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Jeopardy! Minisode

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Jeopardy Minisodes are condensed episodes of the trivia game show favorite hosted by Alex Trebek. The show is notable for its "answer as a question" format, where Trebek gives reads the answer in a given category, and contestants race to buzz in and give the correct corresponding question. Contestants choose from several different categories and the value of each question, with the difficulty of the answer rising with its dollar value. Jeorpardy's categories are known for covering an extensive range of topics, so viewers will be able to answer along as well as learn new subjects. The minisodes show highlights from all three rounds of Jeopardy: the first round, Double Jeopardy (where answer values are doubled), and Final Jeopardy, where all the contestants have time to wager any amount they want and answer the question individually. For fans of the show, Jeopardy Minisodes are a great way to get your trivia fix in short, 6-minute video clips.

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Season 2005 : Episode 366002

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