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  • 2012
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      Chris' Thanksgiving meal is one that is sure to please your family and wow your guests by putting a spin on the traditional.
    • Tasty Turkey Day
      Tasty Turkey Day
      Episode 26
      Chef Chris prepares a healthy Thanksgiving dinner! He shares a recipe for a cranberry sauce and relish. Then, food and wine expert, Ted Allen, whips up an andouille sweet potato stuffing! And, straight from the Butterball turkey talk line, Mary Klingman shows us the right way to cook a bird!
    • Healthy Meal!
      Healthy Meal!
      Episode 25
      This episode's healthy menu will prove you don't have to sacrifice flavor to be tasty. First, chipotle sweet potato soup with sesame cilantro salsa, on the side, Mexican black beans, then farro pasta with pumpkin sauce and for dessert, pavlova with tofu berry cream and berries.
    • Halloween!
      Episode 24
      It's all about Halloween tricks and treats on this goulish episode of Let's Dish! Happy Halloween! Now that the spooktacular holiday is here, it's such a great time for fun and games and a perfect excuse to get a little creative, or scary, with your food! Of course, no Halloween show would be complete with pumpkins! Use them in pancakes, and in a great cheesecake topped with bourbon sour cream! Also, a Halloween specialty, bloody bones and worms (actually ribs)! And, Mama Jess will join us to share a recipe that is a perfect, kid-friendly dinner for those Halloween parties.moreless
    • Facebook Fan Requests
      With the advent of social media, it is now easier than ever to connect with our viewers, which is something Let's Dish loves doing! We are always getting comments and posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages from our fans requesting special recipes and tips. So, Chef Chris is making a few of those requests!moreless
    • Chris' Favorite Dishes
      People often ask Chef Chris what his cooking specialty is. Having been a chef for a very long time now, he has prepared so many meals that he really does not have a specialty. He does, however, have some favorites, which he features in this episode!
    • Recipe Files
      Recipe Files
      Episode 21
      "Chef Chris searches his recipe files and pulls out some of his favorites.
    • Burger Bonanza
      Burger Bonanza
      Episode 20
      "Hamburgers are universally loved and for good reason -- they\'re delicious when well prepared. But hamburgers are also a canvas for creativity -- add a bit of this or that, change a topping, vary the bun and you get a whole new flavor! Chef Chris mixes it up with pita burgers and mini French burgers.moreless
    • Homemade Fast Food Classics
      "Making your favorite fast food favorites at home is easier than you think. Try Chef Chris\' recipe for breakfast sandwiches and chicken nuggets and our guest chef\'s recipe for rib sandwiches.
    • The Burget Beat
      The Burget Beat
      Episode 18
      Chris shows you how to make two very different burger styles.
    • Summer Soiree
      Summer Soiree
      Episode 17
      We are throwing a delicious summer soiree! We'll show you great small bites, summer cocktails sure to keep you cool, and a refreshing dessert that you'll be happy to serve when the temps rise.
    • Taiwanese Eats
      Taiwanese Eats
      Episode 16
      Chef Chris shares a few delicious and authentic Taiwanese recipes.
    • Cuban Food
      Cuban Food
      Episode 15
      We're making Cuban food on today's show - Ropa Vieja, Moros and Cristianos, Oxtail soup, and Coco flan!
    • Summertime Eats
      Summertime Eats
      Episode 14
      Check out these flavorful salads that are perfect for summer. We whip up an Asian soba noodle salad full of vibrant flavors, then we head outdoors for some food and fun in the sun at the Chill and Grill Festival! Scott Walton shares his heirloom tomato salad recipe! And, we have the a perfect dessert for those hot summer nights!moreless
    • Family Favorite Recipes
      Chef Chris shares some recipes that he adores and makes quite often for his family!
    • Sandwich Recipes
      Sandwich Recipes
      Episode 12
      Sandwiches are the perfect portable food and there are endless varieties to try!
    • Five Ingredient Dishes
      It's no secret that chefs love to work with lots of ingredients. But Chef Chris shares a few delicious recipes that have just five ingredients.
    • Gourmet Breakfast
      Gourmet Breakfast
      Episode 10
      Chef Chris shares a recipe for a great morning combo with savory bread pudding, eggs and relish, and then a Brazilian tapioca omelet. And, our guest chef joins the kitchen to make his divine lobster scrambled eggs. Plus, check out an easy and delicious recipe for Russian pancakes -- known as blinis.moreless
    • Tried and True Classics
      Chef Chris shares some tried and true classics from his recipe files -- chicken salad with a twist, tasty corn custard casserole and a sweet treat -- walnut chocolate pie. Plus, Chicago's 'Bedford' restaurant chef has a unique idea for a delicious burger.
    • Vietnamese Eats
      Vietnamese Eats
      Episode 8
      In the last few years, Southeast Asian cuisine has become all the rage in this country and one of those types that is increasingly popular is Vietnamese food. Vietnamese cuisine has many extraordinary dishes that are simple to make and have a flavor profile that is fresh, lively, and sometimes a bit spicy.moreless
    • Weeknight Dinners
      When you get home from work, sometimes the last thing you want to do after a long day is cook. But Chef Chris shares a few recipes that are so simple and good, your family will think you spent all the time in the world making a gourmet dinner! And, our guest chef shares a recipe for a ricotta cheesecake with minted oranges!moreless
    • Chef Chris' Classics
      Chef Chris shares a few recipes that he has made countless times. He considers them to be some of the classic dishes in his life.
    • Gluten-Free Recipes
      Now more than ever, people are becoming very aware of what they are putting into their bodies and thankfully going gluten-free is one of those health issues that have moved into the spotlight. Many people have gluten allergies and intolerances -- but you don't have to sacrifice taste to go gluten-free!moreless
    • Chef Chris' Favorite Recipes
      Chef Chris shares some of his favorite recipes! He starts with a combination platter of Andouille stuffed chicken breasts, red pepper mashed potatoes, and Guinness BBQ sauce. Then, he heads out to the Luxe Home Kitchen suite for some shrimp and grits. Plus, he shares the recipe for a really unique potato salad.moreless
    • French Made Simple
      French food conjures up images of chefs in tall hats scurrying about the kitchen making incredibly complex and challenging food, but there is a lot of French fare that is so simple to make.
    • Saucy Sauces
      Saucy Sauces
      Episode 2
      We are getting saucy! Chef Chris whips up a classic sauce Bearnaise and then turns that into a sauce Choron. And, he will show you his recipe for a mushroom and red wine pan sauce. Plus, our guest chef shares his Italian red meat rigatoni recipe! We haven't forgotten dessert -- get the recipe for two sweet sauces served on ice cream and cake!moreless
    • Cold Weather Eats!
      The days are shorter, the weather is colder! Yep it's winter time, and what better way to warm up than by making some comforting cold weather eats? We'll make a lamb mushroom soup sure to satisfy your soul and beef bourguignon! Author Beth Aldrich joins the show and shares her recipe for hot mom Sweet potato quesadilla, and we finish off with the ultimate comfort food -- chicken pot pie!moreless
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