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Killer in Peril

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Killer in Peril is a documentary about killer whales; these animals are some of the fiercest in the ocean, but also face the threat of extinction. This threat is primarily due to contamination of the oceans where the animals live; this problem is so severe that killer whales are often used as a type of litmus test to determine pollution levels in the ocean. Killer in Peril also offers viewers basic background information on this often-misunderstood animal. Killer whales are not true whales; despite their name, they are actually members of the dolphin family. Like both dolphins and whales, killer whales are mammals and breathe air. They can stay underwater for a lengthy period of time, but must surface to breathe. Killer in Peril focuses on the killer whales found in the waters off the western coast of the United States. However, its message is universal: killer whales will soon be extinct if drastic preventive measures are not taken.

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AIRED ON 1/1/2004

Season 1 : Episode 1

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