Jace Hall - Season 1

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Episode Guide

  • Episode 20
    Episode 20
    The conclusion of the Corvette race between Todd and Jace from the Prince of Persia Party and an interview with the President of Sony Pictures Television, Steve Mosko who has some product placement ideas for Jace.
  • Episode 19
    Episode 19
    Jace and Todd miss their flight and decide to race corvettes to the Ubisoft Launch Party for Prince of Persia in San Francisco. We also get a behind the scenes look at Creepshow: RAW, a new online web series with episode director Wilmer Valderrama.
  • Episode 18
    Episode 18
    Jace and Seth settle the video game score with some Mortal Kombat vs DC, and we get an exclusive look at “Aliens” from Gearbox Software without the permission of CEO, Randy Pitchford.
  • Episode 17
    Episode 17
    Jace gets a visit from Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane to play some old school Atari games. Then we head out to Blizzard Entertainment to meet up with the lead designers of World of Warcraft and get an exclusive inside look at creating new content for the world, Jace gets some revenge on Felicia Day as well.moreless
  • Episode 16
    Episode 16
    Jace visits Ice – T and Coco in New York and claims he is a character in Gears of War, which Ice – T just doesn’t believe and calls up the Gears creator, Cliffy B to get the truth. We also get the truth about Coco’s supposedly “bionic butt implants”.
  • A touching tribute to the death of 3d Realms. The world may never see Duke Nukem Forever but we will forever here Duke Nukem's voice through Ventrilo Harrasment. Plus, a motley crew of Star Trek cast members gets together for some dinner and a bit too much to drink.
  • 0.0
    Chadam lives! Alex Pardee talks about the upcoming Chadam feature. Fully animated by the unreal game engine. Ah, it's Corey the Intern's first interview - epic fail! Meanwhile Morris Chestnut steals Jace Hall's hotel suite and finds he has a camera problem.
    Episode 13
    Jace sneaks a peek at the new ALIENS: Colonial Marines game and BORDERLANDS - THEN Jace goes to sneak a look at DOOM 4 and RAGE!!! This EPISODE IS EPIC!!! MUST SEE!
  • Episode 13
    Episode 13
    Take an exclusive all access tour of id Software, makers of the Doom series of games, and get a first peak at Doom 4 and RAGE. At the office, Marti has had enough of the show, is fed up with Corey the Intern and decides to do something about it.
  • 8/21/08
    Jace gets PWNED by Sony Pictures Television President STEVE MOSKO - THEN - Jace visits MONOLITH PRODUCTIONS INC. and sneaks a peek at PROJECT ORIGIN (FEAR 2)!!!!
  • 8/13/08
    President John Smedley gives Jace a sneak peek at DC UNIVERSE ONLINE while Sony Online Entertainment Beats Valve at Team Fortress 2 - THEN - A SPECIAL BEHIND THE SCENES LOOK AT CREEPSHOW: RAW!!!!
  • 8/6/08
    A hostile production meeting takes place at scrappy development house COLLISION STUDIOS and Jace goes to the home of "LOST" TV star DAN ROEBUCK to check out his private MONSTER MUSEUM!
  • 7/29/08
    80's Icon and star of the hit show "The Two Coreys," Corey Feldman talk music and video games - PLUS JACE FIGHTS the MANLIEST MAN IN THE VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY - PAUL STEEEEEEEED!!!
  • 7/22/08
    Jace goes head to head with conservative attorney and activist, JACK THOMPSON, over the issue of violence in video games THEN does a BUTT WORKOUT with super-hottie actress/model Vida Guerra after a round of GTA IV!!!
  • 7/16/08
    Jace confronts GAMEPRO MAGAZINE, Geoff Keighley, N'Gai Croal and other top video game journalists about the dirty rumors of editorial industry shenanigans and gets to the bottom of the controversy.
  • 7/9/08
    Jace hangs out with World Series Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling and sneaks a look at the top secret 38 Studios' MMO project "Copernicus" - THEN JACE GOES TO WiiMBLEDON!!!
  • 7/2/08
    Wilmer Valderama and Jace discuss things NON FEZ, and then CEO Mike Wilson of publisher GAMECOCK explains the proper philosophy to have when game making...
  • 11/19/10
    Scrubs star Donald Faison drops by the office. Also Cung Le shows us some of his real life moves at his Dojo in San Jose. Then we head to Capcom USA to check out some of the customizable tools of death in DeadRising 2.
  • 6/26/08
    Jace tries to explore the internet Chocolate Rain phenomenon that is Tay Zonday then, while investigating the hot new upcoming game, "BROTHERS IN ARMS: HELL'S HIGHWAY," Jace investigates rumors that the CEO of Gearbox software, Randy Pitchford, was seen hanging around some lesbian strippers!!!
  • 6/19/08
    MMA Champion Cung Le hates the show, Zack Levi (star of the TV show "Chuck") gets his Street Fighter 2 on, and Gears of War creator Cliffy B goes skydiving and gun toting with Jace!!
  • 6/12/08
    Singer/actress Christina Milian challenges Jace's gaming skill and then Jace goes to investigate a rare 3 wheeled animal called the "T-REX"
  • 5/30/08
    Jace Hall lands an exclusive interview with George Broussard and Scott Miller of 3D Realms. He even gets to play Duke Nukem Forever, the game that’s been in development for over 12 years – and Jace has the footage to prove it! Also includes an interview with Greg Grunberg of "Heroes."moreless