Kamen Rider

Season 20 Episode 13

The Radio Q/Targetted Princess (Redio de Q/Nerawareta Purinsesu)

Aired Sunday 8:00 AM Dec 06, 2009 on TV Asahi



  • Trivia

    • The news reporter says that Mr. Question announced his attack on Southern Wind Island Park on the radio. However, Question only asked Wakana what her favourite colour was and said nothing of what his 'present' was. If anything, it was Shotaro that announced it by mentioning the location while sat next to the microphone in the radio studio.

  • Quotes

    • Phillip: (on Wakana's singing) How mysterious... why does her voice attract my heart so?
      Shotaro: Ha! What a foolish question! There can be only one reason... Wakana is... an angel!
      Akiko: (hitting both with her slipper) What are you two doing swooning like that!?
      Shotaro: (looking at Akiko) Oh. The devil.
      Akiko: Who are you calling the devil!?

    • Wakana: (on her radio show) This is Phone Request corner! Hello, what is your name?
      Mr. Question: I am Mr. Question. This is my first question. Tell me, what's your favourite number?
      Wakana: It's seven.
      Mr. Question: Then I will give you a present. The number seven. Look out your window.
      Wakana: My, what an odd phone call. The voice was kind of strange too. But Mr. Question, what kind of present are you going to give me?

    • Shotaro: Even if there's no request, there are times when a detective jumps into a dangerous case on his own. For example, when a frail damsel is in distress.

    • Wakana: (answering a call to her radio show) Hello?
      Mr. Question: Wakana. Did you like yesterday's present?
      Wakana: Why did you do that terrible thing!? Don't ever do that again.
      Mr. Question: My second question... So tell me, what's your favourite colour? It's red, right? This time I will give you a red present.
      Wakana: I don't want it. It's probably more of yesterday, right? (Question laughs) What's so funny, Mr. Question? If you're serious about me, stop this already! It's unforgivable. These creepy phone calls are cowardly. Come out and face me fair and square!
      Shotaro: (entering the studio to interrupt) Hey, Question bastard.
      Wakana: What is this!?
      Mr. Question: Who are you!?
      Shotaro: This is a message from my partner. "You're not qualified to be a fan! If you're really a Wakana fan, then you should have a present for questions three and four too!"
      Mr. Question: Don't bullshit! Of course I plan to do that! (hangs up)

    • News Reporter: All of a sudden, Southern Wind Island Park was engulfed in terror. Furthermore, a monster named Mr. Question announced he was going to do this on a radio show. Some people say that Wakana Sonozaki's show should be cancelled.

    • Phillip: Shotaro... I've solved the riddle. He's going to light a deep red flame. Probably similar to the flames of a candle. The location is...
      Shotaro: (hearing the rest of what Phillip says) Understood. Southern Wind Island Park.
      Phillip: There is a gas pipeline under it. He is going to destroy that.

    • Wakana: (shouting to Phillip through the door) Hey, how did you figure out where he was going to attack from that hint?
      Phillip: Your favourite number. Your favourite colour. Wakana only answers those questions in that order in Wind Life's August article. Question is also following the order of these questions. Then, the answers to questions three and four; "Lately I've been into aroma candles", "In September, I often go to Southern Wind Island Park".
      Shotaro: So that's the deep red flames like a candle.
      Wakana: That's amazing! You're much better than the police! (taking Phillip's hand from behind the door) Please. Catch that stalker.

    • Mr. Question: (on the phone) Hey, Wakana. That was great, I laughed a lot.
      Wakana: I don't want any compliments from you.
      Mr. Question: So tell me. What's your favourite scenery?
      Wakana: Favourite scenery? That's...
      Mr. Question: No need to respond. I'll make it so you can see that scene at any time.

  • Notes

    • Unlike regular Dopants, the Masquerade Dopants do not have a complete monster form, instead retaining human form and their clothes, wearing suits with masks that have a spine and rib cage design. They can be completely destroyed without using a Memory Break.

    • Ending theme: "Naturally" by Wakana Sonozaki (Rin Asuka).

    • Although not made explicitly clear here, Hino, Wakana's stalker, is actually only one of many Masquerade Memory users. He and other Masquerade Dopants like him act as footsoldiers for the Sonozaki Family.

    • W Forms:
      CycloneJoker (green/black).
      CycloneTrigger (green/blue).
      HeatMetal (red/silver).

    • Windmill count: 12.

    • This episode's opening titles features clips from Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Double & Decade: Movie War 2010.

    • This episode ends with a trailer for Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Double & Decade: Movie War 2010.

    • The song that plays on Wakana's radio show is "Naturally" by Rin Asuka, who plays Wakana, and is used as this and the next episode's ending theme.

    • Wakana and Shotaro visit the shop run by Yuko Izumi and her parents, who previously appeared in Episodes 3 and 4.

    • Wakana Sonozaki, the Claydoll Dopant, almost discovers the location of Kamen Rider W's base when she tries to force the door Phillip is hiding behind and with it, Shotaro and Phillip's secret identity.

    • Dopants: Hino/Masquerade Dopant and Tsuyoshi Ageo/Violence Dopant.

  • Allusions

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