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    • Jeopardy! Teen Tournament 2003
      Jeopardy! Teen Tournament 2003
      Season 2003 - Episode 364498
      Answer: My old teachers. Question: Who says kidz today arn't enteligent? Alex Trebek & the Jeopardy folks have gotten together three of the smartest teens this side of scholarship. See bullies? Be nice to the smart kids. They might be on a game show.
    • Jeopardy!: College Championship, Yale pt. 2
      Answer: Alex Trebek. Question: Who can wear a suit 24/7 and never look out of place? Alex is back at Yale, with returning champions, and everything from comic books to religion is fair game. This is what your college education was REALLY for.
    • Jeopardy!: College Championship, Yale pt. 1
      WHAT ARE JEOPARDY MINISODES ALEX? - You know you loved it when the College and Teen Tournaments were on because you thought you could measure up.
    • Jeopardy! Teen Tournament 2005
      Jeopardy! Teen Tournament 2005
      Season 2005 - Episode 366002
      What is an 'overachiever' Alex? If you're a Jeopardy contestant during your teenage years, you probably don't have any safety schools in your college applications. Come watch the intellectual, non-dancing version of "Bring it On."
    • Jeopardy! Teen Tournament 2001
      Jeopardy! Teen Tournament 2001
      Season 2001 - Episode 366000
      Alex Trebek quizzes the kids. The problem with this “Jeopardy!” is that it makes you realize you didn’t learn enough in high school. We’ll bet the cash that these kids won made up for all the wedgies they most likely received.
    • Jeopardy! Teen Tournament 2002
      Jeopardy! Teen Tournament 2002
      Season 2002 - Episode 365541
      Alex Trebek goes head to head with the pubescent in a teen tournament. Here’s a little tidbit to pass around: the music Merv Griffin composed for “Jeopardy!” is titled "Time, For Tony" – that one’s free, but the rest will cost you.
    • Jeopardy! College Championship, Ohio State
      Alex Trebek is ready. Ohio State is ready. Are you ready to play Jeopardy? Here's a leg up on some of the categories you will be pulling from today: "Specific Generals," "Animal Quotes," "'40s Tech," "Bible Heroes," and more. Get it? Got it? Good.
    • Jeopardy! - 2001 College Championship - Minisode
      Alex Trebek knows his movies, and loves him some pie! Look for Jeopardy categories that include, “One Word Film Titles” and “American Pie.” Do you really need an Ivy League education to win a daily double about baked desserts?