Itty Bitty Liddy

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Itty Bitty Liddy

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Itty Bitty Liddy is a short black-and-white web show created by the Big Fat Brain media studio. Matt Bledsoe and Troy Hitch, comedy writers and owners of BFB, create the secret agent figure Liddy (Troy Hitch) in this spy-adventure web show. The main character resembles G. Gordon Liddy, a former real-life FBI agent and Watergate scandal organizer. Government scientists (Bledsoe and Hitch) shrink Liddy down to insect size in each episode and send him on missions to implicate left-wing political figures. Unfortunately, while completing his mission, he usually finds out that his conservative buddies are already involved, which always requires the spy to change his plans quickly. In one clip, he heads to a senator's home to plant dirty magazines but ends up needing to flush himself down the toilet after someone unexpectedly arrives. The Al Gore character appears in the series after Liddy heads to Nashville to spy on the ex-Vice President. He turns himself into a statue on Gore's mantle unknowingly before he discovers that the former VP likes to do unusual things with his awards. Itty Bitty Liddy is a good but unlucky secret agent.


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AIRED ON 1/4/2008

Season 1 : Episode 3

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