Legend of Neil

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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • 10/25/10
      The gigantic series finale, it's the absolute last episode of Legend Of Neil as Neil finally faces Gannon.
    • 10/5/10
      Continue or Quit? Neil is back, but are Hyrule's constant threats of danger, death and loneliness worse than... New Jersey?
    • 9/19/10
      Old Man is going to do whatever it takes to train Neil, even if he has to do it in a montage.
    • Acres And A Zol
      Episode 4
      Neil teams up with Zelda's brother Tyrelda to battle the forceful Lynels, but the Lynels have something sinister in store...Featuring musical guests Dragon Boy Suede performing the theme song.
    • Fairyhood
      Episode 3
      eil's multiple, and definitely unprotected, indiscretions with Fairy finally come home to roost. Is Neil ready to deal with being a father? Featuring the hilarious Sklar Brothers and musical guests Paul and Storm performaing the theme song.
    • The Gloffice
      Episode 2
      A perfect 'Legend Of Neil' parody of everyone's favorite awkward office show, 'The Office.'
    • Quitters Never
      Episode 1
      After a night of drinking, playing Zelda, and just a tiny bit of auto-erotic asphyxiation, Neil finds himself magically transported into the world of The Legend Of Zelda. As he explores the game looking for a way out, he'll meet some of Hyrule's wacky denizens, grapple with the absurd logic of video games, and maybe get lucky once or twice. After the gripping cliffhanger that capped off Season 2, Neil returns for an epic Season 3, where he'll have to examine what kind of hero he is, find out if he has it in him to rescue Princess Zelda, and answer the oldest question in video games: Quit or Continue?moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1