Kappa Mikey

Season 1 Episode 4

Saving Face

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Mar 11, 2006 on Nicktoons Networks



  • Trivia

    • Embarrassing photos that Mikey takes:

      1. Lily with her face mask on
      2. Mitsuki with milk coming out of her nose
      3. Gonard picking his nose
      4. 17 pages of Guano playing with dolls

    • The phrase that Yes Man said, "Loose lips sink ships," is a refernece to the World War 2 American saying, created to discourage Americans from spilling information about the war to the enemy.

    • The editor of "The Scoop" tabloid magazine resembles J. Jonah Jameson, Peter Parker's (Spider-Man) boss at the "Daily Bugle."

    • The girls in Socky's music video resembles Shampoo from Ranma 1/2 and Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

    • Socky is performing in the music video "Slim Socky" on the album Sockfest produced by Sockafella Records.

    • Sockey is appearing on a talk show very similar to "Late Night with Conan O'Brien"

    • Socky's bodyguard is a spoof of Batou from "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex".

    • Dr. Takashi Katashi is a spoof of the character Hatake Kakashi from the anime "Naruto".

    • The robots from the theme song and the episode "Mikey Likes It (Garbage)" make an appearance as Ozu's guard robots.

    • Yoshi Sightings:

      -In the beginning, slapping his forehead when Guano yells 'CUT!'
      -Later, Yoshi tells Guano to move his box tower 5 feet to the left (after he had cemented it to the ground)

  • Quotes

    • Guano: Once upon a time there was a huge anime star with a tiny pimple. He didn't think it was a big deal either...then people found out about the pimple and he never worked again!
      (everyone gasps)
      Guano: Or so I've heard...

    • Gonard: Mikey who cares? Its just a dimple
      Guano: Not a dimple Gonard, a pimple.
      Gonard: YOU'RE A MONSTER!

    • Socky: (rapping) I keep your feet warm I make your body sweat, you think your shoes are fly? Well you ain't seen nothing yet!
      Girl dancers: Socky! Oh, oh, oh! Socky!

    • Editor: Mikey! Please have a seat!
      Mikey: You printed everything I told you not to!
      Editor: Yes I suppose I did! Very sorry about that...nothing personal
      Mikey: It was all personal!
      Editor: Yes... I suppose it was!

    • Guano: Who could leave such horrible rumors in the paper?
      Gonard: Who indeed
      Guano: Mitsuki was with Lily the whole time
      Gonard: Indeed.
      Guano: Yes-man and Ozu never left the studio.
      Gonard: Indeed.
      Guano: And I was teaching you to speak with a british accent
      Gonard: (In a british accent) Rather.
      Guano: That leaves only 1 person...
      (drum roll)
      Gonard: Gonard
      Guano: What?! You did it?
      Gonard: No.

    • Sockey: Stay Sockey!

    • Lily: I lost my endorsement deal to a sock!? I might have well have lost to Guano!!
      Guano: (smells armpit) What?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • [b]Look Closely[/b]: Chii

      Look closely at the wall of patients who have had plastic surgery. There is a pink-haired girl resembling Chii from the anime Chobits.

    • Mr. Suzuki's appearance resembles J. Jonah. Jameson, the editor chief who constantly tries to sabotage Spiderman's reputation.

    • Dr Katashi Takashi Headthing

      Dr Katashi Takashi is influenced by Kakashi Hatake of the anime "Naruto".He covers one of his eyes with his headband as well.

    • Socky is closely similar to Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog. Like Triumph, Socky is a celebrity hand puppet and enjoys insulting people.

    • The title, Saving Face, is a reference to an ancient Chinese social custom. There, your "face" is your standing in society.

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