at a yard sale in Keene, New Hampshire. Once he agreed to do an interview, we went back to his house and set up our cameras in his driveway. Vernon grew up in Keene and has spent the majority of his life there. He recently retired and plans to travel the country with his wife in their newly bought car.moreless
    • Hike Twombly
      Hike Twombly
      Episode 55
      We spotted Hike Twombly mowing her lawn as we drove through Nottingham, New Hampshire. She agreed to take a short break from her yard work to do an interview. Hike told us about growing up on a nearby farm and about meeting her husband in high school. She is an active person who enjoys keeping her lawn and spending time with her family.moreless
    • Glenys
      Episode 54
      We spotted Glenys sitting on her porch in Saco, Maine. She agreed to do an interview and we set up the cameras on her front porch. Glenys told us about her childhood and about meeting her husband. She also told us that she felt she had lived a fairy tale life and that she wouldn't have changed any of it. Recently Glenys' husband passed away and she is still coping with that, telling us that she tries to live day by day. When we finished we wished Glenys well and gave her a hug.moreless
    • Batso
      Episode 53
      Nick "Batso" Maccharoli shows no signs of slowing down with age. A custom-car maker, tattoo canvas, and martial artist, the septuagenarian recently appeared on the HBO prison drama OZ. We met Batso at his home in Stratford, Connecticut and he happily told us about his childhood as well as his career as an auto mechanic. After the interview, Batso showed us the custom cars that he has made as well as some of the artwork. Before we left, he and his wife fed us lunch and gave us each a bar of homemade soap.moreless
    • Klinger
      Episode 52
      We met James Klinger late one evening. We spotted Klinger sitting outside of his flower shop talking to a friend. After he agreed to the interview we set up the cameras. Klinger told us about Sunbury and how it has changed over the years. He also told us about being in the military during World War II. After the interview was finished we headed to New York City to enjoy a day off and see some friends.moreless
    • Chris Swartz
      Chris Swartz
      Episode 51
      We spotted Chris Swartz using a metal detector in his front yard. He later told us that he was looking for historic artifacts. Once Chris agreed to do the interview, we set up our cameras on the front steps of his home. He told us about Richfield and what it was like growing up there. Chris works for one of the largest construction companies in the area and spends his free time with his wife and kids.moreless
    • Mr. Siebert
      Mr. Siebert
      Episode 50
      While driving through Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, we came across a young woman who told us about Mr. Siebert and his trolley cars. We found his house and rang the bell. Mr. Siebert answered the door and led us into his basement to show us the Venango Traction Company - his trolley layout in quarter inch scale. Mr. Siebert is a retired environmental engineer who spent most of his life working with the water department. His wife passed away 14 years ago and he has been living alone ever since. Aside from his daily walks, his trolley line is what keeps him busy and he works on it almost every night.moreless
    • Danny Bloxton
      Danny Bloxton
      Episode 49
      We saw Danny sitting on his porch as we drove past his house and immediately turned around to ask him for an interview. He kindly agreed and we set up the cameras. Danny told us about growing up in the neighborhood and about the struggles he and his family had. Danny's sister and father passed away when he was very young, leaving he and his brother to sell coal and berries to their neighbors to help him mom makes ends meet. He also told us about recently falling in love again with a woman he had been involve with many years ago. The yellow flowers on the porch were a gift from her. When we left we wished Danny well and headed north.moreless
    • Clinton
      Episode 48
      We met Clinton on an overcast afternoon. He was standing on the side of the road as if he had been waiting for us to come along. We quickly turned around and drove back to ask him for an interview. He agreed and began telling us his story. He told us about his obsession with Stevie Nicks and about his trip to Hollywood where he met Rosanne Barr. Clinton also told us a story about his friend Johnny S. who was murdered and dumped into his fireplace one night during a three day party. When we finished the interview we said goodbye to Clinton and drove north, listening to Fleetwood Mac at high volume.moreless
    • Suzy
      Episode 47
      We decided to interview Suzy in front of her place of business, Associated Tree Services. She is a very family oriented person and told us a lot about the town she grew up in as well as the history of her family. When we left Suzy she gave us a hug and wished us well.moreless
    • Daniella Barr
      Daniella Barr
      Episode 46
      We met Daniella Barr in Bristol, Virginia. She led us to her relative's house because she thought that he would have an interesting story to tell. After he declined to do an interview, Daniella admitted to us that she wanted to do an interview. She told us about her parents divorce and how their separation affected her and her brother. As a teenager, Daniella ran away from home and got caught up with drugs, but with her parents help she managed to get herself back on track. She is currently working in Bristol and plans to become a nurse.moreless
    • Jack & Doris
      Jack & Doris
      Episode 45
      We met Jack and Doris at an outdoor music festival in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. They have been married to one another for the past fifty-three years and started dancing together eight and a half years ago. They spend their time traveling the country from one dance festival to another teaching young children how to dance. Although they do not consider themselves professional dancers, Jack and Doris have made many friends through their travels and have recently been awarded their own dancing show in Florida.moreless
    • Lauren Beach
      Lauren Beach
      Episode 44
      Lauren Beach is a traveler. After high school, she went to Europe
    • Kirstin
      Episode 43
      When we met Kirstin we had nearly given up for the day. A friend of hers had recommended that we stop in and see Kirstin and ask for an interview. Kirstin accepted and took us to the back room where she needed to continue working. Once we got settled, we set up the cameras and she told us her story. Kirstin told us about growing up albino and about her difficulties with that. She also told us about breaking free of society's constraints.moreless
    • T.J.
      Episode 42
      We found TJ while we were eating lunch at a local restaurant. Initially he declined our request for an interview and drove away in his car. Several minutes passed before TJ came back and sat down at our table with us. He began telling us about his life and his various experiences. We quickly finished our lunch and went across the parking lot to film the interview. TJ told us about his encounters with drugs and his desire to become a writer in Hollywood. Although TJ's interview was a bit unconventional, we felt rewarded at its conclusion.moreless
    • Brenda Wray
      Brenda Wray
      Episode 41
      We met Brenda Wray while heading west through North Carolina. She was sitting in the trade lot where she sells collectibles with her granddaughter. Since her husbands death, Brenda lives alone and struggles to make ends meet. She agreed to do the interview since it was important to her that her story would get told.moreless
    • Mr. Blue
      Mr. Blue
      Episode 40
      We spotted Mr. Blue while we drove through his neighborhood. His blue jumpsuit and orange mower caught her eye immediately. He agreed to the interview and we set up on his front porch. During World War II he was in the Pacific Theater for three years, but told us he never felt like he was in danger and considered his time there an adventure. Mr. Blue is a very sweet man and we hope he is doing well.moreless
    • Tony Curtis Ward
      Tony Curtis Ward
      Episode 39
      We met Tony Curtis Ward along side of highway 17 in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He was sitting alone counting the cars. Tony grew up in the area and his father was killed when he was just a teenager. After college, Tony spent his early adulthood working for his brother in Atlanta, Georgia. He eventually moved back to North Myrtle Beach and became an auto mechanic. Today Tony lives alone and dreams of finding a "good woman."moreless
    • Cindy
      Episode 38
      Cindy has three children and lives in Atlanta, Georgia. When we met her in Graniteville, South Carolina and she was staying with her sister in order to be near her mother who was having surgery. Cindy enjoys spending time with her family and dreams of being able to travel more often.moreless
    • Deacon Hadley
      Deacon Hadley
      Episode 37
      We spotted the Deacon early on a hot and sunny afternoon. He was sitting on his porch relaxing when we asked him for the interview. He agreed and went inside and turned off the radio. When he came out he told us about his childhood days living on the farm and about his adult days as church going man. Recently his parish had given him an honorary plaque, something that the Deacon treasured.moreless
    • Lessie
      Episode 36
      Lessie was our first interview in Georgia. We exited the highway in Donalsonville and began driving through the neighborhoods. When we saw Lessie she was sitting on her front porch with her son Eddie. Her colorful outfit caught our eye immediately and we asked her for an interview. She kindly agreed and told us about her life as Eddie sat close by. Lessie is a very religious woman and is ready to meet Jesus so that she can be reunited with her loved ones.moreless
    • Foy Blue King
      Foy Blue King
      Episode 35
      Foy Blue King was named after the country doctor that delivered him. He grew up on a farm and had to work hard as a child. Even though Foy didn't want to go to school his mother made him and he is thankful for that now. Today, Foy is 90 years old and has been completely blind for the pas four years due to glaucoma. He is retired from the mill and lives in Opp, Alabama with his wife and their son Rex.moreless
    • Charles Kelley
      Charles Kelley
      Episode 34
      In the summer months it can be extremely hot in Andalusia, Alabama. During this time Charles Kelley's main concern is staying cool. Charles lives with his wife and their four dogs and one cat. He has one daughter and is recently retired from the cotton mill in neighboring Opp, Alabama.
    • Astrid
      Episode 33
      We found Astrid towards the end of the day. As we drove past her house we saw her sitting in her chair watching her dog play in the yard. She agreed to the interview and began by telling us about her childhood. She spent the majority of it living in countries all over the world. She returned to the United States and worked as a nurse until being forced to retire due to a disability. She told us that is she could live anywhere in the world it would be in Madeira, an island off the coast of Portugal.moreless
    • Joseph L. King
      Joseph L. King
      Episode 32
      Joseph L. King grew up on Mercier Avenue in Pass Christian, Mississippi and has remained there ever since. Joseph spent a number of years working in the seafood business and now works at the Seaway Marina. Even though he and his family lost their home in Hurricane Katrina, Joseph has a very optimistic outlook on life. He plans to build a new home for his family to pass on through the generations to come.moreless
    • Jeremie
      Episode 31
      We met Jeremie in a local restaurant in Hammond, Louisiana. He wasn't able to do the interview that evening so we rescheduled for the following day. Early the next morning Jeremie came to our hotel room. Once the cameras rolled Jeremie began telling us about his life and all the hardships he has had to overcome as well as all the different lifestyles he has lived. Jeremie is a special person who is doing his best to spread a message of hope and tolerance. After we finished the interview we headed further east into Mississippi.moreless
    • Donnie Calloway
      Donnie Calloway
      Episode 30
      Donnie Calloway is T. Joe and Ouida Calloway's grandson. T. Joe insisted that we pay Donnie a visit at his health club before we left Baton Rouge. When we first met Donnie he was tearing up the floor in his office to fix a broken water pipe. Once things settled down a bit Donnie told us about his life and why he is not a very hopeful or optimistic person.moreless
    • The Calloways
      The Calloways
      Episode 29
      We met T. Joe Calloway in front of the Calloway Inn in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We asked him who "Calloway" was and he proudly proclaimed "I'm Calloway!" We decided to stay the night at the hotel and were treated to a grand tour by T. Joe and his wife Ouida. They told us about getting married and also about T. Joe's rambling ways. When we finished the interview they took us to see their grandson Donnie at his health club down the street. If you ever find yourself in Baton Rouge, be sure to stop in at The Calloway Inn and say "hi" to T. Joe and Ouida.moreless
    • Jefferson Orwell Opal
      In 1994 Jefferson Orwell Opal legally changed his name to honor Thomas Jefferson, George Orwell and the gemstone Opal. He considers himself to be the most photographed man in Baton Rouge - largely because of the homemade pet carrier that he has attached to his bicycle. Jefferson works as a computer programmer and was more than happy to share his story with us.moreless
    • Richard Oliveaux
      Richard Oliveaux
      Episode 27
      We met Richard at his restaurant where we ate lunch with him. Afterward he took us into his office and the interview began. Richard told us about his childhood and about his father's job at the prison. Richard also told us that he recently suffered a heart attack and that he now tries to live life to the fullest. If you are ever in his part of the country definitely stop in and have the best bbq around.moreless
    • John D. Montgomery
      John D. Montgomery
      Episode 26
      John David Montgomery goes by many different names. He is an amateur historian, barber and knife-thrower. He is also the bartender at the Under the Hill Saloon in Natchez, Mississippi. Growing up in Natchez, John David knew and revered many "colorful" politicians, outlaws and "true characters." Something of a bandit himself, John David would only agree to do an interview if we cleaned and re-stocked his bar, which he carefully instructed us on how to do properly. After a tour and a few drinks, John David finally went 'on-camera' and gave us a little bit of that southern charm.moreless
    • Frances
      Episode 25
      We met Frances in the Under The Hill Saloon in Natchez, Mississippi. She befriended us while we were trying to get an interview with John David Montgomery. After talking with her we decided that she would be a great person to interview and she happily agreed. We went outside and set up the cameras on the bank of the mighty Mississippi. As fog horns honked in the background Frances told us about her life. She is rediscovering herself and the happiness that life can bring. Aside from working all the time Frances loves to travel, go river rafting and she has even gone sky diving!moreless
    • Mrs. Dennis
      Mrs. Dennis
      Episode 24
      We heard about Mrs. Dennis from a friend of ours and decided to stop in and see her. Her first husband was killed in a robbery. She told us that she forgave the criminals and that she put her faith even more deeply in the Lord. Her present husband, who is also in his 90's, is a preacher. Mrs. Dennis is a very sweet lady who has many people around the world that love her.moreless
    • Anthony
      Episode 23
      While driving through the small town of Dumas, Arkansas we quickly spotted Anthony riding his blue bicycle along the road. We trailed him for several blocks before we could get in front of him to ask for the interview. He was extremely nice and told us to follow him to his home where he offered us some Sunny Delight to drink. Anthony told us about growing up in Detroit and about having a son at a very young age. Although Anthony has dealt with many hardshipsmoreless
    • Joe Bratton
      Joe Bratton
      Episode 22
      We met Joe Bratton at his house on Elm Street in Leslie, Arkansas. He was out getting the mail when we asked him to do an interview. Joe has lived in Leslie his entire life and has kept score for children's basketball games for the past 40 years. He currently lives with his cousin and takes computer classes at the adult school. Joe is also a licenses and ordained Baptist Minister.moreless
    • Hank
      Episode 21
      Hank was our first interview in Arkansas. As we drove along the highway we spotted Hank on his mower and immediately turned the car around to ask him for an interview. He agreed and we set up the cameras in the parking lot of a church. Aside from taking care of the church's lawn Hank is also an independent caregiver for the elderly and enjoys both jobs thoroughly.moreless
    • Diana
      Episode 20
      We met Diana in front of her sister's furniture store in Kissee Mills, Missouri. Even though she was planning on joining her family for dinner, she agreed to do an interview. Diana has big ups and downs in her life, but she is currently very happy to be living with her puppy and her long time friend.moreless
    • Steven
      Episode 19
      We found Steven in Neosho, Missouri on a hot and sunny morning. We had seen him when we first came into town but were unable to catch him on his bicycle. As fate would have it, Steven crossed our path about an hour later and agreed to be interviewed. He took us to a factory across from a school where he told us about his life. Steven used to be homeless and he also used to own his own cleaning business. After he left us Steve told us about how he was going to ride to his friend's house.moreless
    • Ethan Temple
      Ethan Temple
      Episode 18
      Ethan Temple describes himself as a people person. He is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Optimist Club and the museum. Now that he is retired, Ethan spends his time visiting his friends and tending to his lawn. Always a fairly serious young man, Ethan came up with the following maxim when he was 26 years old to help him cope with the challenges of life: "Normalcy is your ability to extract happiness."moreless
    • John
      Episode 17
      When we found John we were parked across the street from the cemetery in Cushing, Oklahoma. As we were filming the cemetery's sign, John crossed our path. After he agreed to the interview we followed him back to his home where he told us about his life. During the interview his faithful companion Sassy sat on his lap. John is married and he and his wife have 12 children between them. John also enjoys playing Bridge at the Senior Center every Monday night.moreless
    • Billie Francis Rice
      Billie Francis Rice lives in Cushing, Oklahoma with his unnamed cat. He spends his time working "odd-jobs" and tending to his backyard tomato garden. When we met Billie, he was sitting on his front porch watching the clouds move north.
    • Kelly Eugene Guinn
      Kelly Eugene Guinn
      Episode 15
      We spotted Kelly riding his bicycle on the way to the liquor store. He took us back to his house where we set up the interview in his driveway. After telling us about his parents, Kelly told us that he never really had a true friend in his life and that he is forced to rummage through the trash for food.moreless
    • Lynn
      Episode 14
      When we met Lynn she was mowing the lawn of the Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Graham, Texas with her boyfriend MIchael. She lives in Mineral Wells, Texas and has three children.
    • Barry
      Episode 13
      Barry was one of our few destination specific interviews. We had heard about him months before and wanted to meet him and do an interview. The drive from Marfa to Fort Davis was filled with blue skies and white clouds. We set up the interview in the back of the Snake Museum and Barry began to tell his tale. If you are ever in Fort Davis make sure to stop in and see Barry and ask him to tell you the story about the monkey and the parrot.moreless
    • Doc Whitman
      Doc Whitman
      Episode 12
      We met Doc Whitman in front of his house in Marfa, Texas. He is a retired Border Patrol Officer who spends his time keeping lawns and visiting with his wife Francis. Doc considers himself to be an "old eccentric" and "different from everybody else."
    • Traci
      Episode 11
      We met Traci while checking into the Riata Inn. Her interview took place in the parking lot behind the motel. Her energy and kind spirit made the interview a pleasure to conduct. She told us of growing up in Texas and about her love for her brother. She and her husband have been managing the Riata for one year and enjoy the experience, but Traci misses sitting on her porch in West Texas listening to the rain.moreless
    • Jim Carter
      Jim Carter
      Episode 10
      Jim Carter grew up on a farm with ten brothers and sisters. Although Jim always wanted to stay on the farm, he was called upon by God to bear witness. After Jim left his home he got married and later divorced. Jim is currently living near his son in government housing but plans to move to Albuquerque, New Mexico in the near future.moreless
    • Rey
      Episode 9
      We found Rey in downtown Springer as he was exiting the local grocery store. He hopped into our van and we drove to his house where we conducted the interview. Rey is an art school teacher and a military veteran. He plans on expanding his chicken coop, adding onto his house, acquiring some quail, building a tree house, constructing a miniature golf area and planting a secret garden. When we left Rey he was kind enough to offer us a cold drink of water and homemade biscuits with jalapeno jelly.moreless
    • Louis
      Episode 8
      We stopped by Rumours Bar in Canon City, Colorado for a quick game of pool and a bite to eat. It was there that we met Louis. Since it was his day off from work, he agreed to talk to us for a little while. Louis is a kind man who used to own a small tobacco shop. He plans to go back to school and study art and dreams about seeing more of his three kids.moreless
    • Clah
      Episode 7
      Clah Two Eagles was playing pool in a local bar when we found him. After he finished his game he walked us across the street to Elk's Lodge and sat down assuredly. He told us of his childhood as an orphan as well as his time served in the United States military where he was wounded in battle and met President Kennedy. His childhood dream was finally realized when he was able to parachute out of an airplane. Clah's heartwarming smile and candid delivery made us feel an attachment to him which we hope you feel as well.moreless
    • Clara
      Episode 6
      Clara was in her front yard gardening when we first saw her. After a moment's hesitation she agreed to give us an interview. Clara told us about her childhood in Oklahoma and about becoming a mother and a grandmother. At present, Clara lives in Montrose, Colorado and looks after two young children.moreless
    • Gordon
      Episode 5
      We had gotten up early and driven nearly 100 miles to find our next interview. We found Gordon as he was working his part time job in Moab, Utah. When we approached him for an interview he jokingly asked, "How much time do you have"? After shutting his lawnmower off, he told us of a rich family life and a devotion to the Lord. As we drove away we all commented to each other that Gordon seemed to have found a very special inner peace.moreless
    • Palmer Black
      Palmer Black
      Episode 4
      Palmer Black is a retired Naval Officer who lives with his wife in Blanding, Utah. Palmer loves to go fishing and boating. When he and his wife aren't traveling, he is most often working on his house or spending time with some of his many children and grandchildren.
    • Kee
      Episode 3
      Driving for hours through the dusty roads of the Navajo reservation we had been unsuccessful in finding a person to interview. When we stumbled upon Kee we could tell instantly that he was going to be a very special person by the way he carried himself. Once he agreed to the interview he took us several miles away from his home to an abandoned grouping of rocks. Here he would tell us of his life on the reservation and his strong commitment to his family. Although his sister had sliced his face with a knife, he professed his love and forgiveness for her. As we left we felt connected to Kee and wished him well. We piled into the van and headed northeast towards Utah.moreless
    • Tommie Holliday
      Tommie Holliday
      Episode 2
      We met Tommie Holliday in the parking lot of the Kathryn Heidenreich Adult Center in Kingman, Arizona. His van had broken down and he needed a jump-start, so we offered him one in exchange for an interview. It turns out that Tommie lives in Kingman with his dog Pee Wee and is anxiously waiting to be re-united with the love of his life once he serves out his probation for helping her bury a man without a permit.moreless
    • Jess
      Episode 1
      Jess was our first interview. We found him sitting on the side of the road during the middle of the day. He told us he was waiting for his trailer to be repaired so that could go live alone in the desert. Although hesitant at first, Jess agreed to spare a bit of his time and talk to us. His rugged delivery and appearance soon gave way to a gentle man who was just looking for some peace in his life. After leaving Jess we headed further east into Arizona to look for our next interview.moreless