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  • Season 4
    • Mortal Kombat
      Mortal Kombat
      Episode 21
      Lyrics Witten By Jace HallComposed By Jace HallProduced By Jace HallAll instruments by Jace HallCo- Produced by Ian Boxill Additional Drum Programming Ian BoxillMixed By Ian Boxill
    • 3/31/11
      In the Season 4 Finale, we get a musical tour of Epic Games HQ with Cliffy B, see exclusive Duke footage in all of its “glory”, peak at new Mortal Kombat gameplay and debut the newest verse of “I Play WOW” with help from YOU, the fans.
    • In this supersized episode, Jace gets the exclusive story of Duke Nukem’s resurrection with Gearbox Software CEO, Randy Pitchford. We also go to EPIC Games to talk with Cliffy B., on a cliff?
    • Keepin It Unreal
      Episode 18
      Even more epic RAGE Exclusive footage from id Software. And Cliffy B and Kelly Hu both drop by the office to PWN Jace with technology from today and the 1950s? Also a rare ride on the Goodyear Blimp with Todd and Jace!
    • 3/4/11
      Exclusive RAGE direct feed gameplay! Gaikai’s Dave Perry takes Jace on in a Navy SEAL obstacle course challenge. At the request of Ted Price, Jace hunts out Sen. Leland Yee? And The Legend of Neil’s Sandeep Parikh.
    • 2/25/11
      Donald Faison comes clean about what happened to the money he owed Jace. We also get more info on what the hell Gaikai is with the legendary Dave Perry, and check out RAGE, the first new IP from the creators of Doom and Quake
    • Ice-T & Coco on the set
      Logan Huffman wants to know who is posting comments about him online and asks Jace for help. Meanwhile Joe Flanigan is caught again flirting in the V costume. Jace heads to the set of Law and Order: SVU to catch up with Ice – T and Coco.
    • Fuzzbuddy Friction
      Episode 15
      Dave Perry shows us his shiny new company, Gaikai and Randy Pitchford gives Jace the golden password…”May 3rd”. Also, DC Universe Online PvP server action and a phone call with Randy’s kids? Pubes.
    • Indecent Proposal
      Episode 14
      Jace is co-hosting SOE’s Fan Faire in Las Vegas where our impulsive Froglok is leveling up his courage for his big moment. We also check out another SOE MMORPG, DC Universe Online.
    • 2/4/11
      At SOE’s annual Fan Faire, we meet the worlds most impulsive Froglok who’s willing to “jump” into any situation. Also Jane Badler is creating some issues at SG:U in Canada, and Jace and Todd get the shakedown at the IGN.com HQ by the review team.
    • Not Too Badler
      Episode 12
      Cliffy B. takes on the KABOOM! challenge, Stargate Excecutive Producer Brad Wright is having bad flashbacks with Jace on the “Bridge” set. Also NGAME.tv and Ted Price.
    • Stargate Wars
      Episode 11
      Jace is back in Vancouver to get more Stargate insider info from old friend, Executive Producer Brad Wright, then we check out more of Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic.
    • 1/14/11
      Jace talks with Star Wars The Old Republic devs, Bioware to separate the truth from the lies. Also more with the stars of “V”, Lara Croft and behind the scenes from NGAME.TV.
    • 1/7/11
      Jace gets a special “Visitor” in Jane Badler, as well as making a trip to talk with the stars of the new “V” series about the happy family that works on the show. Also we crash Jessica Chobot’s show on IGN.com and a call from the President, Barack Obama.
    • 12/17/10
      Logan Huffman from “V” tracks down Jace at the Lost Planet 2 launch party. We also visit the creators of Tomb Raider’s, Lara Croft, Crystal Dynamics to talk about her “physical” evolution. Plus exclusive Marvel vs Capcom 3 gameplay, Olivia Munn and more.
    • The Heavy Hand
      Episode 7
      Ted Price educates us on the newest Supreme Court attack on video games, while IGN.com teaches us about how games really get their Review scores on their website. Plus Marvel VS. Capcom 3, and an interview of Jace for a change by NGAME.tv .
    • 12/6/10
      Jace gets pwned by the king of cars himself, George Barris and the real Batmobile. Also a trip to our favorite video game website, IGN and a visit with Ted Price at Insomniac Games to talk video game laws. Jack Thompson anyone?
    • Ninjas Must Die!
      Episode 5
      MMA Legend, Cung Le proved he can send a grown man flying with a spinning heel kick, and now proves he can ride a horse and sense ninjas? And we take a glimpse at SOE’s Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures!
    • Cung Le, Milynn Sarley, Clone Wars Adv.
      MMA Legend, Cung Le proved he can send a grown man flying with a spinning heel kick, and now proves he can ride a horse and sense ninjas? Also @TheGamerChick, Milynn Sarley comes by. And we take a glimpse at SOE’s Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures!
    • Exclusive iPhone RAGE gameplay, Audrina Patrdige dance lessons and MMA Legend, Cung Le.
    • Jace heads to Las Vegas to talk with Bethesda Softworks’ Jason Bergman & learns not only why he was passed up for a spot on the Fallout New Vegas cast, but that Felicia Day is didn’t get passed up. Also Audrina Patridge & Duke Nukem: Forever spy footage.
    • 10/29/10
      Hail to the King! Duke Nukem Lives! Exclusive first in-game footage from the highly anticipated sequels Duke Nukem: Forever and F.E.A.R. 3, only on the Season 4 Premier of The Jace Hall Show. Also a visit with old friend, Stan Lee.
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