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Life is Just A Game

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Life is Just a Game is a web comedy series written and directed by Oliver Irving which presents the life and the adventures of a former New York police officer. Tommy Delniros (Mike Pearce) has trouble distinguishing reality from his fantasies. He is fired from the police force due to his psychotic conviction that he is restoring justice on the rough New York streets of the 70s. Having trouble dealing with the reality of the present, he is eager to get himself into any adventurous endeavor that comes his way. He is assigned to work on a private investigation case which centers on a young Englishman belonging to the aristocracy who is involved with a few dangerous New York City gangsters. Tommy's imagination and the richness of his ideas lead him to awkward places. Thinking of himself as a relentless police officer who has the noble mission of keeping order, Tommy is about to find even more trouble on the unforgiving streets.


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AIRED ON 3/29/2010

Season 1 : Episode 8

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