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  • 2013
    • James Leighton
      James Leighton
      Episode 20131117
      In this episode, Kevin welcomes author James Leighton. James discusses his newest book, "Alligator Blood", his times at the University, and the collapse of online poker.
    • Jim Rash
      Jim Rash
      Episode 20131027
      In this episode, Kevin welcomes Oscar winner, Jim Rash. Jim discusses the making of "The Way Way Back" and "The Descendants", his role as Dean Pelton on the hit show Community, and working on an upcoming pilot for Fox.
    • KPCS: Greg Proops #186
      Episode 10.21.13
      Actor and veteran improvisational comedian, Greg Proops, (Whose Line Is It Anyway?) sits down with Kevin to talk about his career and new comedy special Live from Musso & Frank’s. Proops also discusses performing for audiences in both the UK and US, his week spent on a Royal Caribbean comedy cruise, and munchkins who lie about their age.moreless
    • Greg Proops
      Episode 20131020
      In this episode, Kevin welcomes back actor and stand-up comedian, Greg Proops. Greg discusses his extensive career doing improv, and his new Stand-Up Comedy Special, "Live at Musso and Frank".
    • KPCS: Ben Folds #185
      Episode 10.14.13
      Musician Ben Folds sits down with Kevin to chat about his career in all aspects of making music. Ben discusses his first attempts as a child to pound out a pop hit on a piano his father “acquired,” befriending and collaborating with iconic William Shatner, and accidentally writing an inappropriate Christmas song for The Grinch.moreless
    • Ben Folds
      Ben Folds
      Episode 20131013
      In this episode, Kevin welcomes singer-songwriter, Ben Folds. Ben shares the story of getting his first piano, collaborations with William Shatner, a guest appearance on the show "Community", and his upcoming Piano Concerto.
    • KPCS: Ken Marino #184
      Episode 09.23.13
      Comedic actor and writer, Ken Marino, (Wet Hot American Summer, Burning Love) chats with Kevin about his interest for performing in college leading to a career in acting. Ken discusses being nominated for 2 Emmys in the same category, collaborating with his wife on writing projects, and how fantastic it is to play with his college buddies and call it work.moreless
    • Ken Marino
      Ken Marino
      Episode 20130922
      In this episode, Kevin welcomes actor, writer, Ken Marino. They discuss Ken's work on the tv shows Children's Hospital, Burning Love and Veronica Mars. He goes in depth about his writing process, and tells hilarious stories from the making of Wanderlust.
    • KPCS: Tom Papa #183
      Episode 09.16.13
      Actor and comedian Tom Papa, (The Informant!, Come to Papa) sits down with Kevin to discuss his start in stand up comedy leading to a writing and acting career. Tom talks about Bill Cosby making his wife laugh so heartily that she goes into labor, Steven Soderbergh asking him if he would like to be in “the gayest movie of all time,” and Alec Baldwin publically tweeting his phone number.moreless
    • Tom Papa
      Tom Papa
      Episode 20130915
      In this episode, Kevin welcomes actor, writer, comedian Tom Papa. Tom shares stories about working with artists as diverse as Jerry Seinfeld and Rob Zombie. He goes in depth about working in stand up comedy and the process of writing for comedians.
    • KPCS: Kumail Nanjiani #182
      Episode 09.02.13
      Kumail Nanjiani shatters illusions that a pretty boy from Pakistan can’t find true happiness making drunks laugh. Even though his “Beta Male” stand-up special and co-starring roles on “Franklin & Bash” and Mike Judge’s new HBO series suggest otherwise, he reveals an inner hilarity heretofore deemed inexplicable.
    • KPCS: Dick Van Dyke #181
      Episode 08.26.13
      Veteran actor and Television icon, Dick Van Dyke, (The Dick Van Dyke Show, Mary Poppins) sits down with Kevin to discuss his vast career as one of the most beloved performers of all time. Van Dyke chats about how dancing keeps him young at heart, his time spent with Walt in Disneyland park, and wishing he was Ray Bolger back in the 30s.moreless
    • KPCS: Jim Norton #180
      Episode 08.19.13
      Comedian and radio personality, Jim Norton, (Opie and Anthony, Louie) joins Kevin for an in-depth chat about stand up comedy. Jim discusses working on his new stand up special for Epix, American Degenerate, not knowing what to do with his hands while acting, and Chip Chipperson makes a special appearance.
    • Jim Norton
      Jim Norton
      Episode 20130815
      Comedian Jim Norton chats with Kevin about his personal brand of stand up comedy, working with Opie and Anthony and his new stand up special, American Degenerate.
    • KPCS: Danny Strong #179
      Episode 08.12.13
      Actor and screen writer, Danny Strong, (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lee Daniels’ The Butler) sits down with Kevin to chat about his career transition from character actor to major motion picture screen writer. Strong discusses how writing the screenplay of a movie he wants to see is most logical, his daily writing process, and the joy of working with KPCS’ very own Samm Levine.moreless
    • Danny Strong
      Danny Strong
      Episode 20130811
      Kevin welcomes screenwriter and actor Danny Strong to the chat show. Danny talks writing The Butler, Game Change and his work as an actor on such iconic shows as Buffy and Mad Men. Danny also gives insight into his particular writing process.
    • KPCS: Jon Lovitz #178
      Episode 08.05.13
      Veteran actor and comedian, Jon Lovitz, (Saturday Night Live, The Critic) sits down with Kevin to chat about his beginning in improv comedy leading to a career spanning television and film. Lovitz serenades Kevin with an original tune about the host, opens up about landing a gig on SNL while urging them to hire Phil Hartman as well, and how his entire persona is basically an impression of Wimpy from Popeye.moreless
    • Jon Lovitz
      Jon Lovitz
      Episode 20130804
      Kevin welcomes Saturday Night Live alum, Jon Lovitz. Jon shares hilarious and sometimes touching stories about his early life, his time with the Groundlings, the SNL years, The Critic, The Simpsoms and his close friendship with the late Phil Hartman.
    • KPCS: Bryan Fuller #177
      Episode 07.29.13
      Writer, show runner, and geek extraordinaire, Bryan Fuller, (Hannibal, Pushing Daisies) joins Kevin to discuss his television career. In this episode, Fuller practices his Klingon, debates his favorite horror films, and explains how Hannibal Lecter could be considered a “foodie.”
    • Bryan Fuller
      Bryan Fuller
      Episode 07.28.13
      Executuve producer of the hit series Hannibal, Bryan Fuller joins Kevin. Bryan talks extensively about Hannibal and also shares insight into the business, his love of movies and tv and his work on great shows like Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies.
    • KPCS: John Larroquette #176
      Episode 07.22.13
      Veteran actor and multiple Emmy winner, John Larroquette (Night Court, Stripes), sits down with Kevin to talk about his illustrious career spanning stage and screen. Larroquette chats about his extensive collection of first edition fiction, having two left feet, and warning Marsha Warfield of her possible impending death.
    • KPCS: Freddie Wong #175
      Episode 07.16.13
      YouTube innovator Freddie Wong, with all his wild energy and humor, sits down with Kevin to discuss how he became King of the Internet. Wong chats about his Guitar Hero expertise, nerds innovating the arts, and how to turn a profit from producing goofy action shorts with your friends.
    • KPCS: Jason Mantzoukas #174
      Episode 07.09.13
      Properly attired in his uniform of a white oxford shirt and blue jeans, actor/comedian Jason Mantzoukas (The League, The Dictator) chats with Kevin about his extensive career in comedy. Mantzoukas talks about his roots at the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York, going toe-to-toe in an audition with Sacha Baron Cohen, and how Rafi’s antics can never go too far.moreless
    • KPCS: Rob Delaney #172
      Episode 07.02.13
      Twitter comedy prophet Rob Delaney discusses his roots in Stand-up comedy, and his life before becoming known as a disgusting, funny bastard the world over in one hundred and forty characters or less. While sharing his own particular struggle to the region between the middle and the top, he's ridiculously funny and insightful.moreless
    • Rob Delaney
      Rob Delaney
      Episode 20130702
      Rod Delaney shares his thoughts on his huge Twitter following, stand up comedy, acting, his life as a husband and dad and what it's like to be voted funniest person on Twitter-2012, by Comedy Central.
    • KPCS: Michael C. Hall #173
      Episode 06.25.13
      Television’s most lovable serial killer, actor Michael C. Hall (Dexter, Six Feet Under), shares insights with Kevin in which even the most devout fans haven’t heard. Details include performing eight shows a week during his beginnings on Broadway, as wells as all the wonderful talent he got to work along side with on Dexter. He also sings the theme from his improv troop “Off the Cuff!”moreless
    • Freddie Wong
      Freddie Wong
      Episode 06.23.13
      Youtube sensation, Freddie Wong talks about his journey and rise online and where he is going from here.
    • KPCS: Stephen Merchant #171
      Episode 06.20.13
      Actor, writer, comedian, giant, Stephen Merchant (The Office, The Ricky Gervais Show) sits down with Kevin to discus how his beginnings in stand up comedy led him to conquering nearly all aspects of entertainment. Merchant regales us with tales of his early relationship with Ricky Gervais, their in office antics, and his disgust for Velveeta once educated on what the product is.moreless
    • Jason Mantzoukas
      Jason Mantzoukas
      Episode 06.16.13
      Jason Mantzoukas sits down with Kevin for a funny and insightful chat. Jason touches on his time in Greece, his start with UCB in New York and has a fascinating exchange with Kevin about the mechanics of comedy.
    • Michael C. Hall
      Michael C. Hall
      Episode 20130609
      As Dexter enters it's final season, Michael C Hall sits down for a chat with Kevin about his extraordinary television career, and his work on Broadway. He opens up about his personal bout with cancer and shares stories about his life and family.
    • KPCS: Peter Farrelly #170
      Episode 06.06.13
      Half of the masters of gross-out comedy, the Farrelly brothers, Peter Farrelly (Dumb and Dumber, There’s Something About Mary) discusses his career in writing, producing, and directing these memorable comedies. Farrelly chats about casting Jim Carrey prior to the year that luanched his stardom, how to get the texture of fake semen just right, and Bill Murray not taking any grief from a nine-year-old girl.moreless
    • KPCS: Eli Roth #169
      Episode 05.23.13
      Filmmaker, producer, sometimes actor, always awesome Eli Roth joins Kevin to discuss "Hemlock," "Grindhouse," and "Inglorious Basterds"
    • Stephen Merchant
      Stephen Merchant
      Episode 20130519
      Stephen Merchant (The Office, The Ricky Gervais Show) shares stories about his career in the UK and US, his work on tv, radio and podcasting. Stephen imparts hilarious anecdotes about fan favorite, Karl Pilkington and talks about his upcoming projects.
    • KPCS: Paul Feig #168
      Episode 05.09.13
      Paul Feig, (Bridesmaids, Freaks and Geeks) dressed in his best Willy Wonka cosplay outfit, wraps with Kevin on his career in writing, directing, and producing film and television. Feig chats about turning his awkward high school years into a cult tv hit, the delight of working with brilliantly funny females, and just how much is too much when editing a food poisoning scene.moreless
    • Eli Roth
      Eli Roth
      Episode 04.28.13
      Director and actor Eli Roth sits down with Kevin to discuss his career.
    • KPCS: Gillian Jacobs #167
      Episode 04.22.13
      One of the stars of NBC's cult favoriteCommunity, Gillian Jacobs, sits down with Kevin to discuss her hunger for acting as a child flourishing into a thriving career.
    • Paul Feig
      Paul Feig
      Episode 04.21.13
      Director Paul Feig shares stories from his career in TV and movies. He talks about creating the cult hit show, Freaks and Geeks and his experience as a director in TV and film, including Mad Men, Arrested Development,The Office and Bridesmaids.
    • KPCS: Barry Sonnenfeld #166
      Episode 04.11.13
      Dressed in festive St. Patrick’s Day attire, director/producer/cinematographer Barry Sonnenfeld (Men In Black, Get Shorty) sits down with Kevin to discuss a career behind the camera.
    • KPCS: Jon Favreau #165
      Episode 03.28.13
      He's the Director of "Iron Man" and "Cowboys and Aliens" but you probably know him from his acting work in "Swingers"
    • Barry Sonnenfeld
      Barry Sonnenfeld
      Episode 03.17.13
      Kevin Pollak welcomes Barry Sonnenfeld to the Chat Show. Barry talks about his fascinating career as a director, his time with the Coen Brothers and the new Beverly Hills Cop TV pilot.
    • 3/14/13
      Mark Duplass "Larry King Game"
    • KPCS: Mark Duplass #164
      Episode 03.14.13
      Actor from “The League” and “Safety Not Guaranteed”, but he also directs (“Cyrus” and “Jeff, Who Lives At Home”)!
    • Jon Favreau
      Jon Favreau
      Episode 03.13.13
      Kevin Pollak welcomes Jon Favreau to the Chat Show. Jon talks about his career in film and television and the future of entertainment in the digital age.
    • KPCS: Josh Gad #163
      Episode 02.18.13
      KPCS: Josh Gad #163 from Kevin Pollak's Chat Show. Like this? Watch the latest episode of Kevin Pollak's Chat Show on Blip! Hilarious actor known best for appearing in the "Book Of Mormon", a role which netted him a Tony Award nomination. He also appears on 1600 Penn, on NBC.
    • Josh Gad "Larry King Game"
      Episode 02.18.13
      Josh Gad "Larry King Game" from Kevin Pollak's Chat Show. Like this? Watch the latest episode of Kevin Pollak's Chat Show on Blip! Josh Gad "Larry King Game" See all episodes of Kevin Pollak's Chat Show Visit Kevin Pollak's Chat Show's series page
    • Kumail Nanjiani
      Kumail Nanjiani
      Episode 2013.08.25
      Kevin welcomes actor, comedian and popular podcaster, Kumail Nanjiani. Kumail opens up about growing up in Pakistan, and the journey that led him to a career in stand up comedy, his role in Franklin and Bash and his popular podcasts.
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